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Agile automation is not this deepak p


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Agile automation is not this deepak p

  1. 1. Ya, it’s a blank slide
  2. 2. deepak  
  3. 3. make  me  a  purple   cow  
  4. 4. he  is  the  black  cow,  in  my   team  
  5. 5. not  enough  
  6. 6. not  enough  
  7. 7. Use  Code  analysis  for  you   test  code!  
  8. 8. Don’t  make  your  tests     ‘Data  Blind’  
  9. 9. kill  me  with   methods  
  10. 10. ask  him  to  join  the  party  
  11. 11. GlobalHelper   HelperFuncCons   FrameworkHelper   CommonHelper   GenericHelper   hate  “er’s”  
  12. 12. In  100m  sprints     there  is  no   batons  
  13. 13. Always  code  as  if  the  person  who  ends  up  maintaining  your  code  is  a  violent   psychopath  who  knows  where  you  live.  –coding  horror