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16th June 2016 - The bible


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The bible

Published in: Spiritual
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16th June 2016 - The bible

  1. 1. The Bible – 16th June 2016 “Sanctifythem by the truth; your wordis truth” (John17:17). The phrase “word of God” appearsofteninthe Bible andcan have a slightlydifferentmeaning dependingoncontextandthe HebreworGreekwordused. John1:1 says, “Inthe beginningwasthe Word.And the Word waswith Godand the Wordwas God.He was inthe beginningwithGod.” Here, Word is a title of the Lord Jesus.The termtranslated“Word” is logos,whichbasicallymeans“the expressionof athought.”Logos can be thoughtof as the total message of God to man. We can learn fromActs 11:1, “The apostlesandthe believersthroughoutJudea heard that the Gentilesalsohad received the word ofGod” and alsofrom 1 Thessalonians2:13, “Andwe alsothank Godcontinually because, when youreceived the word of God,whichyou heardfrom us, youaccepted it notas a humanword, but asit actuallyis, the word of God,whichis indeedat work inyou who believe”. Jesus embodiedthattotal message,andthatiswhyHe iscalledthe “Logos,” or “WordofGod” We can get an understandingwhenwe read Colossians1:19, “For Godwas pleasedto have all hisfullnessdwell in him” and alsofromColossians 2:9, “Forin Christall the fullnessofthe Deity livesin bodilyform”. Logos isalsousedmany timeswhenreferringto whensomeonereferstothe written message of God. For example we see in John17:17, “Sanctifythem by the truth; your word is truth”;and we are also toldin1 Timothy 4:5, “…becauseitis consecrated by the word of Godandprayer. In Hebrews 4:12 it says: “The word ofGodis aliveand active. Sharper thanany double-edgedsword,it penetrates even to dividingsoul andspirit,jointsand marrow;it judges the thoughtsand attitudesof the heart.” We geta deeperunderstandingwhenwe observe throughthe scriptureswhere Jesusshowedalink betweenthe writtenWordof God and Himself,inthatHe isthe subjectof the writtenWord: “Youstudy the Scriptures diligentlybecauseyou thinkthat in them you have eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testifyabout me” (John5:39). AnotherGreekwordusedfor“word” is rhema.Rhema referstothe actual spoken/writtenwordsof God. We can readfrom Hebrews 6:5, “…whohave tasted the goodnessofthe word of Godand the powers of the comingage”.WhenJesuswasbeingtemptedbySatan,He answered, “Mandoesnotlive by bread alone,but by every word[rhema] that proceeds from the mouthof God” (Matthew4:4). We are toldin Ephesians6:17, “Take the helmet ofsalvationandthe swordof the Spirit,which is the word of God”.Thisteachingtellsus to“take the helmetof salvationandthe swordof the Spirit,whichis in reference to the word[rhema] of God.”Jesusdemonstrated thatwe needthe actual recordedwordsof God to overcome Satan’sattacks on us.It is throughthe inherentpowerof HiswordthatSatan can be rejectedandnotthroughhumanattempts. As Christianswe mustclearlyunderstandthatthe phrase “Wordof God” meansmore than the printed wordson a page.God is a communicatorandhas beenspeakingintothe humanrealmsince the beginning. GodspeaksthroughHiscreation:“Theheavensdeclare the glory of God;the skies proclaim the work ofhis hands. (Psalm19:1). Then throughthe ancientprophets:“Ispoketo the prophets,gave
  2. 2. them many visionsandtold parablesthroughthem.” (Hosea 12:10; andagainthrough Hebrews 1:1, “Inthe pastGod spoketo ourancestors throughthe prophetsat many times andin variousways”. God alsocommunicates throughthe HolySpirit:“Butwhen he, the Spiritof truth, comes, he will guide you intoall the truth. He will not speakon his own;he will speak onlywhat he hears, andhe will tell you what isyet to come. (John16:13. Furthermore Godspeakstous clearlyanddirectly through Scripture:“ Forthe word of Godis aliveand active.Sharper than any double-edgedsword,it penetrates even to dividingsoul andspirit,jointsandmarrow; it judgesthe thoughtsandattitudes of the heart” (Hebrews 4:12). God speaksto us through the Personof HisSon, JesusChrist:Jesusanswered: “Don’tyou knowme, Philip,even after I have been amongyou sucha longtime?Anyone who hasseen me hasseen the Father. How can you say,‘Show usthe Father’? (John14:9). We can learn and getto know God better by consciously seekingHimtill “youfind”Himandthenyouwill hearHimin everywaythatHe speaks to us.