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Human Centred Business Transformation


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Kit Collingwood, Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks, Kit has a wealth of experience in building successful product delivery teams, and helping organisations to utilise and transform data and insight. Kit's expertise lies in helping clients evolve their organisations as they adapt to the constantly changing technological market landscape, balancing business needs with fulfilling customer expectations. Previously Head of Data Transformation at the Department of Work and Pensions, Kit led the strategic and cultural move to modernise the Government department into a fully data-led operation. She spearheaded the One TeamGov initiative and is passionate about offering radically improved services to citizens.

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Human Centred Business Transformation

  1. 1. DigitalDialogue A Roundtable for Courageous Executives 2 July | Manchester
  2. 2. Human Centred Kit Collingwood, Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks Setting up for a successful digital evolution Business Transformation:
  3. 3. Technology can’t solve your business problems
  4. 4. Technology can’t solve your business problems Only people can
  5. 5. Get the skills you need
  6. 6. External suppliers Contractors Internal months 1 6 12 18 24 30 36
  7. 7. Project Manager Delivery manager Ops manager Social researcher Analyst Comms manager Content designer Product owner Data scientist Business analyst
  8. 8. Set your teams up right
  9. 9. Product ownership User research Agile Analytics Insight Designer Cloud technology DevOps culture DATA TECHDIGITAL
  10. 10. Operations Legal Policy, strategy Technology Digital Data
  11. 11. Operations Legal Policy, strategy Technology Digital Data
  12. 12. Put your people where your users are
  13. 13. Staff Public
  14. 14. Focus on outcomes
  15. 15. “More compassionate policies are a compelling alternative to the false promise of protectionism.” Jacinda Ardern
  16. 16. A great outcome can be as easy as filling a pothole
  17. 17. USER
  23. 23. Lead with integrity
  24. 24. Humility Frequent, small experiments Culture of learning Freedom to fail Make these your leadership qualities, your values, and your norms
  25. 25. “When tech companies develop algorithms that automate the assumptions of people from one demo, they start to automate subconscious bias.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  26. 26. “The best way to hire more women is to hire more women.” Sheryl Sandberg
  27. 27. Servant leadership ● Push power away from yourself ● Take the fall but not the glory ● Uninvite yourself from things you can’t add value to ● Focus on being an unblocker
  28. 28. In summary Get the skills you need Set your teams up right Focus on outcomes Lead with integrity
  29. 29. Kit Collingwood Delivery Principal - ThoughtWorks Thank you