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Modul lengkap


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Modul lengkap

  2. 2. PR-z PROPELLERSHAFT - Precautions,Troubleshooting,PropellerShaft PRECAUTIONS 1. As the universalioint is a non-disassemblytype' the propeller shaft or intermediate shaft must be replaced as an assemblyin the event of universalioint trouble. 2. Be careful not to grip the propellershaft tube too tight- ly in the vise as this will causedeformation. TROUBLESHOOTING Problem Possiblecause Remedy Page Noise Sleeveyokesplineworn Centerbearingworn Spiderbearingworn or stuck Replaceintermediateshaft Replacecenterbearing Replaceintermediateshaft or propellershaft PR-3 PR-3 PR-3 Vibration Propellershaft runout Propellershaftunbalance Transmissionextensionhousingrear bushingworn Sleeveyokesplinestuck CenterbearingheightimProPer Replacepropellershaft Balancepropellershaft Replacebushing Replaceintermediateshaft Adjustbearingheight PR-3 PR-3 TA.4O PR-3 PROPELLERSHAFT COMPONENTS lntermediate Shaft ---- 9-Height Washer [ 430(3il42t a ProPellershaft w- --@ I I I Ffiffiiib-ntnl : Tighteningtorque O : Non-reasable part CenterSuPPortBering- -
  3. 3. PROPELLERSHAFT- PropellerShaft PR.3 REMOVALAND DISASSEMBLYOF PROPELLERSHAFT (SeepagePR-21 1. DISCONNECTPROPELLERSHAFTFLANGEFROM COMPANIONFLANGEON DIFFERENTIAL (a) Placematchmarkson the flanges. (b) Removethe four bolts and nuts. 2. REMOVETWO BOLTSHOLDINGCENTERSUPPORT BEARINGTO BODY 3. REMOVEPROPELLERSHAFT WITH INTERMEDIATE SHAFT h) Pullout the yokefrom the transmission. (b) InsertSSTin the transmissionto preventoil leakage. ssT 09325-120rO 4. SEPARATEPROPELLERSHAFTAND INTERMEDIATE SHAFT (a) Placematchmarkson the flanges. (b) Removethe four bolts and nuts. 5. REMOVECENTERSUPPORTBEARINGFROM INTERMEDIATESHAFT (a) Usinga hammerandchisel,loosenthestakedpartof the nut. (b) UsingSSTto holdthe flange,removethe nut. ssT 09330-00020
  4. 4. PR-4 PROPELLERSHAFT- PropellerShaft (c) Placematchmarkson the flangeandshaft. (d) Clampthe flangeyokein a viseandtapoff the shaft. (e) Removethe centersupportbearing. INSPECTIONOF PROPELLERSHAFT COMPONENTS 1. INSPECTPROPELLERAND INTERMEDIATESHAFTS FORDAMAGEORRUNOUT Maximumrunout: 0.8 mm (0.031in.l lf shaft runoutis exceedsmaximum,replacethe shaft. 2. INSPECTSPIDERBEARINGS (a) Inspectthe spiderbearingsfor wearor damage. (b) Checkthe spiderbearingaxialplay by turningthe yokewhileholdingthe shafttightly. Bearingaxial play: O mm (0 in.l lf necessary,replacethe intermediateshaft orland pro- pellershaft. 3. INSPECTCENTERSUPPORTBEARINGFORWEAROR DAMAGE Checkthat the bearingturns freely. lf the bearingis damaged,worn, or does not turn freely, replaceit.
  5. 5. PROPELLERSHAFT- PropellerShaft PR.5 ASSEMBLYAND INSTALLATIONOF PROPELLERSHAFT (Seepage PR-21 NOTE: When replacing parts, install them facing as shown in the illustration. f l rthffihP tuldi€?ih 1. INSTALLCENTERSUPPORTBEARINGON INTERMEDIATESHAFT lnstallthe centersupportbearingwith the cutout on the rearside. 2. INSTALLFTANGEYOKEON INTERMEDIATESHAFT ta) Apply MP greaseto the splinesof the intermediate shaft. (b) Align the matchmarkson the yoke and shaft and installthem. (c) UsingSST to hold the flange,tightendown a nut to pressthe bearinginto position. ssT09330-ooo20 Torque: 1,850 kg-cm (134 ft-lb, 181 (d) Loosenthe nut. (e) Torquethe nut again. Torque: 300 kg-cm (22 ft-b,29 (f) Usinga hammerand punch,stakethe nut.
  6. 6. PR-6 PROPELLERSHAFT - PropeilerShaft SST 3. ASSEMBTEPROPELLERSHAFTAND INTERMEDIATESHAFT (a) Align the matchmarkson the flangesand connect them with the four bolts and nuts. Torque: 430 kg-cm (31 ft-|b,42 4, INSERTSLEEVEYOKEIN TRANSMISSION {a) Apply MP greaseto the outsadediameterandsplines of the yoke. (b) RemoveSST. ssT09325-12010 (c) Pushthe yoke into the transmission. 5. CONNECTPROPELLERSHAFT FLANGETO COMPANIONFLANGEON DIFFERENTIAL (a) Alignthe matchmarkson theflangesandconnectthe them with the four bolts and nuts. (b) Torguethe nuts. Torque: 43Okg-cm (31 ft-tb,42 N.m) 6. CONNECTCENTERSUPPORTBEARINGTO BODY ta) Placethe height washer betweenthe body and centersupport bearing,and installthe two mount boltsfingertight. NOTE: Somevehiclesdo not havea heightwasher.. In this case,it is not necessaryto insertone. (b) Checkthat the bearingbracketis at right anglesto the propellershaft Adjust the bracketif necessary. (c) Checkthat the centerlineof the centerbearingis set to the centerlineof the bracketwhenthe vehicleis in a no-loadcondition. Adjust the bracketif necessary. (d) Torquethe mountbolts. Torque: 375 kg-cm Q7 tt-ab,37N.m) Front1- Centerof Center Bearing
  8. 8. FA.2 FRONTAXLE AND SUSPENSION- Troubleshooting TROUBLESHOOTING Problem Possiblecauss Remedy Page Wanders/pulls Tiresworn or improperlyinflated Alignmentincorrect Wheel bearingworn Front or rearsuspensionparts looseor broken Steeringlinkageloosenor worn Steeringgear out of adjustmentor broken Replacetire or inflatetiresto properpressure Checkfront end alignment Replacewheelbearing Tightenor replacesuspension part Tightenor replacesteering linkage Adjust or repairsteeringgear FA-3 FA-3 FA.8 sR-9 Bottoming Vehicleoverloaded Shock absorberworn out Springsweak Checkloading Replaceshockabsorber Replacespring FA.19 FA.l9 Sways/pitches Tires improperlyinflated Stabilizerbar bentor broken Shock absorberworn out lnflate tires to proper pressure Replacestabilizerbar Replaceshockabsorber FA-3 FA-27 FA-19 Frontwheelshimmy Tires worn or improperlyinflated Wheelout of balance Shockabsorberworn out Alignmentincorrect Wheel bearingworn Balljointsor bushingworn Steeringlinkageloosenor worn Steeringgear out of adjustmentor broken Replacetire or inflatetires to properpressure Balancewheel Replaceshockabsorber Checkfront end alignment Replacewheelbearing Inspectballjoint and bushing Tightenor replacesteering linkage Adjustor repairsteeringgear FA-3 FA-19 FA.3 FA-8 FA.23 sR-9 Abnormaltirewear Tires improperlyinflated Shockabsorberworn out Alignmentincorrect Suspensionpartsworn Inflatetires to proper pressure Replaceshockabsorber Checktoe-in Replacesuspensionpart FA.3 FA-19 FA.3
  9. 9. FRONTAXLEAND SUSPENSION- FrontWheelAlignment FA-3 FRONTWHEELALIGNMENT 1. MAKE FOLLOWINGCHECKSAND CORRECTANY PROBLEMS (d Checkthe tiresfor wearand properinflation. Coldtire inflationpressure kg/cm2(psi,kPa) Tire size FrontandRear FWD 1 4 5S R1 3 3A-C 4-speedM/T Others 2.2(32.220l. 2.OQ8,2001 1 5 5S R1 3 1 . 8(26.180) 1 6 5S R1 3 1.8 (26,180) 4WD 1 5 5S R1 3 2.OQ8,2001 1 7 5S R1 3 1.8 (26.180) (b) Checkthe front wheelbearingsfor looseness. (d Checkthe wheelrunout. Lateralrunout: 1.2 mm (0.047 in.) or less (d) Checkthe front suspensionfor looseness. (e) Checkthe steeringlinkagefor looseness. (f) Check that the front absorberswork properly by usingthe standardbouncetest. ADJUSTTOE.IN Adjust toe-in with a toe-ingaugeby the followingpro- cedure. (d Checkto seethat both rightandleft tie rodsmeasure the samein length. Left-right error: 1.5 mm (0.059 in.l or less Movethe vehicleforwarda few meterswith the front wheelsinthestraight-aheadpositionon a levelplace. Mark the centerof eachreartreadand measurethe distancebetweenmarksof the right and left tires. (d) Advancethe vehicletill the markson the rearof the tirescometo the measuringheightsof the gaugeon the front. (e) Measurethe distancebetweenthe marksonthe front of the tires. Toe-in: lnspectionSTD -1 {- 1 mm (-0.O4 + O.O4in.) A A +=ruf,ffiWry@=S--A-- F--B--i A = B 2. (b) (c) ! , . - ! 'ru,
  10. 10. FA.4 FRONTAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FrontWheelAlignment (f) lf the toe-in is not within inspectionSTD,adjustthe toe-in. (1) Loosenthe clamp. el Removethe boot clip. (3) Turn the left and right rack ends an equal amountto adjust. Wl Checkthat the length of the left and right tie rods arethe same. (5) Torquethe tie rod endclamp. Torque: 195 kg-cm (14 ft-lb, 19 N'ml (6) Placethe boot on the sealandclampit. NOTE: Checkthat the boot is not twisted. 3. INSTALTWHEELALIGNMENTEOUIPMENT Follow the specific instructionsof the equipmentmanu- facturer. fuwry'$A = B
