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may/june 2010
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ancient thought leadersh...
Thought Leaders was created in 2001 by Matt Church
to act as an educational curriculum and networking
community for expert...
  Aboriginal rock art of the Gagudju people
  of Northern Australia, one of the oldest
a         way to        new
                                              share, learn and meet
It was Charlie Jones who s...
                         Children, evangelists and nan...
CAPTURE                 YOUR THINKING...
Before the slippery stuff gets away
by Shelley Dunstone

 The basis of your tho...
by Geoff McDonald
Seth Godin’s latest best-seller Linchpin is the new bible for your caree...
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 Thought Le...
by Jennie Vickers
Thought leaders are distinguished by the sense of self and
place in the...
 by Libby Sander

  One of the initial challenges a thought    specification for the role o...
navigating your way around the
Thought Leaders online world
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Thought Leaders Magazine | Issue 2 | May/June 2010


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Thought Leaders helps clever people be commercially smart by helping to capture, package and deliver their great ideas.

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Thought Leaders Magazine | Issue 2 | May/June 2010

  1. 1. thought leaders may/june 2010 magazine #tlmag inside: ancient thought leadership how to capture your ideas the three attributes of a Thought Leader selling you can be tough the property development an amazing new way to meet the quiz for thought leaders get real fast your difference is your destiny defining and valuing expertise [1]
  2. 2. Thought Leaders was created in 2001 by Matt Church to act as an educational curriculum and networking community for experts. Our twitter account for Thought Leaders is Designed to have an explicitly commercial agenda, it @thoughtglobal and is manned by our team of was created ‘to help clever people to be commercially Mentors, who each post thoughts on how you can smart!’ develop your expertise. We also use this channel to communicate what’s coming up, as well as new It is delivered through the concept of Mentoring, which postings to the STUDIO and to the BLOG. You will specifically means the people giving advice have notice that this magazine has a backchannel been there and done that. through the hash tag #tlmag. Start tracking and commenting in real time your thoughts and feelings Over the years, we have had all kinds of programs, about the various articles and more. formats and events that all respond to the needs of the growing ‘expert’ community. Some of these have The Blog, is up and been awesome and some have been fabulous running and acts as a digital forum for the sharing learning opportunities for us as a group. of specific ideas on developing expertise. AND all of this is FREE! This year we have continued to de-centralise the administration of the Thought Leaders entity into the Once you get a room full of experts sharing their hands of our stunningly capable Mentor community in thoughts, amazing things begin to happen. It is with each local city. As a result of this, we have more than this in mind that we have launched our much 25 Mentors in 15 cities, who all exist to develop anticipated ‘un-conferences’. We call these expertise in others and to help those experts be SUMMITS and you can find out more at commercially savvy. Hook up with them through; our online community network. This year saw the launch of the complimentary education platform, You should add it as an RSS feed to your browser what’s going on and as new episodes are released, you will be the at a leadership first to know. level at Thought Leaders Michael Henderson is a Thought Leaders Mentor based out of Auckland (Waiheke Island), NZ. He is a member of the Thought Leaders Global Leadership Council and is the Anthropologist in Residence at TLG. Contact details: Web Email Phone +64 9 372 2045 [2]
  3. 3. LEADERSHIP THROUGHOUT THE AGES Aboriginal rock art of the Gagudju people of Northern Australia, one of the oldest continuing cultures on the planet. Leadership Throughout the Ages by Darren Hill open As a Thought Leaders Mentor operating out of The Northern product to change the face of business yourself up to Territory, I operate in parallel worlds. One world sees me at forever; or the ongoing expertise of an new ideas the cutting edge of new technology, trends and original entrepreneur such as Richard Branson to thought; key components of Thought Leadership. Another conceptualise and drive incredible world is just as real for me; as I write this short article for socialpreneurship programs across the world; or Thought Leaders Magazine I find myself out in the heart of maybe it is the writers and editors of wickedly-cool Arnhem Land, a vast remote country that hosts the original magazines such as Wired and Monocle who understand