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Stop kicking allies in their shins @ Rise by Pride Circle


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Out as Transgressive Non-Binary GenderQueer for over 10 years, Dr. J has been bringing queer theory (with a slice of humour) into the tech space, building on ThoughtWorks’ dedication to inclusivity and intersectionality at RISE: India's FIRST LGBTI Job Fair .

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Stop kicking allies in their shins @ Rise by Pride Circle

  1. 1. Becoming a General or how to stop kicking Allies in their shins
  2. 2. Archetypes
  3. 3. The Knight of Swords
  4. 4. How does this work out?
  5. 5. Getting Nokia to 100%
  6. 6. Allies?
  7. 7. Knight to General
  8. 8. How does this work out?
  9. 9. LGBTQ+ inclusion at ThoughtWorks
  10. 10. How to gather a band of Allies
  11. 11. Stop kicking your Allies!
  12. 12. Don’t give them cookies!
  13. 13. Watch for your lenses
  14. 14. They are Us
  15. 15. Allies use our words!
  16. 16. Lead your band of Allies
  17. 17. Be Bold Be Brave Be a General
  18. 18. Thank you Dr J Harrison Harbinger of Change ThoughtWorks @drjharrison