  11. 11. FRONTAXLEAND SUSPENSION- FrontWheelAlignment FA-5 Front Rear (FWDI Rear (4WD) MoreCamber 4, INSPECTVEHICLEHEIGHT Vehicleheight mm (in.) lf heightof the vehicleis not within specification,try to levelit by shakingit down.lf the heightis stillnotcorrect, checkfor badspringsandwornor loosesuspensionparts. 5. ADJUSTCAMBER camber: Vehicle Inspectionstandard Left-right error FWD Sedan 1 0 ' + 3 0 ' 30' or lessWagon s' + 30' 4WD 40' -t- 30' lf camberisout of tolerance,adjustbyturningthecamber adjustingcam. (a) Loosenthe shockabsorbermountnut. (b) Turnthe camto adjust. NOTE: Camberchangesabout20'with eachgraduation of the cam. (c) Tightento the specifiedtorque. Torque: 1,45Okg-cm {105ft-lb, 142 N'm) 6. ADJUSTSTEERINGAXIS INCLINATION Vehicle Inspectionstandard Left-righterror FWD Sedan 12'30' * 30' 30' or lessWagon 12035' + 30' 4WD 11'50' -t- 30' lf the steeringaxisinclinationis out of tolerance,inspect andreplaceanydamagedor wornfronts$rplnsionparts. s[ Tiresize Front Rear o 3 Sedan 1 4 5S R1 3 1 5 5S R1 3 165/70SR13 203.017.9921 208.0(8.189) 204.0(8.O31) 287.O 292.O 288.0 11.299) 11.496) 11.339) Wagor 1 5 5SR 1 3 207 (8.150) 308.5 12.146l. 4WD 1 5 5S R1 3 t75/70SR13 234.419.2281 235.4(9.268) 273.O 274.O 10.748) 10.787)
  12. 12. FA.6 FRONTAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FrontWheelAlignment Front a- Spacer (o 7. ADJUSTCASTER Caster w/o PS w/ PS o 3lt- Inspection Standard Sedan 1 ' 1 0 ' + 3 0 ' 2"40' + 30' Wagon 0045' + 30' 2"15' + 30' Left-righterror 30' or less o 3<f Inspectionstandard 2"25' -+-30' Left-righterror 30' or less 1' lf the casteris not within specification,adjustby increas- ing or decreasingthe numberof spacers.Do not install morethantwo spacers. Torque: 1,O75kg-cm (78 ft-lb, 105 NOTE: The casterwill change13' with eachspacer. ADJUSTWHEELANGLE Wheelangle Insidewheel Outsidewheel o =|'l- Sedan w/o PS Max. 36020' + 10 32040' + 1" at 2Oo 21"30' 200 w/ PS Max. 35050' ! 10 3 2 ' 5 5 ' f 1 0 at 20o 21"05' 20" Wagon w/o PS Max. 3 6 0 1 3 ' + 1 0 3 2 0 5 8 ' + 1 0 at 2Oo 21'25' 20" wi PS Max. 35047' 1 1' 3 2 0 5 0 ' = 1 " at 20" 21"O9' 20" 4WD w/o PS Max. 36030' + 10 3 3 0 1 s ' +1 0 at 200 2' 1"15' 20" w/ PS Max. 3 6 0 2 0 ' + 1 0 33020' + 1' at 2Oo 21005' 200 lf the steeringanglesdiffer from the standardspecifica- ,'4o* tion, checkto seethat the lengthof the left and right tie t:ry rods arethe same. NOTE: lf the tie rod lengthsare not equal,the steering anglecannotbe adjustedpropedy. lf the rie rod lengthswere changedto adjustthe steering anble,reinspectthe toe-in. 9. INSPECTSIDESLIPWITH SIDESLIPTESTER Side slip: 3.Omm/m (O.118in./3.3ft) or less lf the side slip is not within specification,the toe-in or front wheelalignmentmaynot be correct. 8. - - , - , - j : * - a t-
  13. 13. FRONTAXLEAND SUSPENSION- AxleHub FA.7 AXLEHUB COMPONENTS 1,450 (105, 142) DiscBrakeCaliper shocknusoruer-----'1 I I i I wheetBearins n t d l i f f *>> q$J d^%J- | *@r rieRodr"o E h^ t.''"'lo:'t cam :-^' *9@n^6g1' i:T:":it:iY9J'A- ffi31?yrnnerRacell*ryDiseBrakeDustcover t"'" *1":iHJ"r,""l Lt^:::l1l"ner Race (NSKrype) -l a?6, I iOuterOitSeal LockNut Cap i r /1"i" Y&r-A l S U Ikg-cm (ft-lb, N.m)l : Tighteningtorque O : Non-reusablepart
  14. 14. n I FA.8 FRONTAXLE AND SUSPENSION- AxleHub REMOVALOF FRONTAXLE HUB 1. REMOVECOTTERPIN.BEARINGLOCKNUTCAPAND LOCKNUT (a) Removethe cotter pin and lock nut cap. (b) Before removingthe brakecaliper,loosenthe lock nut while depressingthe brakepedal. 2. REMOVEBRAKECALIPER Removethe brakecaliperfrom the steeringknuckleand suspendit with wire. REMOVEDISC *fi*frcr BEARTNGpLAyrNAxtALDtREcnoN '' Maximum:0.05mm(O.OO2Oin.l 5. DISCONNECTTIE RODEND FROMSTEERING KNUCKLE (d Removethe cotter pin and nut. (b) UsingSST,disconnectthe tie rod end. ssT09610-20012 (Lernorrn*fucr6. DISCONNECTSTEERINGKNUCI nC t r YI It I I li , )t- 5 f ' ABSORBER (d Place matchmarks on the shock absorber lower bracketand camberadjustcam. (b) Removethe two boltsend nuts,anddisconnectthe steeringknuckle. DISCONNECTLOWERARM FiOM STEERING KNUCKLE Removethe two bolts holdingthe balljointto the steering knuckle. 7. .. ...t 3. 4. ".-*ffi,i.,.* f.isEl;-*r: .
  15. 15. FRONTAXLEAND SUSPENSION- AxleHub 8. REMOVEAXLE HUB FROM UsingSST,removethe axlehub. ssT 09950-20015 ,. CAUTION: Cover the drive shaftrhl ( protect it from damage. (r':q t;; , +in f,rlvetl""ffii !,ocr* d i t{" cIo*h to " .rr:'r, gra*ec* it €ro*r ata^4 1e. REPLACEMENTOF FRONTAXLEHUBAND WHEELBEARING (Seepage FA-7) 1. REMOVEDUSTDEFLECTOR Usinga screwdriver,removethe dustdeflector. REMOVEINNEROIL SEALFROMSTEERING KNUCKLE UsingSST,pullou.tthe oil seal. ssr 09308-00010 REMOVEHOLESNAPRING Usingsnapringpliers,removethe holesnapring. REMOVETHREEBOLTS Removethe threeboltsholdingthe discbrakedust to the steeringknuckle. ,..F. REMOVEAXLEHUQFROMSTEERINGKNUCKLE €r: UsingSST,pushoff the axlehub. ssT 09950-20015 6. REMOVEDISCBRAKEDUSTCOVER 7. REMOVEBEARINGINNERRACE'(INSIDE) 2. a ,{ n.1 n t 3. 4. fr ,f+ 8. REMOVE.BEARTNGrlruen.qAbe(OUrSlOe) Using9ST,pulloff the beaiing'innerrace. ssT 09950;20015 t r
  16. 16. FA.1O ' -'v7:' FRONTAXLEAND SUSPENSION- AxleHub 9. REMOVEOUTEROIL SEAL UsingSST,pullout oil seal. ssT 09308-00010 1O. REPLACEWHEELBEARING h) Firstplacethe innerrace(outside)of the bearingin the bearing (b) UsingSST,pressout the bearing. SST09228-22O2Oand09950-20015 (c) U$ilfiSST,prestffi a newbearing. ssT 09309-35010 NOTE: Therearetwotypesof bearings;KOYOandNSK. INSTALLOUTEROIL SEAL h) Installthe bearinginnerrace(outside)beforeinstall- ing a pew oil seal. (b) UsingSST,drivetheoilsealintothesteeringknuckle. ssT 09515-35010 (c) ApplyMP greaseto the oit seallip. INSTALLDISCBRAKEDUSTCOVERONTOSTEERING KNUCKLEWITH THREEBOLTS, Applyliquidsealerto the dustcoverandsteeringknuckle connectionbeforeassembly. INSTALLAXLE HUB (a) Installnew innerracesinto the innerbearing. (b) UsingSST, ggss in the innerraceuntil it is tightty againstthe sftlulderof the hub. SST09228-22O2OandO9310-35010 NOTE: Do not interchangethe inner and outer races wheninstalling. '.tfi H r FE 1 1 . 12. 1 3 . i f r _ , .,,iW;ffiqa- * L - L _ _
  17. 17. _ l + l i ' - : r ' : : ' FRONTAXLEAND SUSPENSION- AxleHub FA-l1 3.3 -+ INSTALLHOLESNAPRING Usingsnapring pliers,installthe holesnapring into the steeringknuckle. INSTALLINNEROILSEAL UsingSST,drivein a newbil seal. ssT 09309-35010 NOTE: Tapintheoilseal3.3-t-0.1 mm(O.130+ 0.004 in.)from the end surface. 16. INSTALLDUSTDEFLECTOR UsingSST, drive a new dust deflector into the steering knuckle. ssTo9316-60010 INSTALLATIONOF FRONTAXLEHUB (SeepageFA-7) 1. INSTALLAXLEHUBTO DRIVESHAFT lnstallthe axlehubwith the washerandlock nut.Do not torquethe nut yet. CAUTION: Be careful not to damagethe drive shaft boot and oil seal lip. 14. 1 5 . 2. INSTALLAXLE HUB TO LOWERARM Torquethe*holdingtwo bolts the steering'knuckleto the ilxb rowerarm. Torque: 82Okg-cm (59 ft-lb, 80 Nrml 3. INSTALLDISCTO INSTALLSTEERINGKNUCKLETO SHOCKABSORBER (a) Lowerthe stabilizerbar and assemblethe steerirfi" knuckleto the shockabsorberlowerbracket. :l;; '' .! jG;',' T6i' 4sft
  18. 18. 'l FA..12 FRONTAXLE AND SUSPENSION- AxleHub (b) lnsertthe bolts from the front side and align the matchmarksof the camberadjustcam. (c) Torquethe bolts. Torque: 1,450 kg-cm (105 ft-lb, 142 N'ml 5. INSTALLBRAKECALIPERTO STEERINGKNUCKLE Torquethe bolts. Torque: 970 kg-cm (70 ft-lb, 95 # 6. CONNECTTIE RODENDTO STEERINGKNUCKLE Torquethe nut and secureit with a new cotter pin. Torque: 6O0kg:cm (43 ft-lb, 59 N.m) ' i . i tr, b W Vii i TOROUEBEAfriG LOCKNUT AND INSTALLLOCK NUT CAP AND;COTTER?IN (a) Torqrlethe locknutwtriledepiUs.s.lngthe brakepedal. Torque: 1,900 kg-cm (137ft-lb, f86 N.m) (b) Installthe locknutcapaffittsing plieib,.installa new 7. cott*. pin. 8. + CHECKFRONTWHEELALIGNMENTf$6e pageFA-3) '-*+***n,. it' . , . . i . : ) " . 4 . . , ,'i".:" I l .I f,'l .