Australian culture over 40,000 years old. comprehension in the coolest of ways...where, when and why new trends can and do change our world. Thought Leadership is not new. In fact, it has been with us since the very earliest of days. Whether it was the foresight So, whether it is in the busiest of metropolitan centers or the to travel to new lands, the comprehension to make trade remote reaches of Arnhem Land, Thought Leadership and with other clans, or even to position oneself in your tribe to the essential skills needed for it have always been, and will make your presence felt, the 9 essential skills of Thought always be around us...we just like to think our Thought Leadership are not buzzwords, or made up terms without Leaders Global community understand it exceptionally. validity or robustness. Even in modern history, great social activists, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, or more recently, Mandela, have Darren Hill is the Northern Territory Mentor for Thought Leaders and an expert on embodied principles of commitment; ensuring people human behaviour and leadership. understood their vision, execution; bringing their ideas to reality, and the ability to pitch their idea so people ‘bought Contact details: it’. Web Email Phone +61 8 8945 3199 And now we enter this heady new world where the rapidity of change is just mind boggling. New frontiers are broken down by Google who used uniqueness to leverage a free [3]
  4. 4. a way to new share, learn and meet It was Charlie Jones who said that the key Of course you have to take our word for it factors that make a difference between the first time. After a few minutes though, who you are today and who you will be in you will come to see this as one of the 5 years time are the books you read and the people you meet. most natural and effective ways for people to get together to share, learn and meet. Dates and Locations We reckon he was right, but now, the There are four principles of Open change can happen quicker, and the ways Space... Sydney: you can learn are more diverse. 1. Who ever comes is the right people Thursday 6 May 2010 We have been running meetings for thought leaders for almost 10 years. A 2. Whatever happens is all that could Thursday 5 August 2010 Thought Leaders Conference is so have unique. Wednesday 20 October 2010 3. Whenever it starts is the right time Where else in the world would you get to attend a program where the audience is 4. When it is over, it is over as stimulating as the presenters? In the Brisbane: past, the only way you could really know It breaks the old school one way this was in the breaks. Those short communication mode that so many Wednesday 2 June 2010 sessions where you duck to the ‘loo’, grab gatherings perpetuate. a muffin, chat to some new people briefly Wednesday 1 September 2010 and then, almost with regret, have to And, there are two laws... break up the chat to go back into the Wednesday 1 December 2010 learning session. The Law Of Two Feet implies that if, after being part of a session you are no longer Well, what if the whole program was as interested in it, you have permission to good as the break? What if you just had a Melbourne: leave. The law puts responsibility for your whole event dedicated to the mutual own actions on your own shoulders. sharing of ideas between some truly great Wednesday 30 June 2010 thinkers and subject matter experts? Bumblebees And Butterflies are for those people who wish to use their two feet and Wednesday 11 August 2010 Three things that could go wrong: 'flit' from meeting to meeting. These people can pollinate and cross-fertilize, Wednesday 27 October 2010 1. The experiences have no structure lending richness and variety to the and therefore achieve nothing with discussions. your valuable investment of time and Auckland: money. It’s elegant in its simplicity! 2. The people and issues being Not only do we not apologise for the Tuesday 18 May 2010 discussed don’t interest you. likelihood that you might just think differently when you finish the day - we Friday 27 August 2010 3. You could be exposed to some truly hope that is exactly what happens. Indeed, paradigm-changing ideas and have that is the role of thought leadership. Friday 26 November 2010 your mind stretched so far that it never regains its original dimensions. So what do you do? Well, go to the registration site and invest $990 and get The Summits will be built around the our ‘all you meet’ special deal. That’s right. phenomenally successful Open Spaces You can attend any of the advertised dates format. This structured approach to and locations. You can register by going to unstructured meetings has been used in the United Nations assembly discussions And, come to the first one as our VIP and in small regional communities in the Guest! outback. It works! [4]
