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Who Can Benefit From Preventive Care?


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Thorsten Hagemann, microbiome researcher and enthusiast, gives a deep look into the benefits of preventive medical care across a wide array of different demographics.

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Who Can Benefit From Preventive Care?

  1. 1. THORSTEN HAGEMANN Who Can Benefit From Preventive Medicine?
  2. 2. WHAT IS PREVENTIVE CARE? These are services such as shots, boosters, and screenings. Men, women, and children all have different preventive care measures that they should take annually, however, these services span far beyond common yearly physicals.
  3. 3. WHO BENEFITS FROM PREVENTIVE CARE? The true answer is, everyone can benefit from preventive care.
  4. 4. STARTING EARLY Children and infants are tested early for autism and certain behavioral traits, and are screened for hearing complications and BMI measurements. What is equally important is that doctors work with parents to ensure these illnesses are avoided as well. 
  5. 5. FEELING HEALTHY IS DIFFERENT THAN BEING HEALTHY Preventive care is not always taken as seriously in the young adult years. Instead of waiting to see a doctor when you're not feeling well, regular appointments and screenings can yield early results for serious illnesses now treatable in their early stages.
  6. 6. PREVENTIVE CARE FOR WOMEN From different cancer screenings to mammograms, women need to pay particular attention to their reproductive health as complications in this area can lead to the inability to have children, certain cancers, and obesity. 
  7. 7. YOUR HEALTH AFFECTS OTHERS Medical professionals are seeing connections between bacteria in your surroundings and the bacteria inside of a person’s body.  If you are living a healthier lifestyle, those around you will benefit from your health.