  19. 19. FRONTAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FrontDriveShaft FA.13 FRONTDRIVESHAFT REMOVALOF FRONTDRIVESHAFT ShockAbsorber StiffenerPlate (LeftSideOnly) ffi- : R---x+. Tie RodEnd---€ lRgrcmITi-|b,T.mi]: Tishteningtorque O : Non-reusablepart DiscBrakeCaliper 1.900 {137, 186} LowerArm . t . 1. REMOVESTEERINGKNUCKEAND AXLEHUBWITHOUTDISCONNECTING LOWERARM (Seestep 1 to 6 and8 on pageFA-81 2. REMOVEFRONTDRIVESHAFT (a) Removethe stiffenerplatefrom the transaxleas- semblyand"engine(leftsideonly). (b) UsingSST.anda hammer,tap out the front drive shaft. ssr 09648-16010 k
  20. 20. 1 FA.l4 FRONTAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FrontDriveShaft (d After pullingout the shaft, leavethe SST inserted. ssT 09563-16010 DISASSEMBLY OF FRONT DRIVE SHAFT 1. REMOVESNAPR|NGFROMTNBOARD'OITI 2. CHECKDRIVESHAFT ,- (a) Check to see that therejS.po play in the outboard joint. ' :* (b) Checkto seethat inboardjoint slidessmoothlyin the thrust direction. (c) Checkto seethat there is no remarkableplay in the radialdirectionof the inboardjoint. (d Checkfor damageto the boot. 3. DISASSEMBLEBOOTCLAMPS COMPONENTS DynamicDamper(LHShaft Only) L*lt,. t f . {ft DriveShaft(withOutboardJoint) O Non-reusablepart InboardJoint Shaft Tripod Boot ,,h
  21. 21. FRONTAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FrontDriveShaft FA-l5 4. DISASSEMBLEINBOARDJOINTSHAFT (d Place matchmarkson the inboard joint shaft and driveshaft. CAUTION: Do not use a punch. (b) Removethe inboardjoint from the driveshaft. 5. DISASSEMBLETRIPODJOINT {a) Usingsnapring pliers,removethe snapring. (d Usinga punchandhammerplacematchmarksonthe shaft and tripod. (d Uniformilytap to removethe tripod joint from the driveshaft. CAUTION: Do not tap on the roller. 6. REMOVEFOLLOWINGPARTS: (a) Removethe boot from the driveshaft (b) Removethe clamp and dynamicdamper (LH shaft only.) i,l_ n r n (c) Removethe two boot clampsfrom the boot of the outboardjoint. (d) Removethe boot from the outboardjoint. CAUTION: Do not remove the outboard joint. (e) Checkthe insideandoutsideof the bootfor damage. Do not remove. -ffi,,.@,
  22. 22. FA-l6 FRONTAXLEAND SUSPENSION- FrontDriveShaft TVinylTape 406 mm r (15.98in.) | ASSEMBLYOF FRONTDRIVESHAFT (Seepage FA-l41 1. PROVISIONALLYINSTALLBOOTAND BOOTCLAMP TO OUTBOARDJOINT NOTE: Beforeinstallingthe boot wrapvinyltape around the splineof the shaft to preventdamagingthe boot. INSTALLDYNAMIC DAMPERAND CLAMP (LH SHAFTonlyl PROVISIONALLYINSTALLBOOTAND CLAMP (ForINBOARDJOINTITO DRIVESHAFT ASSEMBLEBOOTCLAMPSONTODRIVESHAFT ASSEMBLETRIPODJOINT (a) Place the beveledside of the tripod axial spline toward the outboardjoint. (b) Align the matchmarksplacedbeforedisassembly. When replacingthe inboardjoint, first align the centerof the inboardjoint and outboardjoint. Usinga brassbar and hammer,tap the tripod onto the driveshaft. 2. 3. 4. 5. (c) i I . { -^'ret , - / (d)
  23. 23. FRONTAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FrontDriveShaft FA-l7 6. INSTALLNEW SNAPRING Usingsnapringpliers,installa new snapring. 7. ASSEMBLEBOOTTO OUTBOARDJOINT SHAFT Before assemblingthe boot pack in 24O g (0.5 lb) of grease. NOTE: Usethe greasesuppliedin the boot kit. 8. ASSEMBLEINBOARDJOINT TO DRIVESHAFT (a) Packin 140 g (0.3lb, 1.4 N) of grease. Amount: Joint side 90 g {0.2 lOl Boot side 50 g (0.1 lul NOTE: Usethe greasesuppliedin the boot kit. (b) Align the matchmarksplacedbeforedisassembly. (c) lnstallthe inboardjoint shaft to the driveshaft. (d) lnstall.lF Uoo,to the inboardjoint shaft. 9. ASSEMBLEBOOTSCLAMP TO BOTHBOOTS (d Be surethe boot is on the shaft groove. (b) Installa new 4amp on the inboardjoint sidearound the hollow pffin of the cover. ' . .-" e_
  24. 24. I FA-l8 FRONTAXLEAND SUSPENSION- FrontDriveShaft Length (c) Bendthe clampandlockit as is shownin the figure. (d) Checkthat the boot is not stretchedor contracted when the driveshaft is at specifiedlength. Drive shaft length: Right side Approx. 620 mm 124.41in.l Left side Approx. 722 mm (28,43 in.) 10. INSTALLNEW SNAP RINGTO INBOARDJOINT SHAFT INSTALLATIONOF FRONTDRIVESHAFT (Seepage FA-l3) 1. INSTALLDRIVESHAFTTO TRANSAXLEASSEMBLY (a) Apply MP greaseto the oil seallip. (b) lnstallthe driveshaft by tappingon the SST. ssT 09648-16010 NOTE: Whether or not the drive shaft is contactingthe pinionshaft can be know by its soundor feel when tap- pingit in. INSTALLSTIFFENERPLATE lnstallthe three bolts holdingthe stiffener plate to the engineandtransaxle.Torquethe bolts. Torque: 400 kg-cm (29 ft-lb, 39 N'm) INSTALLSTEERINGKNUCKEAND AXLE HUB (Seestep 2 to 7 on page FA-l1 and 12) 4. CHECKFOLLOWINGPARTS: (d Checkthe bootsfor damage. NOTE: Checkthe entirecircumferenceof the boots. (b) Check the length betweenthe left and right shaft after installinq,.thedriveshaft.i": ' -|*it Length: Approjff{93 mm (7.60 in.) 5. CHECKFRONT"WHEELALIGNMENT(Seepage FA-31 2. 3. "1.
  25. 25. FRONTAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FrontShockAbsorber FA-l9 FRONTSHOCKABSORBER COMPONENTS REMOVALDISASSEMBLYOF FRONTSHOCK ABSORBERASSEMBLY 1. DISCONNECTSTEERINGKNUCKLEFROMSHOCK ABSORBER(Seestep 6 on page FA-81 2. REMOVE SHOCK ABSORBERASSEMBLY FROM BODY ii. (d Removethedust coverfrom the suspqnsionsupport. (b) Loosenthe nut.Do not removethe nut yH" $-Dust Cover o@ g-- ZA - r - a /:A-F SuspensionSupport Ef @-Dust Seat @-sprinsseat W : Tighteningtorque | : Non-reusablepart CoilSpring (ft-lb.N.m)
  26. 26. FA-20 FRONT AXLE AND SUSPENSION - FrontShockAbsorber w/o PS w/ PS and 4WD (c) Removethe threenutsholdingthe shockabsorberto the body. (d Removethe shockabsorberassembly. CAUTION: Cover the drive shaft boot with cloth to avoid damage. 3. CLAMPSHOCKABSORBERIN VISE Installa bolt andnutsto the bracketat the lowerportionof the shockabsorbershelland secureit in a vise. 4, REMOVECOILSPRING (d UsingSST,compressthe coil spring. ssr 09727-22032 (b) Hold the suspensionwith a screwdriveror such so that it will not turn,andthenremovethe supportnut. (c) Removethe suspensionsupport,springseat,spring and dust cover. tr-; W
  27. 27. FRONTAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FrontShockAbsorber FA.21 INSPECTIONOF FRONTSHOCKABSORBER INSPECTOPERATIONOF SHOCK (d Pullout the shockabsorberpistonrod at a constant speed and check to see that the pull feeling throughoutthe strokeis the same. b) Checkto seethatthereis nochangeinthe pullwhen the pistonrod is rapidlymovedup anddown with a strokeof 5 - 1Omm (0.20- 0.39 in.). ASSEMBLYAND INSTALLATIONOF FRONT SHOCKABSORBERASSEMBLY (Seepage FA-l91 1. INSTALLBUMPER,COILSPRINGINSULATOR, SPRINGSEATAND DUSTSEAL (d Mountthe shockabsorberin a vise. (b) lnstallthe bumberto the pistonrod. (c) UsingSST,compressthe coil spring. ssT 09727-22032 (d) Alignthe coil springendwith the lowerseathollow andinstall. (d Alignthe springseatwith the pistonrod andinstall. (fl lnstallthe dustsealon the springseat. (g) Installthesuspensionsupportwith a newnut.Do not torquethe nut yet. 2. INSTALLSHOCKABSORBERTO BODY Connectthree bolts holdingthe shock absorberto the body.Torquethe nuts. Torque: 24Okg-cm {17 ft-lb, 24
  28. 28. I FA-22 FRONTAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FrontShockAbsorber w/ PS and 4WD 3. INSTALLSTEERINGKNUCKTETOSHOCKABSORBER (Seestep4 on pageFA-l1) 4. TOROUESUSPENSIOTSUPPORTNUT Torque: 500 kg-cm(36ft-|b,49 5. INSTALLDUSTCOVER Pack the bearingin the suspensionsupport with MP grease.Installthe dust cover. 4 r y . 6 . c H E c KC A M B E R( S e ep a g eF A . s l l..:t b !r
  29. 29. FRONTAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FrontSuspension FA-23 COMPONENTS I 1,075(78,los) | a{Balljoint *-<-ry" Bushing7 S--t sro(5r,sot I h YooT.€l l - @ | | t ( I cottar | | I t BooCr,so-|l l - lSpacer O Fs-AmTliET'fri| : Tishteninstorque l: Non-reugablepart StabilizerBar FRONTSUSPENSION BallJoints INSPECTIONOF BALLJOINTS 1. INSPECTBALLJOINTSFOREXCESSIVELOOSENESS (d Jack up the tront of the vehicleandplacea wooden blockwith a heightof 18O- 2OOmm (7.09- 7.87 in.)underonefront tire. (d Lowerthe jack untilthereis abouthalf a loadon the front coil springs.Placestandsunderthe vehiclefor safety. (c) Makesurethe front wheelsare in a straightforward positionand blockthem with chocks. (d) Movethe lowerarm up anddown andcheckthat the balljoint hasno excessiveplay. Maximum balljoint vertical play: 0 mm (0 in.l 2. INSPECTBALL JOINT DUSTCOVERSFORDAMAGE OR DETERIORATION lf a problemis found,replacethe balljointassembly.
  30. 30. 'l FA.24 FRONTAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FrontSuspension 7 3. INSPECTBALL JOINT FORROTATIONCONDITION (d Removethe balljoint. (SeepageFA-29) (b) As shown in the figure,flip the balljoint stud back andforth 5 times beforeinstallingthe nut (d Usinga torquegauge,turn the nut continuouslyone turn each 2-4 secondsand take the torque reading on the 5th turn. Torque{turning}: I - 25 kg-cm 17- 21 in.-lb,0.8 - 2'4 N'ml lf the torque is not within specification,replacethe ball ioint. LowerArm (Seepage FA-23) REMOVALOFLOWERARM 1. DISCONNECTLOWERARM TO STEERINGKNUCKLE Removethe two boltsholdingthe balljointto the steering knuckle. 2. DISCONNECTSTABILIZERBAR ENDTO LOWER ARM Removethe stabilizerbar nut, retainerandcushion. 3. REMOVELOWERARM (a) Jack up the oppositewheel until the vehiclebody lifts off the stands. (b) Loosenthe lowerarmbolt,prythe lowerarmandpull out the bolt. (d Disconnectthe lower arm from the stabilizerbar. CAUTTON: Be careful not to lose the caster adiust spacer. (d) UsingSST,disconnectthe balljoint from the lower arm. ssT 09950-20015 NOTE: Temporarilyinstallthe nutto preventtheballjoint from fallingout.