  5. 5. 3 THE THREE ATTRIBUTES OF A THOUGHT LEADER Children, evangelists and nanny’s.... by Nigel Collin Recently I was pondering my way through explorer of ideas and concepts. And you Thought Leadership is a journey. A journey one of my favourite books when need to investigate how you can develop that should never stagnate or end. So to something occurred to me. If you could list an idea further and see where you can keep moving, ask yourself if you’re the attributes of what makes a great take it. To do that you need to be inquisitive enough? thought leader – what would they be? inquisitive. Otherwise you’ll just come up How’s your determination? Because being a thought leader is all with safe and adequate ones. And that is about blazing trails, opening new regions not very exciting. And do you dig deep into your ideas and of thought and inspiring others. thoughts? Determination: To push past safe and In his book ‘The Art of Looking Sideways’ adequate takes effort. To develop an idea Because once you get complacent the designer Alan Fletcher talks about 3 key takes effort and once you’ve done that it journey ends. Thanks Alan for the attributes needed for being creative. takes effort to get it up and running and inspiration! Here’s my take on it. effort to get that message through. That 1. The inquisitiveness of a child. requires determination. 2. The determination of an evangelist. Nigel is a Mentor based in Sydney. He teaches 3. The spadework of a nanny. how people can lead creatives. Spadework: You need to know your stuff and you need to keep pulling apart and Contact details: I love that because it is so true. I also love Web playing with your ideas, to help them grow it because it is also true that it can be Email and become giants. On top of that, a great Phone +61 2 9888 6200 translated directly into thought leadership. thought leader constantly needs to be listening and watching, and reading and Inquisitiveness: To be a great thought learning. Otherwise the trails you blaze leader you need to be curious and will end up either anywhere or nowhere. adventurous. You need to be a great So you need to keep digging. SELLING YOU IS TOUGH A crazy thing happens when you talk about yourself in the third person by Matt Church When you are what is for sale, you can Analogy: often confuse the client by rambling on If I can explain what I do through an and stuffing up the sale or pitch. analogy, it is easier to talk it up than if it is simply me I am talking about. Thought Leaders often have to talk about themselves. Future: Always focus on what is coming up as I sometimes talk about Matt Church in the opposed to what you have done. What third person (second sign of madness). you have done is bragging, what it is you I've been doing this for so long that I have hope is going to happen is exciting. learned a couple of tricks to help me talk Matt Church created the Global Thought about this Matt Church guy. Rapport: Leaders movement and continues to be People buy people. Be gracious, the driving force behind many of the Stage-names: generous and positive in your country’s leading thinkers. My name is Matthew but I promote Matt conversations. If asked about a Church. It is not ‘Madonna' or ‘Bono' competitor the same rules apply. Contact details: status, but it helps. Web Often as experts and Thought Leaders, Email Phone +61 2 8966 4700 Diagrams: we wish for some one else to sell us. This I often rely on contextual diagrams to is not always the best option. explain what I do. This way the focus is less on me and more on my message. There is no one better than you to sell you. [5]
  6. 6. CAPTURE YOUR THINKING... Before the slippery stuff gets away by Shelley Dunstone The basis of your thought leadership is your “Intellectual Property”. To exercise thought leadership, you must develop a set of original ideas to help others in their lives and business. Initially you may find it difficult to separate your own original ideas from what you regard as Keep a notebook handy for this purpose. “common knowledge”. It takes focus, When I focus on capturing ideas in my determination and some introspection to develop notebook I go through periods of frenetic your own material. However, the rewards are scribbling, as it makes me pay attention to the great. Experts who have worked hard to fleeting thoughts that pass through my head. package and communicate their wisdom make a bigger impact, and leverage their knowledge Of course, you don’t always have your more effectively, than those who have not made notebook with you. As an alternative, you can the effort. use your phone; many now have a “Notes” facility. On my i-Phone I have set up various Therefore, one of your first tasks as an aspiring categories such as “Metaphors”, “Models” and thought leader is to write a set of “declarations” “Funny stuff”, so I can quickly key in a thought. which summarise your unique wisdom. Then you If you are not in a situation where you can type can expand those with models, metaphors and (e.g. you are walking along) you can use the content of many kinds. voice recorder. Another approach is to use Twitter. Sometimes I tweet my idea, and This is not an easy task, especially as we ask because it is going “live” to the world, I will you to produce 