Relate UI Automation Performance


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Relate UI Automation Performance

  1. 1. Relating UI Automation With UI Performance Amit Deshpande
  2. 2. The current scenario  Automation & Performance Testing – Two silos  Coordination between two streams doesn’t exist  UI Automation giving no clue on performance  Importance of UI Performance analysis
  3. 3. UI Performance Request Start Time Business Event Time Time-to-First-Byte DNS/Network Time OnLoad Time Latency Rendering Time JS Execution Time Resource Download Time
  4. 4. How to relate/derive integration?
  5. 5. Relation  The existing UI automation can be integrated with UI performance analysis tool – Dynatrace Ajax  The integration is easy to achieve with wider set of UI automation tools like – Selenium , QTP , TestComplete  Dynatrace Ajax comes as plugin to the browsers and hence it can be utilized in the manual testing as well.  With Selenium WebDriver it can be added as capability in browser driver (Firefox, IE)  With any other tool , all you need to do is add plugin to the browser , start it & run automation tests in the same browser.
  6. 6. Integration Demo
  7. 7. Reports & Details
  8. 8. What We get from Integration ?  Value Addition for existing UI Automation  UI Performance Analysis  Comparison with respect to UI best practices & Industry benchmarks like Retail, Finance etc.  The comparison of the reports on build to build, release to release is possible  Compare Performance Behavior between IE & FF
  9. 9. The Next Big Thing
  10. 10. Integrated Environment CI Test Automation Performance Testing Reports
  11. 11. The Entire Process  The results of this integration are multifold when integrated with CI environment.  Greatly helps for agile projects where NFR requirements can be met more effectively and tracked from sprint to sprint.  Brings Performance earlier in the whole cycle - Ultimately reducing time in detection of bugs, defect lifecycle
  12. 12. Thank You
  13. 13. Questions ?