  31. 31. FRONTAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FrontSuspension FA.28 REPLACEMENTOF LOWERARM BUSHING 1. REMOVELOWERARM BUSHING (a) Cut off the flangetip of the bushingas is shownin the figure. (b) Bend the remainingportions inward with a cold chisel. CAUTION: Be careful not to damagethe flange. (c) Bendin the flangetips andpulloff the flangewith a pair of pliers. (d) UsingSSTanda press,pressout the bushing. ssT 09726-32010 INSTALLLOWERARM BUSHING UsingSST and a press,pressthe bushinginto the arm. ssr 09726-32010 CAUTION: Do not allow greaseor oil to get on the bushing. 2.
  32. 32. 4 FA.26 FRONTAXLE AND SUSPENSTON- FrontSuspension INSTALLATIONOF LOWERARM 1. CONNECTLOWERARM TO BALL JOINT lnstallthe lowerarm to the balljoint with a nut. Torquethe nut and installa new cotter pin. Torque: 800 kg-cm (58 ft-lb, 78 N'm) 2. INSTALLSPACER,RETAINER,CUSHIONAND COLLAR 3. CONNECTLOWERARM TO BODY (d Passthe lowerarm throughthe stabilizerbar. (b) Connectthe lower arm with the bolt. Do not torque the bolt yet. (c) lnstallthe stabilizerbarwith the cushion,washerand a new nut.Do not torquethe nut Yet. 4. CONNECTLOWERARM TO STEERINGKNUCKLE (a) Lowerthe stabalizerbarandconnectthe balljointto steeringknucklewith the two nuts.
  33. 33. FRONTAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FrontSuspension FA-27 (b) Torquethe nuts. Torque: 820 kg-cm (59 ft-lb, 8O 5. INSTALLTIREAND LOWERVEHICLE Bouncethe vehicleto stabilizethe suspension. 6. TOROUENUT HOLDINGSTABILIZERBARTO LOWERARM ,#i{: Torque: 1,O75kg-cm (78 ft-lb, lOb N.m) ! : r t ! ' 7. TOROUEBOLTHOLDINGLOWERARM TO BODY Torque: 1,150kg-cm (83 ft-tb, 113 8. CHECKFRONTWHEELALIGNMENT(Seepase FA-31 o ' . ' * ' t StabifizerBar (Seepage FA-231 REMOVALOFSTABILIZERBAR 1. REMOVEENGINEUNDERCOVER 2. REMOVEBOTHSTABILIZERBAR BRACKETS FROMCROSSMEMBER ;;.".r:,!"" - .ti'" . .q
  34. 34. a FA.28 FRONTAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FrontSuspension 3. DISCONNECTBOTHSTABILIZERBAR ENDS TO LOWERARM 4. REMOVESTABILIZERBAR CAUTION: Be careful not to lose the spacer. INSTALLATIONOFSTABILIZERBAR 1. INSTALLSTABILIZERBAR END TO LOWERARM (d lnstall the spacer, retainer, rubber and collar as shown in the figure. (b) Fingertighten a new stabilizerbar nut. 2. INSTALL BRACKETTOGETHERWITH STABILIZER BAR Pry the barforward and installthe brackets. Torquethe bolts. Torque: rt4o kg-cm (32 ft-lb,43 3. TOROUENUT HOLDINGSTABILIZERBARTO LOWER ARM Torque: 1,O75kg-cm (78 ft-lb, 105 NOTE: Bouncethe vehicleto stabilizethe suspension beforetorquingthe stabilizerbar nut. 4. INSTALLENGINEUNDERCOVER 5. CHECKFRONTWHEELALIGNMENT(Seepage FA-3)
  35. 35. RA.1 REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION (FWD} TROUBLESHOOTING REARWHEELALIGNMENT REARAXLE HUB AND CARRIER Sedan Wagon REARSUSPENSION RearShock Absorber SuspensionArm Strut Rod (4wD) TROUBLESHOOTING REARAXLE SHAFT DIFFERENTIAL FOURLINK TYPEREARSUSPENSION Coil Springand RearShockAbsorber Lateral Control Rod Upper and Lower Control Arm RearStabilizerBar Page RA-2 RA-3 RA.5 RA-5 RA-l2 RA.l6 RA.l7 RA.20 RA.23 RA.24 RA-25 RA.28 RA'42 RA.43 RA.46 RA-48 RA.s1
  36. 36. 'l RA-2 REARAXLEANDsusPENstoN - Troubteshootinq(FWD) TROUBLESHOOTING(FWD} Problem Possiblecause Remedy Page Wanders/pulls Tiresworn or improperlyinflated Alignmentincorrect Wheel bearingadjustedtoo tight (Sedan) Wheel bearingworn {Wagon) Rearsuspensionparts looseor broken Replacetire or inflatetiresto proper pressure Checkalignment Adjustwheelbearing Replacewheelbearing Tightenor replacesuspension parts RA-3 RA.3 RA-5 RA-12 RA-s.17 Bottoming Vehicleoverloaded Shockabsorberworn out Springweak Checkloading Replaceshockabsorber Replacespring RA-17 RA.17 Sways/pitches Tires improperlyinflated Shockabsorberworn out Inflatetires to proper pressure Replaceshockabsorber RA.3 RA.17 Abnormal tire wear Tiresimproperlyinflated Shock absorberworn out Alignmentincorrect Suspensionpartsworn Inflate tires to proper pressure Replaceshockabsorber Checktoe-in Replacesuspensionparts RA-3 RA.17 RA.4 RA-s,17
  37. 37. REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- RearWheelAlignment(FwD) RA.3 REARWHEELALIGNMENT(FWD} 1. MAKE FOLLOWINGCHECKSAND CORRECTANY PROBLEM (d Checkthe tiresfor wearand properinflation. (SeepageFA-3) (b) Checkthe rearwheelbearingsfor looseness. (c) Checkthe wheelrunout. Lateral runout: 1.2 mm {0.047 in.l or less (d) Checkthe rearsuspensionfor looseness. (e) Use the standardbouncetest to check if the rear absorberswork properly. 2. INSPECTVEHICLEHETGHT(Seepase FA-51 INSTALLWHEELALIGNMENTEOUIPMENT Follow the specific instructionsof the equipment manufacturer. INSPECTCAMBER Inspection standard: -5' t 3O' (Sedanl -10' t 3O'(Wagonl Left-right error: 30' lf not within specification, inspect and replace any damagedor worn rearsuspensionparts. ADJUSTTOE-IN (a) Measurethe distancebetweeneachwheeldisc and cam bolt centerof the suspensionarm and check that both arethe same. Left-right error: 3 mm (0.12 in.)or less (b) Movethe vehicleforwarda few meterswith the rear wheelsinthestraight-aheadpositionon a levelplace. (c) Mark the centerof eachreartreadand measurethe distancebetweenthe marksof the rightandleft tires. (d) Advancethevehicleuntilthe markson the rearof the tirescometo the front. NOTE: Thetoe-inshouldbe measuredat the samepoint on the tire andat the samelevel. 3. 5.
  38. 38. 4 RA.4 REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- RearWheelAlignment(FWD) - A - t Front B - A = T o e - i n B (e) Measurethe distancebetweenthe markson thefront of the tires. Toe-in: Inspection STD 0 + 1 mm (0 + O.O4in.) (f) lf not within specification,turn the left andrighttoe- in adjustingcamsan equalamountto adjust. NOTE: Thetoe-inwillchangeabout2 mm (0.08in.)with eachgraduationof the'cam(oneside). 6. CHECKSIDESIIP WITH SIDESLIPTESTER Side slip: 3.0 mm/m (0.118in./3.3ftl or less lf the sideslip is not withinspecification,the toe-inmay not be correct.
  39. 39. REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- RearAxle Huband Carrier(FWD) RA-s REARAXLEHUBAND CARRIER(FWDI Sedan COMPONENTS REMOVALOFREARAXLEHUBAND CARRIER 1. JACK UP VEHICLE Jack up the vehicleand supportthe body with stands. 2. REMOVEAXLE HUB (a) Removethe cap,cotter pin, nut lock and nut. (b) Removethe axlehubtogetherwith the outerbearing andthrust washer. No. 1 SuspensionArm No.2 SuspensionArm BrakeTube Axle Hub (withDrum) ,outer Bearins a | *u..o"* W^I | ',, Y Y*q@ll outernalet *ld (OuterBearing)| a CoiterPin ThruitWasher OuterRace (lnnerBearing) lkg-cm(ft-lb.N.m)l : Tighteningtorque O : Non-reusablepart
  40. 40. - RA-6 REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- RearAxle Huband Carrier(FWD) 3. DISCONNECTBRAKETUBEFROMWHEELCYLINDER UsingSST,disconnectthe braketube. ssT 09751-36011 4. REMOVEAXLE SHAFT Removethe bolts holdingthe axleshaftto the carrier,and removethe axleshaft and rearbrakeassembly. 5. REMOVEAXLE CARRIER (d Removethe bolt and nut holdingthe axle carrierto the strut rod. (b) Removethe bolt and nut holdingthe axle carrierto the No.1 suspensionarm. (d Removethe bolt and nut holdingthe axle carrierto the No.2 suspensionarm.
