2012 VodQA keynote


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Keynote by Mukesh Kumar

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  • This deck is a tool for facilitating a discovery conversation between a ThoughtWorker and a prospect.The idea is to draw the prospect into conversation as soon as possible, and get them to share their challenges. This means the ThoughtWorker should spend a good deal of the time asking questions and listening to the answers, i.e. “Does this sound familiar to you?”, “How is your Agile adoption going?”, “Are you doing weekly/monthly releases?”, “How is experience design incorporated into your process?”, etc.The goal is to discover whether or not there is a basis for a potential future relationship (cultural compatibility, good overlap between their needs and our capabilities, etc.) and identify the next steps.
  • Custom Software Product ExpertsWe are custom software product experts with a proven track record. We help our customers create living engaging “Products” that set them apart from their competitors – generally not the internal HR, payroll, finance systems (though frequently we are integrating to those)Why do we call these “Products”? To be competitive, you need to continuously change and evolve your software in line with feedback from your users, shifts in the market and changes to your business strategy. This calls for “Software Products” that are never really finished, as opposed to “Software Solutions” wherein a finite set of features are delivered and changed only very infrequently (say every 6-12 months) or not at all.We have worked with literally hundreds of clients all over the world in the last 17 years and have become a destination employer for the people with an absolute passion for designing, building and evolving software.
  • Our passion for software excellence shines through our thought leadershipManyTW’ers are published and are in high demand at the delivery and technology conferences around the globe. We also drive the best attended conferences in India, China and Brazil.One of our real differentiators is to be able to spot the most interesting trends and to work out how to mitigate the risk of these innovations in the enterpriseWhilst we can’t claim to have invented the agile movement, Martin Fowler, our Chief Scientist was one of the founding fathers and our brand is synonomous with the agile movement. We were the first people to do “agile at scale” (enterprise agile), and to distribute agile across multiple time zones and culturesWe coined the term continuous integration and wrote Cruise Control, the first open source solution to tackle this space.We’re driving the Agile ALM products movement which is one of the fastest growing parts of the software market today.And we are thought leaders into the social side of software development, maintaining the art of designing great software, driving collaboration at all levels and across all roles and functions involved in the creation of the software.
  • We are where you areWe have a global reach and a global delivery modelWe have 1600 people across 20 offices 8 countriesWe are $200M in revenuesOur Chairman or CEO are involved in all of our large client engagements (our’s regional MD’s are involved in all)Our CEO likes to say, “We’re big enough to trust, and small enough to care” (unlike the large global SI’s or the small boutique firms)
  • ThoughtWorks OfferingsConsulting: A strategic approach to software deliveryExperience Design: Customer driven product and service innovation that engages and delightsSoftware Delivery: Custom software solutionsdelivered incrementally tocontinuously deliver valueDevOps: Making the release of software repeatable, predictable and frequentTraining: Our Experts enable your teams to deliver effectivelyStudios (ALM): A delivery platform built by the experts in software deliveryMany companies will say they do one, two, or all of these things. We are the only company of our size and global reach that does them all in a totally integrated way – with an exclusive focus on custom software.
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  • 2012 VodQA keynote

    1. 1. vodQA NCR, 03 Dec 2011
    2. 2. Custom Software “Product” Experts
    3. 3. Industry Breakthroughs
    4. 4. Big Enough to Trust, Small Enough to Care
    5. 5. ThoughtWorks Offerings
    6. 6. QA Innovation & Contribution • Agile Testing • Selenium • White • Sahi • Frankenstein • …
    7. 7. Thank you! Mukesh Kumar Delivery Manager, ThoughtWorks, Gurgaon mukeshk@thoughtworks.com