52 declarations! Your spend a few extra minutes shaping the idea declarations will always be a “work in progress”, and finding some catchy wording. Later I can as you will continually refine them, but it is worth look through my list of tweets on my Twitter persevering with the challenge, as it focuses your page. attention on developing your own unique expertise. The secret to successfully developing your intellectual property is to recognise, value and To develop your intellectual property, you’ll need capture your original insights, and not dismiss to capture your thinking. As we all know, ideas them as invalid or silly. If nurtured, they can visit us at unexpected moments. Sometimes we be crafted into impressive principles that will come up with wonderful phraseology and enjoy enrich the lives of others. such clarity of thought that we are convinced that we have found “the answer”. The problem is that if you don’t capture your thoughts they will quickly vanish, and you will be left wondering what that brilliant thought was. Ideas don’t spring forth fully fledged. Ideas are built gradually, using glimmers and fragments, casual observations and frustrations. You cannot just sit down one afternoon and write out your declarations, then Shelley helps leaders lead for innovation and is tick a box to say that your declarations are a Thought Leaders mentor in Adelaide. “done”. Contact details: So you must continually watch, listen, think and Web write. Once you are familiar with the process of Email Phone +61 8 8407 3532 developing your “declarations”, you may hear yourself expounding them in conversation. Capture those thoughts! Don’t wait until a concept is fully-developed – write down whatever comes to you, and expand and refine later. [6]
  7. 7. ARE YOU A THOUGHT LEADER? by Geoff McDonald Seth Godin’s latest best-seller Linchpin is the new bible for your career as a Thought Leader. And, here’s a nine-step audit derived from his book, to find out if you’re being a Thought Leader or not, and authentically. Circle the response that best describes your current efforts at being a Thought Leader. 1. Are you resisting, avoiding and chickening out? Or, are you shipping product, producing results and making a visible Resist Ship difference? 1 2 3 4 5 2. Are you conforming, complying and sucking it up to fit in? Or, Conform Stand are you standing up for what you believe in and standing out 1 2 3 4 5 because you shine? 3. Are you being told what to do, following instructions and Follow Map being good? Or, are you creating a fresh path, drawing a 1 2 3 4 5 new map and leading the way? 4. Are you waiting for the right time to step up and shine? Or, Waiting Now are you going for it, grabbing the bull by the horns and 1 2 3 4 5 making hay while the sun shines? 5. Are you protecting and maintaining the status quo? Or, are you actively creating change, challenging the past and Status Quo Change causing the future? 1 2 3 4 5 6. Are you turning up to work in your body only? Or, is your Part Whole mind, body and soul fully present, alive and flourishing at 1 2 3 4 5 work? 7. Are you suppressing your thoughts, emotions and opinions? Suppress Express Or, are you expressing yourself freely, openly and 1 2 3 4 5 authentically? 8. Are you turning up to get paid, count the hours and make it to the weekend? Or, are you putting in the time, committing Turn Up Work yourself and fully devoted to your work? 1 2 3 4 5 9. Are you a cog that could be easily replaced? Or, are you Cog Linchpin indispensable, producing remarkable work and an essential 1 2 3 4 5 member of your organisation? Scoring 0 - 15 You’re a cog. It’s time to uncover your genius, perform your art and share your Geoff McDonald is the creator of the Book gifts. Rapper concept and is a Thought Leaders Mentor based in Melbourne. 15 - 30 You’re on the way. You’re probably stepping up and out a little. It’s time to crank it up. Contact details: Share your gift more often. Web: 30 - 45 You’re a Thought Leader. Keep sharing your Email: gift. Look at your lowest scores to spot areas Mobile: 0407 830 902 to enhance your excellence. [7]
  8. 8. IPHONE USERS REJOICE Thought Leaders Iphone App ... Coming Soon!!! Why: Thought Leaders Blog to your phone Thought Leaders Educational Videos Twitter feed consolidated to your phone WHEN INSTANT COFFEE ISN’T FAST ENOUGH! by Rowdy McLean Everything in life is getting faster. Close your eyes for too Support – Support is about maintaining momentum long and time slips away, opportunities to do everything you and exhausting all the resources that are available dream of or desire disappear and before you know it to help you progress towards your goal. Doing it another year has gone . Do you want to risk that? solo doesn’t give you hero status; in fact, it We’re all busy human beings. So busy, in fact, that we’re makes you more vulnerable to failure. Gather losing the ability to raise the bar and execute on the support in the form of information (books, Get Real FAST important things in our lives. magazines, internet) and