  41. 41. REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- RearAxle Huband Carrier(FWD) RA-7 RAO233 (d) Removethe boltsandnuts holdingthe axle'carrierto the shockabsorber,and removethe axlecarrier. REPLACEMENTOFWHEELBEARINGS 1. REMOVEINNERBEARINGAND OILSEAL (a) Usinga screwdriver,pry out the oil seal. (b) Removethe innerbearingfrom the disc. 2, REMOVEBEARINGOUTERRACES UsingSST,pressout the bearingraces. SST09608-16010 and09608-20011 3. INSTALLBEARINGOUTERRACES UsingSST,carefullypressin new bearingraces. SST09608-16010and09608-20011 4. FILLINSIDEOFAXLEHUB AND CAPWITH MP GREASE L:
  42. 42. - RA-8 REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- RearAxte Huband Carrier(FWD) 5. PACKBEARINGSWITH MP GREASE (a) PlaceMP greasein the palmof your hand. (b) Pack grease into the bearing,continuinguntil the greaseoozesout from the other side. (c) Do the samearoundthe bearingcircumference. 6. INSTALLINNERBEARINGAND NEW OIL SEAL (a) Placethe innerbearinginto the axlehub. (b) UsingSST,drivea new oil sealin the axle hub. ssT 09608-20011 (c) Apply MP greaseto the oil seal. INSTALLATIONOF REARAXLE HUBAND CARRIER (Seepage RA-51 1. INSTALLAXLE CARRIER (a) Placethe axlecarrierin position. (b) Installthe two boltsandnuts holdingthe axlecarrier to the shock absorber.Torquethe nuts. Torque: 1,450 kg-cm (105 ft-lb, 142 N.m) (c) Provisionallyinstallthe bolt andnut holdingthe axle carrierto the No.2suspensionarm. NOTE: Besurethe lip of the nut is restingon the flange of the suspensionarm-notoverit. (d) Provisionallyinstallthe bolt and nut holdingthe axle carrierto the No.l suspensionarm. NOTE: When installing,insertthe lip of the nut into the holeon the suspensionarm. I
  43. 43. REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- RearAxle Huband Carrier(FWD) RA-g RA0238 (e) Provisionallyinstallthe bolt and nut holdingthe axle carrierto the strut rod. NOTE: When installing,insertthe lip of the nut into the grooveon the bracket. 2. INSTALL AXLE SHAFT lnstallthe axle shaft and rear brakeassemblywith four bolts.Torquethe bolts. Torque: 820 kg-cm (59 ft-lb, 80 N'ml 3. CONNECTBRAKETUBETO WHEELCYLINDER ssr 09751-36011 Torque: 155 kg-cm (11 ft-lb. 15 N.m) 4. INSTALLAXLE HUB ON SPINDLE (a) Placethe axle hub and outer bearingon the axle shaft. (b) Fill in MP grease between the outer bearingand thrust washer. (d lnstallthe thrustwasher. 5. ADJUST PRELOAD (a) Installandtorquethe nut. Torque: 300 kg-cm {22 tt-b,29 N'ml
  44. 44. r.1 E4-10 REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- RearAxle Huband Canier(FWD) (b) Snug down the bearingby turning the hub several times. (c) Loosenthe nut untilit can be turnedby hand. NOTE: Makesurethat thereis absolutelyno brakedrag. (d) Measureand make a note of the rotationfrictional force of the oil seal. Oil sealfrictionalforce: Approx.rtoog (0.9 lb, 3.9 Nl (e) Tightenthe nut untilthe preloadis withinspecifica- tion. Bearingpreload(while turning): In addition to oil seal frictional force 400 - 1,000g (0.9- 2.2 tb,3.9 - 9.8 Nl (fl Insurethat the drum rotatessmoothly. 6. INSTALL NUT LOCK,COTTERPIN AND CAP NOTE: lf the cotter pin holedoesnot lineup, correctby tighteningthe nut the smallestamountpossible. 7. FILL BRAKERESERVOIRWITH BRAKEFLUIDAND BLEEDBRAKESYSTEM(Seepage BR-ZI
  45. 45. REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- RearAxle HubandCarrier(FWD) RA-l1 8. TOROUEAXLE CARRIERMOUNT BOLTS (a) Removethe standsandbouncethe vehicleto stabil- izethe suspension. (b) Torquethe mount bolts with the vehicleweight on the suspension. Torque: 89O kg-cm (64 ft-lb, 87 9. CHECKREARWHEELALIGNMENT (Seepage RA-3)
  46. 46. r.1 RA-12 REARAXLE AND.SUSPENSION- RearAxleHubandCarrier(FWD) Wagon COMPONENTS RearBrakeAssembly er+/ ->--: | 0l / --<_:+,--/ No. 1 Suspension I Arm II BearingInner I Race(lnside) StrutRod RearAxle Carrier I fr@ ,0,1rol I I AxleHub Bearing t-lb.N'm)l : Tighteningtorque O : Non-reusablepart BrakeDrum MeasuringPoint REMOVALOFREARAXLEHUBANDCARRIER 1. REMOVEBRAKEDRUM 2. CHECKBEARINGPLAY IN AXIAL DIRECTION Limit: O.O5mm (O.OO2Oin.l
  47. 47. REARAXLEANDsusPENstoN- RearAxleHubandcarrier(FwD) RA-13 3. DISCONNECTBRAKETUBEFROMWHEEL CYLINDER UsingSST,disconnectthe braketube. ssT 09751-36011 4. REMOVEREARAXLE HUB (a) Removethe four bolts holdingthe axle hub to the axle carrier,and remove the axle hub and brake assembly. (b) Removethe O-ring. 5. REMOVEREARAXLE CARRIER (Seepages RA-6 and 7l REPLACEMENTOF REARAXLE HUBAND WHEELBEARING (Seepage RA-121 1. REMOVENUT (d Usinga chiseland hammer,unstakethe nut. (b) Removethe nut. 2. REMOVEAXLESHAFTFROMAXLEHUB UsingSST,pushthe axleshaftoff the axlehub. ssT 09950-20015 3. REMOVEBEARINGINNERRACE(INSIDEI 4. REMOVEBEARINGINNERRACE(OUTSIDE) UsingSST,pulloff the bearinginnerrace(outside)from the axleshaft. ssT 09950-20015
  48. 48. a RA.14 REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- RearAxIe HubAndCarrier(FWD) 5. REMOVEOIL SEAL 6. REMOVEBEARING (a) First installtheinnerrace(innerside)of the removed bearing. (b) UsingSST,pressout the bearing. SST09228-22O2Oand09636-20010 7. INSTALLBEARING NOTE: Alwaysreplacethe bearingasan assembly. (a) ApplyMP greasearoundthe bearingouterrace. (b) UsingSST, press a new bearinginto the bearing case. ssr 09316-60010 8. INSTALLOIL SEAL (a) UsingSST,drivean oil sealintothe axlehub. ssT o9310-35010 (b) ApplyMP greasebetweenthe oil seallip' 9. INSTALL AXLE SHAFT (d Installthe bearingboth side innerrace. (b) UsingSST,pressthe innerraceinto the axleshaft. SST09228-22O2Oand09636-2001O
  49. 49. REARAXLEANDsusPENstoN- RearAxleHubandcarrier(FWD) RA-ls 81104 (c) Installandtorquea new nut. Torque: 1,25,Okg-cm (90 ft-tb, 123 (d) Stakethe nut. INSTALLATIONOF REARAXLE HUBAND CARRIER (SeepageRA-l2) 1. INSTALLREARAXLE CARRIER (Seepages RA-8 and 9l 2. INSTATLREARAXLE HUB (a) Installa newO-ringto the axlecarrier. (b) lnstallthe axlehubandrearbrakeassemblywith the four bolts.Torquethe bolts. Torque: 820 kg-cm (59 ft-tb, 80 3. CONNECTBRAKETUBETO WHEELCYLINDER ssT 09751-36011 Torque: 155 kg-cm (t 1 ft-lb, 15 N.m) 4. INSTALLBRAKEDRUM 5. FILLBRAKERESERVOIRWITH BRAKEFLUIDAND BLEEDBRAKESYSTEM(Seepage BR-7) 6. TOROUEAXLE CARRIERMOUNT BOLTS (SeepageRA-111 7. CHECKREARWHEELALTGNMENT{Seepage RA-3} ' , " 4 ' ' r 4 " '
  50. 50. a RA-16 REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- RearSuspension(FWD) REARSUSPENSION(FWD} COMPONENTS g- DustCover a@supportNut @-suspension support s V-upper Insurator CoilSpring 2& 117,241 F-spring Bumper v @-Lowerrnsurator Shock Absorber Assembly 1,45,01105 ,1421 BrakeDrum andAxle Carrier Assembly No.2 SuspensionArm No. 1 Bashing No. 1 SuspensionArm : Tighteningtorque O : Non-reusablepart
  51. 51. REARAXLE AND SUSPENSTON- RearSuspension(FWD) RA,l7 RearShockAbsorber (Seepage RA-l61 REMOVALOF REARSHOCKABSORBER 1. REMOVESHOCKABSORBERCOVERAND PACKAGE TRAY BRACKET 2. REMOVEBRAKETUBE (a) UsingSST,disconnectthebraketubefrom thewheel cylinder. ssT 09751-36011 (b) UsingSST,removethe braketubefrom the flexible hose. ssT 09751-36011 3. DISCONNECTFLEXIBLEHOSEFROMSHOCK ABSORBER 4. LOOSENNUT HOLDINGSUSPENSIONSUPPORTTO SHOCKABSORBER h) Removethedustcoverfromthe suspensionsupport. (b) Loosenthe nut.Do not removethe nut yet. 5. DISCONNECTSHOCKABSORBERFROMAXLE CARRIER Removethe boltsandnuts holdingthe shockabsorberto the axlecarrierand disconnectthe absorber. 6. REMOVESHOCKABSORBERFROMBODY Removethe nuts holdingthe shockabsorberto the body and removethe shockabsorber.
  52. 52. - RA.l8 REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- RearSuspension(FWD) e FI ry 7. REMOVECOILSPRING (d Installa bolt and nut to the bracketat the lowerend of the shock absorberand secureit in a vise. (d UsingSST,compressthe coil spring. ssr 09727-22032 (c) Removethe nut. (d) Removethe suspensionsupport,upperinsulatorcoil spring,lower insulatorand bumper. 8. HANDLINGOFSHOCKABSORBER (a) Do not disassemblethe shockabsorberbecausethe cylinderis filledwith gas. (b) lf you replacea shockabsorber,drilla 2.0 - 3.0 mm (0.079- 0.118 in.)holein the bottomof the rep- lacedshockabsorber'scylinderto completelyrelease the highpressuregas.ffhe gasis colorless,odorless and not poisonous.However,when drilling,chips mayfly out so work carefully.) (c) Handlethe shockabsorbercarefully.Neverscoreor scratchtheexposedpartof the pistonrod,andnever allowpaintor oil to get on it. (d) Do not turn the piston rod and cylinderwith the shockabsorberextendedcompletely. 1Omm (0.39in.)
  53. 53. REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- RearSuspension(FWD) RA.l9 LowerBracket Suspension Support INSTALLATIONOF REARSHOCKABSORBER 1. INSTALLSPRINGBUMPER,COILSPRING, INSULATORAND SUSPENSIONSUPPORT (a) Mountthe shockabsorberin a vise. (b) Installthe lower insulatorto the lower seatof the shockabsorber. (c) UsingSST,compressthe coil spring. ssT 09727-22032 (d) Align the coil spring end with the lower insulator hollowandinstallthe coil spring. (e) lnstallthe springbumperand insulator. (f) Alignthe suspensionsupportlowerseathollowand lowerinsulaterhollow. (g) Alignthesuspensionsupportwith the pistonrodand install. (h) Alignthe suspensionsupportwith the shockabsor- ber lower bracketas shown. (i) Provisionallyinstalla new nut. 2. CONNECTSHOCKABSORBERTO BODY Connectthe shockabsorberwith threenuts.Torquethe nuts. Torque: 240 kg-cm {17 ft-lb, 24 N.m} 3. INSTALLSHOCKABSORBERTO AXLECARRIER Installthe shock absorberwith two bolts and two nuts. Torquethe nuts. Torque: 1,450 kg-cm (105ft-tb, 142 N.m)
  54. 54. RA.20 REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- RearSuspension(FWD) 4. TOROUENUT HOLDINGSUSPENSIONSUPPORTTO SHOCKABSORBER (a) Torquethe nut. Torque: 500 kg-cm (36 ft-lb, 49 N'ml (b) Installthe dust coveron the suspensionsupport' 5. INSTALL FLEXIBLE HOSE TO SHOCK ABSORBER BRACKET 6. INSTALLBRAKETUBE Torque: 155 kg-cm (11 ft-lb, 15 N'm) 7. FILLBRAKERESERVOIRWITH BRAKEFLUIDAND BLEEDBRAKESYSTEM(SeepageBR-7) 8. CHECKREARWHEELALIGNMENT(SeepageRA-3) 9. INSTALL PACKAGE TRAY BRACKET AND SHOCK ABSORBER SuspensionArm (Seepage RA-l6) REMOVALOF SUSPENSIONARM 1. JACK UPVEHICLE Jack up the vehicleand supportthe body with stands. 2. REMOVENO.2SUSPENSIONARM (a) Removethe bolt andnut holdingthe suspensionarm to the axlecarrier. (b) Removethe cam and bolt holding the suspension arm to the body and removethe suspensionarm. NOTE: (1) Rememberwhere the cam plate mark is when removingthe suspensionarm. Ql When removing,loosenthe bolt.Do notturn the cam.
