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Thought Leadership Leverage Manifesto - Vision


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Thought Leadership Leverage helps thought leaders build their ideas into businesses through thought leadership marketing, content marketing, book marketing and business strategy.

Busy visionaries become busier dealing with PR firms, publishers, speaker bureaus, web developers…and the list goes on. Thought Leadership Leverage brings that all together, so thought leaders can focus on mastering their craft.

For more information on building a thought leadership marketing campaign, content marketing campaign or business strategy for marketing your book/and or content, visit 917.741.1881 Copyright © 2015 Thought Leadership Leverage. All Rights Reserved.

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Thought Leadership Leverage Manifesto - Vision

  1. 1. Vision is a thought leader’s North Star, guiding us through the darkest nights and pointing us in the true direction. 10
  2. 2. Without that light, our path is dim and uncertain. But with a CLEAR VISION, there is no challenge we cannot weather.
  3. 3. IN A VISION OF LEVERAGE, WE: 1. Start with an articulateand thoughtful strategy.
  4. 4. IN A VISION FOR LEVERAGE, WE: 2. Align strategy, tactics, and goals.
  5. 5. IN A VISION FOR LEVERAGE, WE: 3. Assess every action according to its connectionto strategy.
  6. 6. IN A VISION FOR LEVERAGE, WE: 4. Pair creative motivation with deliberate strategyto produce astounding results.
  7. 7. IN A VISION FOR LEVERAGE, WE: 5. Commit to developinga businessrather than a practice.
  8. 8. IN A VISION FOR LEVERAGE, WE: 6. Nurture strategicpartnershipsand symbioticrelationships.
  9. 9. IN A VISION FOR LEVERAGE, WE: 7. Utilize the expertise of others to emphasizeour strengths.
  10. 10. THE THOUGHT LEADERSHIP LEVERAGE MANIFESTO thoughtleadershipleverage.com917.741.1881 Thank you for reading our Vision! View our Outreach slide share next. Or to find out more about Visionon our website, click here.