experience. People who have been there and done that have a Forget what you’re doing for a second because if you’re wealth of support to give. Call them, email them looking for success (personally, financially, professionally, and ask them what it was that worked well, and what whatever!), I need your undivided attention. Think back didn’t. Having someone keep you accountable is a about 4 months when we promised ourselves that 2010 was good way to keep the momentum going. going to be our year to lose 10kgs, save more money or grab that promotion you’ve been chasing. Feels like a obsTacles – (I know it doesn’t begin with T, but funnily lifetime ago, doesn’t it? A clear distinction can be made enough this is the one most people remember ) There’s between those people that achieve their short-term goals nothing good about obstacles. Whether they take the form consistently and those that don’t. The ones that do generally of a small speed bump or a big brick wall, they only lead to go on to be hugely successful! frustration and the possibility of failure. So the answer is, get rid of them! Research shows the biggest barrier is time I have invested most of my life in to researching human (surprise, surprise!). Make time by combining activities, e.g. behavior, success and achievement and now I know just exercise & traveling to work or driving & conference calls. how to overcome that barrier of goal resistance. It’s essential you make time to action your goals and ensure they can’t be thieved by other people or commitments. It’s called Get Real FAST. Also, keep an eye out for the dream stealers. You know the It comprises 4 key steps, Focus, Action, Support & ones who love to see you fail. Avoid them at all costs! Either obsTacles, to help you achieve that promotion, lose 10kgs that or use them as an agitator – someone that pushes your or save some pennies. Check it out… button and makes you more determined to achieve your goals. Then you can say, “I told you so!” Focus – There’s generally more than one thing we want to achieve. But what really sets the achievers apart is their Being successful doesn’t happen overnight – but the first ability to focus on just one thing at a time. Forget the things significant steps can happen in just 30 days if you apply the that just won’t happen and the goals that are someone principles of Get Real FAST. else’s. Think about what’s truly important to you and hone in on that. Given your goal is achievable, believable and consistent, with a touch of focus you’ll be well on the road to goal accomplishment. Ron (Rowdy) McLean is a Thought Action – There’s a stark contrast between someone who’s Leaders Mentor in Brisbane. interested than to someone who’s committed. You need to be absolutely committed to your goal to make it work. Once Contact details: you’ve made this switch, write down your goal, describe Web your goal in detail, define the key action steps needed to get Email you there, apply a time frame and shout it loud and proud Phone 0414 347 667 from your personal podium! Sharing makes you accountable, and that’s one of the vital steps in goal kicking. [8]
  9. 9. YOUR DIFFERENCE IS YOUR DESTINY! by Jennie Vickers Thought leaders are distinguished by the sense of self and place in the world, which guides how and where they devote their energy. The Thought Leaders competency of Uniqueness is all about helping Thought Leaders first identify and then enunciate who they are and what their difference really is. When I first joined Thought Leaders after practising law for 20+ years and feeling a little jaded, I was frenetically looking for the place to focus my energy but I had yet to “get me”. Now I own my space as a lawyer practising under the name Zeopard and live to my uniqueness of doing things differently and daring to be different. Now it shines through in my brand both in performance and personality. As a Thought Leaders Mentor I am passionate about helping other people discover their uniqueness using the Thought Leaders processes. If you are just starting out on this track and the challenge of stepping into your uniqueness, you need to develop a uniqueness mindset . Here’s 5 thought provokers for you to consider as you start off: • There is no value in being bland but there may be safety and comfort melting into the crowd. But, if that’s not for you, face the challenge of stepping up and stepping out. You are not what you do and you need to do the work to It is liberating and energising to own your space with figure it out. Make a decision - do you want to be bland or confidence, as I now do. My work has never been a brand? better because of the clarity I now have and the • The dark and light moments in your life provide the clues authenticity of just being me. Take the first step and to your essence. For many the mistakes and errors you will never look back. provide the most colour and flavour. For me my greatest Next steps insights into the way to do leadership were provided by the hash I made managing my first team in corporate-land. Thought Leaders has