  55. 55. REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- RearSuspension(FWD) RA.21 3. REMOVENO.l SUSPENSIONARM (d Removethe bolt andnut holdingthe suspensionarm to the axlecarrier. (b) Removethe bolt andnut holdingthe suspensionarm to the body and removethe suspensionarm. REPLACEMENTOF NO.l BUSHING 1. REMOVEBUSHING UsingSST,pressout the bushing. ssT 09726-32010 2. INSTALLBUSHING UsingSST,pressin a new bushing. ssr 09726-32010 CAUTION: Do not use a lubricantwhen pressingin the bushing. INSTALLATIONOF SUSPENSIONARM 1. INSTALLNO.l SUSPENSIONARM (a) Connectthe suspensionarm to the body with the bolt and nut.Do not torquethe bolt yet. NOTE: Besurethe lip of the nut is restingon the flange of the bracket,not over it. -----7 =/ "'wb
  56. 56. a REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION (d Connectthe suspensionarm to the axlecarrierwith the bolt and nut.Do not torquethe bolt yet. NOTE: When connectingthe suspensionarm,insertthe lip of the nut intothe holeon the suspension. 2. INSTALLNO.2SUSPENSIONARM (a) Placethe suspensionarm in position. (b) lnstallthe cam and bolt holdingthe suspensionarm to the body.Do not torquethe bolt yet. (c) Align the cam platemarkat the samepositionit was beforeremoval. (d) Installtheboltandnutholdingthesuspensionarmto the axlecarrier.Do not torquethe bolt yet. NOTE: Besurethe lip of the nut is restingon the flange of the suspensionarm, not over it. 3. TOROUESUSPENSIONARM SETTINGBOLTS (a) Removethe standsand bouncethe vehicleto stabi- lizethe suspension. (d Torquethe setting bolts with the vehicleweight on the suspension. Torque: 89O kg-cm (64 ft-lb, 87 4. CHECKREARWHEELALTGNMENT(Seepage RA-31
  57. 57. REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- RearSuspension(FWD) RA-23 Strut Rod (Seepage RA-l61 REMOVALOF STRUTROD 1. JACK UP VEHICLE(Seepage RA-2OI 2. REMOVESTRUTROD (a) Removethe bolt andnut holdingthe strutrod to the axlecarrier. b) Removethe bolt andnut holdingthe strut rod to the body and removethe strut rod. INSTALLATIONOF STRUTROD 1. INSTALLSTRUTROD (a) Connectthe strut rod to the body with the bolt and nut Do not torquethe bolt yet. NOTE: Besurethe lip of the nut is restingon the flange of the bracket. (b) Connectthestrutrodto the axlecarrierwith the bolt andnut.Do not torquethe bolt yet. NOTE: When connectingthe strut rod, alignthe lip of the nut with the grooveon the bracket. 2. TOROUESTRUTRODSETTINGBOLTS (a) Removethe standsandbouncethe vehicleto stabil- izethe suspension. (b) Torquethe settingbolts with the vehicleweight on the suspension. Torque: 890 kg-cm (64 ft-lb, 87 N'ml 3. CHECKREARWHEELALIGNMENT(SeepageRA-31
  58. 58. RA.24 REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- Troubleshooting(4WD) TROUBLESHOOTING(4WD} Problem Possiblecause Remedy Page Oil leakat rearaxle Oil sealsworn or damaged Bearingretainerloose Rearaxlehousingcracked Replaceoil seal Replaceretainer Repairas necessary RA-25 RA-25 Oil leakat pinionshaft Oil leveltoo highor wrong grade Oilsealwornor damaged Companionflangelooseor damaged Drainand replaceoil Replaceoil seal Tightenor replaceflange RA-28 RA-28 Noisein rearaxle Oil levellow or wrong grade Excessivebacklashbetweendrivepinion and ringor sidegear Ring,drivepinionor sidegearsworn or chipped Drivepinionbearingworn Axle shaft bearingworn Side bearinglooseor worn Drainand replaceoil Checkbacklash Checkgears Replacebearing Replacebearing Tightenor replacebearings RA-28 RA-28 RA-28 RA.25 RA-36 Bottoming Vehicleoverloaded Shockabsorberworn out Springsweak Checkloading Replaceshockabsorber Replacespring RA.43 RA.43
  59. 59. REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- RearAxle Shaft (4WD) RA-25 Wheel BrakeDrum RearAxleShaft Bearing [g-cm (tt-tu,trl'm)l : Tighteningtorque <): Non-reusablepart YV?@ dmi -r-/ oEnd Gasket | | | WBearins outerRetainer ORetainerCasret| | I lnnerRetainerl REARAXLE SHAFT (4WD) COMPONENTS REMOVALOF REARAXLE SHAFT 1. REMOVEWHEELANDBRAKEDRUM 2. REMOVEFOURBACKINGPLATEMOUNTINGNUTS REMOVEREARAXLE UsingSST, pullout the rearaxle. ssr 09520-ooo31 CAUTION: When pulling out the rearaxle, be careful not to damagethe oil seal.
  60. 60. RA-26 REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- RearAxteShaft (4WD) INSPECTIONAND REPAIROF REARAXLE SHAFTCOMPONENTS 1. INSPECTREAR AXLE SHAFT AND FLANGE FOR WEAR,DAMAGEORRUNOUT Maximum shaft runout: 1.5 mm {0.059 in.} Maximum flangerunout: 0.1 mm (0.0O4in.) lf the rearaxleshaft or flangeis damagedor worn, or if theirrunoutisgreaterthanmaximum,replacetherearaxle shaft. INSPECT REAR AXLE BEARING FOR WEAR OR DAMAGE lf the bearingis damagedor worn, replaceit. REMOVEBEARINGINNERRETAINER (a) Usinga grinder,grinddown the innerretainer. (b) Usinga chiseland hammet cut off the retainerand removeit from the shaft. REMOVEBEARINGFROMSHAFT UsingSST,pressthe bearingoff the shaft. ssT 09527-20011 INSTALL BEARING OUTER RETAINERAND NEW BEARINGON SHAFT UsingSST,presson the bearingouterretainerand new bearing. ssT 09515-20010 6. INSTALLBEARINGINNERRETAINERON SHAFT (d Graduallyheat the bearinginnerretainerto about 150'C (302'F)in an oil bath. 2. 3. 150'c lnnerRetainer
  61. 61. REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- RearAxleShaft (4WD) RA..27 (b) While the innerretaineris still hot, pressthe retainer on the shaft with SST. ssT 09515-20010 NOTE: Besurethat thereis no oil or greaseon the rear axleshaft or retainer. Facethe non-beveledsideof the innerretainertowardthe bearing. 7. INSPECTOIL SEALFORWEAR ORDAMAGE lf the sealis damagedor worn, replaceit. 8. REMOVEOIL SEALFROMAXLE HOUSING UsingSST,removethe oil seal. ssT09308-00010 9. INSTALLNEW OIL SEALIN AXLE HOUSING (d Apply MP greaseto the oil seal. (b) UsingSST,driveinthe oil sealto a depthof 5.6 mm (0.220ini. ssr 09517-12010 INSTALLATIONOF REARAXLE SHAFT {Seepage RA-25} 1. APPIY LIOUIDSEALEARTO BOTHSIDESOF ENDAND RETAINERGASKETS 2. PLACENEW ENDAND RETAINERGASKETSIN POSTTtON Facethe notch of the gasketdownward. 3. INSTALLREARAXLE SHAFTIN HOUSING (a) Facethe notch of the retainerdownward. (b) Installthe rearaxleshaft with four new self-locking nuts. Torque: 670 kg-cm (48 ft-tb, 66 N'm) NOTE: o Be carefulnot to damagethe oil seal. o When insertingthe axleshaft, be carefulnot to hit or dentthe oil deflectorinsidethe axlehousing. 4. INSTALLBRAKEDRUMAND WHEEL Drivein
  62. 62. RA.28 REARAXLE AND SUSPENSTON- Differentiat(4WD) DIFFERENTIAL(4WD) COMPONENTS PinionShaft I *:#ffi#6--PinionGear DifferentialCase Oil Slinger -rb,N.m)l : Tighteningtorque O : Non-reusablepart DifferentialCarrier
  63. 63. REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- Differential(4WD) RA.29 SST ON.VEHICLEREPLACEMENTOF OILSEAL 1. DISCONNECTPROPELLERSHAFTFROM DIFFERENTIAL(Seepage PR-3) 2. REMOVECOMPANIONFLANGE (Seestep 7 on pageRA-31) 3. REMOVEOILSEALAND OILSLINGER (d UsingSST,removethe oil sealfrom the housing. ssT 09308-10010 (b) Removethe oil slinger. 4. REMOVEFRONTBEARINGAND BEARINGSPACER (Seestep 9 on pageRA-311 5. INSTALLNEW BEARINGSPACERAND FRONT BEARING(Seestep 9 on page RA-391 6. INSTALLOILSLINGERAND NEW OIL SEAL (a) lnstallthe oil singerfacingas shown. (b) UsingSST,drivein a new oil sealas shown. ssr 09554-30011 Oil seal drive in depth: 1.0 mm (0.039in.l (c) ApplyMP greaseto the oil seallip. 7, INSTALLCOMPANIONFLANGE (Seestep 11 on pageRA-39) 8. ADJUSTDRIVEPINION (Seestep 12 on pageRA-4OI 9. STAKEDRIVEPINIONNUT 10. CONNECTPROPELLERSHAFTFLANGETO COMPANIONFLANGE(Seepage PR-6) 11. CHECKDIFFERENTIALOIL LEVEL Fillwith hypoidgearpil if necessary. Oil grade: API GL-s hypoidgear oil Viscosity: Above - 18'C (O"F) SAE 90 Below - 18'C (O"Fl SAE 8OW or 8OW-90 Capacity: 1.Oliters (1.1 US qts, 0.9 lmp. qts) Torquethe fillerplug. Torque: 500 kg-cm (36 ft-lb, 49 N.m)5 mm (O.20in.)
  64. 64. RA.30 REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- Differential{4WD) REMOVALOF DIFFERENTIAL (Seepage RA-28) 1. DRAINDIFFERENTIALOIL 2. REMOVEREARAXLE SHAFT(Seepage RA-25) 3. DISCONNECTPROPELLERSHAFTFROM DIFFERENTIAL(Seepage RA-28) 4. REMOVEDIFFERENTIALCARRIERASSEMBLY DISASSEMBLYOF DIFFERENTIAL (Seepage RA-281 NOTE: lf the differentialis noisy,performthe following pre-inspectionbeforedisassemblyto determinethecause. lf the differentialhas severeproblems,disassembleand repairas necessary. 1. CHECKRINGGEARRUNOUT Maximumrunout: 0.07 mm (O.OO28in.l lf the runoutis exceedsmaximum,replacethe ringgear. 2. CHECKRINGGEARBACKLASH Backlash: 0.10 - 0.15 mm (O.OO39- O.OO59in.) lf the backlashis not withinspecification,adjustthe side bearingpreloador repairas necessary.(Seestep 5 on pageRA-36) 3, INSPECTTOOTH CONTACTBETWEENRING GEAR AND DRIVEPINION(Seestep 6 on pageRA-38) Notethe tooth contactingposition. 4. CHECKSIDEGEARBACKLASH Measurethe sidegearbacklashwhile holdingone pinion geartoward the case. Standardbacklash: O.OZ- 0.15 mm (0.0008- 0.0059 in.) lf the backlashis not withinspecification,installthe cor- rect thrust washers. 5. CHECKDRIVEPINIONPRELOAD Usinga torquewrench,measurethe preloadof the back- lashbetweenthe drivepinionand ringgear. Preload: 4-7 kg-cm {3.5- 6.1 in.-lb,0.4 - O.7N'm} 6. CHECKTOTALPRELOAD Usinga torquewrench,measurethe total preload. Total preload: In additionto drive pinionpreload 2 - 4 kg-cm $.7 ' 3.5 in.-lb,O.2- O.4N'm)
  65. 65. REARAXLE AND SUSPENSTON- Differentiat(4WD) RA-31 7. REMOVECOMPANIONFLANGE (a) Usinga chiselandhammer,loosenthe stakedpartof the nut. (b) UsingSST to hold the flange,removethe nut and washer. ssT 09330-00020 b) UsingSST,removethe companionflange. ssT 09557-22022 8. REMOVEOILSEALAND OILSLTNGER h) UsingSST,removethe oil sealfrom the housing. ssr 09308-10010 (b) Removethe oil slinger. 9. REMOVEFRONTBEARINGAND BEARINGSPACER (a) UsingSST,removethe front bearingfrom the drive pinion. ssT 09556-12010 (b) Removethe bearingspacer. lf the front bearingis damagedor worn,replacethe bear- ing. 10. REMOVEDIFFERENTIALCASEFROMCARRIER (d Put matchmarkson the bearingcap and differential carrier. (b) Removethe two adjustingnut locks. (c) Removethetwo bearingcapsandtwo adjustingnuts. (d) Removethe two bearingouter races. (d Removethe differentialcase.
  66. 66. RA.32 REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- Differential(4WD) NOTE: Tagthe disassembledpartsto showthe location for reassembly. 11. REMOVEDRIVEPINIONFROMDIFFERENTIAL CARRIER INSPECTIONAND REPLACEMENTOF DIFFERENTIAL (Seepage RA-281 1. REPLACEDRIVEPINIONREARBEARINGRACE (a) UsingSSTanda press,pullout the rearbearingfrom the drivepinion. ssT09950-00020 (b) Installthe resuedthrustwasheron the drivepinion with the chamferedendfacingthe piniongear. (c) UsingSSTanda press,pressa new rearbearingon the drivepinion. ssT 09608-12010 REPLACEDRIVEPINIONFRONTAND REARBEARING OUTERRACES (a) Usinga brassbar and hammer,tap out the outer race. (b) UsingSSTanda press,drivein a new outerrace. ssT 09608-12010 RA0062 2.
  67. 67. REAR AXLE AND SUSPENSION - Differential(4WD) RA-33 3. IF NECESSARY,REPLACESIDE BEARINGS (a) Using SST, remove the side bearing from the differentialcase. ssT 09502-10012 NOTE: On the differential case there are indentations into which the ssT fits. (b) UsingSSTanda press,pressin a new bearing. ssr 09608-20011 4. INSPECTSIDEGEARBACKLASH Measurethe sidegearbacklashwhileholdingthe other sidegeartowardthe case. Standardbacklash: 0.02 - 0.15 mm (0.0008- 0.0059in.) 5. IF NECESSARY,REPLACERINGGEAR,SIDEGEARS AND PINIONGEARS NOTE: o lf the ringgearis to be usedagain,placematchmarks beforeseparatingit. o lf the ring gear or drive pinionare damaged,replace them as a set. (a) Lift the lock platesandremovethe mountbolts. (b) Usinga plastic-facedhammer,tapontheringgearto separateit from the differentialcase.
  68. 68. RA.34 REARAXLEAND SUSPENSION- Differential(4WD) (c) Usinga pinpunchandhammer,driveoutthe straight pinfowardthe ringgearinstallationsurface. (d) Removethe pinionshaft, piniongerars,side gears andthrustwashers. te) Installthe side gears,thrust washers,piniongears andshaft. (f) Checkthe sidegearbacklash.(SeepageRA-33) Standardbacklash: O.O2- 0.15 mm (0.0008- O.OO59in.) (g) lf the backlashis not withinspecification,usethrust washerof a differentthickness. Thrustwasherthickness mm (in.) 1.50(0.0591) | r.65(0.0650) 1.s5 (0.0610) | t .70(0.0669) 1.60(0.0630) | r.75(0.0689) (h) Usinga pin punchand hammer,tap a new straight pinthroughthe caseandholein the pinionshaft. (i) Stakethe pin anddifferentialcase. (j) Cleanthe contactsurfaceof the differentialcase. (0 Graduallyheatthe ringgearto about1OO'C(212"F1 in an oil bath. CAUTION: Do not heat the ring gear above 1lO'C (230"F). RingGear =-_- &
  69. 69. REARAXIE AND SUSPENSION- Differential(4WD) RA-35 (l) Cleanthecontactsurfaceof the ringgearwith clean- ing solvent. (m) Thenquicklyinstallthe ring gearon the differential case. (n) Coatthe ringgearmountboltswith gearoil. (o) Installnew lock platesandthe mountbolts.Tighten the mountboltsuniformlyanda littleat a time.Tor- quethe bolts. Torque: 985 kg-cm (71 ft-lb, 97 N.m) (p) Checkthe ringgearrunout. Maximumrunout: 0.07 mm (0.028in.) (q) Stakethe lockplate. NOTE: Stakeoneclawflushwith the flat surfaceof the nut.Forthe clawcontactingthe protrudingportionof the nut, stake(bend)only the half on the tighteningside. ASSEMBLYOFDIFFERENTIAL (Seepage RA-28) 1. TEMPORARILYADJUSTDRIVEPINIONPRELOAD (a) lnstallthe followingparts: o Drivepinion o Frontbearing NOTE: Assemblethe spacer,oil slingerandoil sealafter adjustingthe gearcontactpattern. (b) UsingSST,installthe companionflange. ssT 09557-22022 (c) Adjust the drive pinion preloadby tighteningthe companionflangenut. UsingSSTto holdthe flange,tightenthe nut. ssT 09330-00020 CAUTION: As there is no spacer,taghtena little at a time, being carefulnot to overtighten.
  70. 70. a RA-36 REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- Differential(4WD) (d) Usinga torquewrench,measurethe preload. Preload: New bearing 6.5 - 12.5 kg-cm (5.6- 1O.9in.-lb) (0.6- 1.2 Reusedbearing 4 - 7 kg-cm (3.5- 6.1 in.-lb) (0.4 - 0.7 2. INSTALLDIFFERENTIALCASEIN CARRIER (d Place the bearingouter races on their respective bearings.Makesurethe left andrightouterracesare not interchanged. (b) Installthe casein the carrier. 3. INSTALLADJUSTINGNUTS Installthe adjustingnutson their respectivecarrier,mak- ing surethey arethreadedproperly. NOTE: Makesurethat thereis backlashbetweenthe ring gearanddrivepinion. 4, INSTALLBEARINGCAPS Alignthe matcfimarkson the capandcarrier.Screwin the two bearingcap boltstwo or threeturnsand pressdown the bearingcap by hand. NOTE: lf the bearingcapdoesnot fit tightlyon the car- rier,the adjustingnut threadsare not threadedproperly. Reinstalladjustingnuts if necessary. 5. ADJUSTSIDEBEARINGPRELOAD (a) Tighten the bearing cap bolts until the spring washersareslightlycompressed. (b) UsingSST,tightenthe adjustingnut on the ringgear sideuntilthe ringgearhasa backlashof about0.2 mm (0.0O8in.). ssr 09504-oool1
  71. 71. REARAXLEAND SUSPENSION- Differential(4WD) RA.37 (c) UsingSST,firmly tightenthe adjustingnut on the drivepinionside. ssr o9504-ooo11 (d) Checkthe ringgearbacklash. lf tighteningthe adjustingnut createsringgearbacklash, loosenthe nut so that backlashis eliminated. (e) Placea dialindicatoron the top of the bearingcapon the ring gearside. (f) Adjustthe sidebearingfor zeropreloadby tightening the otheradjustingnutuntilthe pointeron the indica- tor beginsto move. (g) Tightenthe adjustingnut 1 - 1llznotchesfrom the zeropreloadposition. (h) Usinga dialindicator,adjustthe ringgearbacklash untilit is withinspecification. Backlash: 0.10 - 0,15 mm (O.OO39- O.OO59in.l NOTE: The backlashis adjustedby turningthe left and right adjustingnutsequalamounts.For example,loosen the nut on the left sideonenotchandtightenthe nut on the rightsideonenotch. (i) Torquethe bearingcap bolts. Torque: 6OOkg-cm (43 ft-lb, 59
  72. 72. RA.38 REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- Differentiat(4WD) (j) Recheckthe ring gearbacklash. (0 Usinga torque meter,measurethe total preload. Total preload: ln addition to drive pinion preload 2 - 4 kg-cm 11.7- 3.5 in.-lb,O.2- 0.4 N.m) Backlash: O.1O- O.15mm (0.0039- 0.O059in.) 6. INSPECTTOOTH CONTACT BETWEEN RING GEAR AND DRIVEPINION (a) Coatred leadon 3 or 4 teethat threedifferentposi- tions of the ring gear. (b) Holdthe companionflangefirmly androtatethe ring gearin both directions. (d lnspectthe tooth pattern. HeelContact FaceContact Selecta thrustwasherthat wiltbrinqthe drivepinioncloserto the ring gear. - ,rfl Selecta thrustwasherthat will shiftthe drivepinionawayfrom the ringgear.