a number of processes to help You do not have to broadcast your failures, but use them you. To get you started take a look at Thought as markers and triggers to see those unique identifiers. Leaders Studio, Episode 20, which is my story of Start your walk down memory lane and peer into the discovery and an introduction to the process. shadows. Thought Provokers... • The unique value you bring is going to be found • You are not what you do. somewhere in an inch wide, mile deep space of your • Who are you? experience and expertise. If you hate 360 degree feedback then come and join a community that believes • Do what you are. that our special contributions come maybe only from 90 • Other people may be able to see that to which you degrees, we are awesome and the rest can be are blind. outsourced! • Thought leadership is not about being famous for being famous nor about having a personality brand. The Jennie Vickers is a lawyer specializing in distinguishing feature of a thought leader is performance helping businesses think and do business backed up by personality. As the elements of your special differently and is a Thought Leaders Mentor place emerge, a key test is whether you have performance based in Auckland. and not just personality to back up the brand promises. Contact details: The times I spent feeling a fraud were to an extent signals Web to me that I had not quite found my thought leadership Email space. Phone +64 9 529 1500 • The reality is that product brands are held in the minds and perceptions of the market. Same goes for personal brands. What are people going to perceive and say about you? What is your authentic story that will win hearts, minds and perceptions? [9]
  10. 10. DEFINING AND VALUING EXPERTISE by Libby Sander One of the initial challenges a thought specification for the role of Director of A pastry chef can create both sweet and leader faces is how to define and value Opera Victoria. Richard feels it is an savoury masterpieces with the their unique expertise. One of the essential contributor to who he is as a combination of flour, water and a range reasons for this is that for most of our person and also to his success in his of unlikely ingredients. They have no corporate lives, we have been put into a role. fixed view on how pastry should be box. Traditionally, our expertise is used. How are you viewing your valued in terms of how we measure up Not only are we not used to thinking expertise? Take the pastry chef against a set of defined criteria. This broadly about our own expertise; we are approach and throw out the box of the might be a job description or a person certainly not generally trained to do it person specification. specification. This means that we are when thinking about other people. used to thinking in a very narrow way in Others will only engage with our value terms of our expertise. and expertise when we are absolutely Libby helps leaders build cultures clear on it ourselves. In defining yours, that work and is a Thought Leaders Richard Gill is the current director of a good approach is to step back from mentor in Brisbane. Opera Victoria. He is also an the boxed-in silo approach to our accomplished pastry chef. It is more experience and expertise and take a Contact details: Web than unlikely that Pastry Chef is listed as much less linear approach. Email either a necessary or desirable Phone +61 7 5543 8115 characteristic on the person THE NEW THOUGHT LEADERS GLOBAL WEBSITE The place to launch you to all the online solutions for developing your Thought [10]
  11. 11. YOUR THOUGHT LEADERS.... navigating your way around the Thought Leaders online world WHERE WHY WHAT (TO DO ONCE THERE) Thought Leaders Central It’s not what you know but also who • Build a profile you know. This is the key place to • Join the local community group meet, network and communicate • Introduce yourself to a local mentor directly with the whole Thought • Blog your thoughts Leaders membership community. • Be cool; ‘serve don’t sell’ Thought Leaders Studio You get tonnes of great information • Create an RSS feed to the episode on how to capture, package and list deliver your expertise. • Watch videos, post comments, share the content with your friends, clients and colleagues via facebook, twitter etc Thought Leaders Blog Read streamed articles and specific • Set up an RSS feed thoughts on how you go about • Post comments developing your expertise. • Share the content Follow Thought Leaders on Twitter Get short bursts of mentoring. • Follow Stay up to date with latest • Re-tweet the stuff you like networking and learning opportunities Thought Leaders Home page It’s the one stop portal for all these • Link to all the above good stuff different online places. Attend Thought Leaders Summits They are the live, belly-to-belly, • Participate face-to-face experiences that combine the multiple benefits of sharing, learning and meeting. Read about becoming a Mentor Ability for to you apply to become a • Branding Thought Leaders Accredited Mentor. • Licensing • Positioning [11]