  73. 73. REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- Differential(4WD) RA.39 NOTE: lf adjustingthe meshingof the teeth of the drive pinionandringgearbychangingtheextensionof thedrive pinion,selecta thrustwasherof the appropriatethickness from the tablebelow. REMOVECOMPANIONFLANGE (Seestep 7 on page RA-31) REMOVEFRONTBEARING (Seestep 9 on pageRA-31) INSTALLNEW BEARINGSPACERAND FRONT BEARING (d lnstalla new bearingspaceron the shaft. (b) lnstallthe front bearingon the shaft. 10. INSTALLOILSLINGERAND NEW OILSEAL (d Installthe oil slingerfacingas shown. (b) UsingSST,drivein a new oil sealas shown. ssT 09517-12010 Oil seal drive in depth: 1.0 mm (0.039 in.) (d Apply MP greaseto the oil seallip. 11. INSTALLCOMPANIONFLANGE (a) UsingSST,installthe companionflange. ssr 09557-22022 7. 8. 9. Drive in depth Drivepinionthrustwasherthickness mm (in.) 2.24(O.O882) | Z.+8(0.0976) 2.27l}.O8e4l I Z.S1(0.0988) 2.30(0.0906) I Z.S4(0.1000) 2.33(0.0917) | 2.57(0.1012) 2.36(O.Os29) | Z.A0{0.1024) 2.39(0.0941) I 2.63(0.103s) 2.42(0.0953) | Z.A6(0.1047) 2.45(0.096s)
  74. 74. RA-/[() REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- Differential(4WD) RAOO3 (b) Coat the threadsof a new nut with MP grease. (c) UsingSSTto hold the flange,tightenthe nut. Torquethe nut. ssr 09330-ooo20 Torque: 1,425 kg-cm (103 ft-lb, 140 N'ml 12. ADJUST DRIVEPINIONPRELOAD Usinga torquewrench,measurethe preloadof the back- lashbetweenthe drivepinionandringgear. Preload: New bearing 6.5 - 12.5 kg-cm (5.6- 10.9in.-lbl (0.6- 1.2 N'ml Reusedbearing 4 - 7 kg-cm (3.5 - 6.1 in.-lbl (0.4 - 0.7 N'ml lf preloadis exceedsspecification,replacethe bear- ing spacer. lf preloadis lessthan specification,retightenthe nut 130 kg-cm (9 ft-lb, 13 N.m) at a time until the specifiedpreloadis reached. lf the maximumtorqueis exceededwhile retighteningthe nut,replacethebearingspacerandrepeatthepreloadpro- cedure.Do not back off the pinion nut to reduce the preload. Maximum torque: 2,4OOkg-cm (174ft-lb, 235 N'm) CHECKDEVIATIONOFCOMPANIONFLANGE Maximumtateralrunout: 0.10 mm (0.0039in.l Maximumradialrunout: 0.10 mm (0.0039in.l 14. STAKEDRIVEPINIONNUT (a) (b) 1 3 .
  75. 75. REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- Differential(4WD) RA.41 15. INSTALLADJUSTINGNUT LOCKS (a) Selecteithera lock plateNo. 1 or No. 2 whichever will fit the adjustingnuts. (b) lnstallthe lockplateon the bearingcaps. Torque: 55 kg-cm (48 in.-lb,5.4 N'ml INSTALLATIONOF DIFFERENTIAL (Seepage RA-281 1. INSTALLDIFFERENTIALCARRIERASSEMBLY Installa newgasketandthedifferentialcarrierassemblyin the axleand installthe twelvenuts.Torquethe nuts. Torque: 315 kg-cm (23 ft-lb, 31 N'm) 2. CONNECTPROPELLERSHAFTFLANGETO COMPANIONFLANGE(Seepage PR-61 3. INSTALLREARPLUGAND FILLDIFFERENTIALWITH GEAROIL Torquethe drainplug. Torque: 500 kg-cm (36 ft-|b,49 N'm) Oil grade: API GL-s hypoidgear oil Viscosity: Above - 18"C (O'Fl SAE 90 Below - 18'C (0"F) SAE 8OW or 80W-90 Capacity: 1.0 liters (1.1 US qts, 0.9 lmp. qts) Torquethe fillerplug. Torque: 500 kg-cm (36 ft-|b,49 N'ml 5 mm (0.2Oin.)
  76. 76. RA-42 REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FourLinkType RearSuspension(4WD) FOURLINKTYPEREARSUSPENSION(4WDI COMPONENTS fl,rooEz lrol .ffi | Upperlnsutator-{sH9 I € d @ ( g - LateralControl Rod l l- 650t+?,54l_l € ^T-l l n o o o @ A/----_-9 a,r f f I r,zooraz,nat]. I a g I uooe,ControlArm ', @ o t r 1 1 " @ a",,,0.,"n@ Lowertnrut.tor-@ D aia I i @v @ i o'wr=:i b | .g e € t , 6 E i*u , W t eq ShockAbsorber a n v %= e @ e Fv ? u., r€ @.,a i,' a^ @a LowerControlArm -lb, N'm)l : Tighteningtorque Rear StabilizerBar
  77. 77. REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FourLinkType RearSuspension(4WD) RA-43 CoilSpringandRearShockAbsorber (Seepage RA-421 REMOVALOFCOILSPRINGAND SHOCK ABSORBER 1. JACK UP VEHICLE Jack up the rearaxlehousingand supportthe bodywith stands.Leavethe jack underthe rearaxle. 2. REMOVEREARSHOCKABSORBER (a) Removethe bolt holdingthe shock absorberto the rearaxlehousinganddisconnectthe shockabsorber. (d Removethe nuts holdingthe shockabsorberto the body,and removethe shockabsorber. 3. REMOVESTABILIZERBAR BUSHINGBRACKETS Removethe boltsholdingthe stabilizerbarbushingto the rearaxlehousing. 4. DISCONNECTLATERALCONTROLROD FROM REAR AXLE HOUSING Removethe nut holdingthe lateralcontrolrod to the rear axle housingand disconnectthe lateralcontrolrod.
  78. 78. RA-/14 REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FourLinkType RearSuspension(4WD) 5. REMOVECOILSPRING (a) Beginto lowerthe rearaxlehousing. NOTE: Becarefulnot to pullthe brakelineand parking brakecable. (b) Whileloweringthe rearaxlehousing,removethe coil springandthe upperandlowerinsulators. INSTALLATIONOFCOILSPRINGAND SHOCKABSORBER 1. PUTLOWERINSULATORON AXLE HOUSING 2, PUTUPPERINSULATORON COILSPRING 3. INSTALLCOILSPRING 4. CHECKPOSITIONOF LOWERINSULATOR (a) Jackup the rearaxlehousing. (b) Checkthat the lowerinsulatoris installedcorrectly. lf the insulatoris not in correctposition,reinstallthe coilspring.
  79. 79. REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FourLinkType RearSuspension(4WD) Rl-+S 5. INSTALLLATERALCONTROLROD In order,installa washer,bushing,spacer,lateralcontrol rod,bushing,washerandnut on the rearaxlehousing. Do not tightenthe nut yet. 6. INSTALLSHOCKABSORBER b) Connecttheshockabsorberto thebodywiththenut. Holdtheshaftwith anadjustablewrench.Torquethe nut. Torque: 250 kg-cm (18 ft-lb, 25 N.m) (b) Connectthe shockabsorberto the rearaxlehousing with the nut Torquethe bolt. Torque: 375 kg-cm (27 ft-b,37 7. INSTALLSTABILIZERBAR BUSHINGBRACKETSTO REARAXLE 8. STABILIZESUSPENSION Removethe standsand bouncethe car to stabilizethe suspension.
  80. 80. RA-/t6 REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FourLinkType RearSuspension(4WD) 9. TIGHTENLATERALCONTROLRODNUT h) Raisethe axlehousinguntilthe body is freefrom the stands. (b) Torquethe lateralcontrolrod nut. Torque: 650 kg-cm (47 ft-lb, 64 N'm) LateralControlRod (Seepage RA-421 REMOVALOF LATERALCONTROLROD 1. SUPPORTREARAXLE HOUSING Jack up the rearaxlehousingand supportit with stands. 2. DISCONNECTLATERALCONTROLRODFROM REAR AXLE HOUSING Removethe nut holdingthe lateralcontrolrod to the rear axle housing,and disconnectthe lateralcontrolrod. 3. DISCONNECTLATERALCONTROLRODFROM BODY Removethe nut holdingthe lateralcontrolrodto the body and removethe lateralcontrolrod. REPLACEMENTOF LATERALCONTROLROD BUSHING 1. REMOVEBUSHING UsingSST,pressout the bushingfrom the lateralcontrol rod. ssT 09710-14012 NOTE: When insertingand removingthe bushing,press or pullfrom the chamferedsideas shown in the figure.tRemove
  81. 81. REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FourLinkType RearSuspension(4WD) RA.47 Chamfer RAO343 2. INSTALLBUSHING UsingSST and a press,pressa new bushinginto the lateralcontrolrod. ssT 09710-14012 NOTE: Donot usea lubricantwhenpressinginthebush- ing. INSTALLATIONOF LATERALCONTROLROD 1. INSTALL LATERALCONTROLRODTO BODY (a) Raisethe axlehousinguntilthe housingis free from the stands. (b) Installthelateralcontrolrodto the bodywith the nut. INSTALL LATERAL CONTROLROD TO REAR AXLE HOUSING (d Consecutivelyinstallthe washer,bushing,spacer, lateralcontrolarm, bushing,washerand nut on the rearaxlehousing. (b) Removethe standsand bouncethe car to stabilize the suspension. 2.
  82. 82. RA-48 REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FourLinkType RearSuspension(4WD) (d Jack up the axlehousing. (d) Torquethe nut. Torque: Body side 1,2OOkg-cm (87 ft-lb, 118 N.m) Axle housingside 650 kg-cm {47 ft-lb, 64 Upperand LowerGontrolArm (SeepageRA-421 REMOVALOFUPPERANDLOWERCONTROL ARM 1. JACK UP VEHICLE Jack up the vehicleand supportthe body with stands. Holdthe rearaxle housingwith a jack. 2. REMOVEUPPERCONTROLARM (a) Removethe bolt holdingthe uppercontrolarmto the body. (b) Removethebolt holdingthe uppercontrolarmto the rearaxlehousing,thenremovethe uppercontrolarm. 3. REMOVELOWERCONTROLARM (a) Removethe bolt holdingthe lower control armto the body.
  83. 83. REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FourLinkTypeRearSuspension(4WD) nA-+g (b) Removethe boltholdingthe lowercontrolarmto the rearaxlehousing,andthenremovethe lowercontrol arm. INSTALLATIONOF UPPERAND LOWER CONTROLARM 1. INSTALLUPPERCONTROLARM (a) lnstallthe uppercontrol arm on the body with the bolt andnut.Do not tightenthe nut yet. (b) Installthe uppercontrolarmon the rearaxlehousing with the bolt and nut.Do not tightenthe nut yet. 2. INSTALLLOWERCONTROLARM (a) lnstallthe Iowercontrolarm on the body with the bolt and nut.Do not tightenthe nut yet. (b) lnstallthe lowercontrolarmon the rearaxlehousing with the bolt andnut.Do not tightenthe nutyet.
  84. 84. RA-50 REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FourLinkTypeRearSuspension(4WD) 3. STABILIZESUSPENSION Removethe stands and bouncethe car to stabilizethe suspension. 4. JACK UP VEHICLE Raisethe axle housinguntil the body is free from the stands. 5. TIGHTENBOIT HOLDINGUPPERCONTROLARM TO BODY Torquethe bolt. Torque: 1,2OOkg-cm (87 ft-lb, 118 6. TIGHTENBOLTHOLDINGUPPERCONTROTARM TO REARAXLE HOUSING Torquethe bolt. Torque: 1,2OOkg-cm (87 ft-lb, 118 7, TIGHTENBOLTHOLDINGLOWERCONTROLARM TO BODY Torquethe bolt. Torque: 1,2OOkg-cm (87 ft-lb, 118 8. TIGHTENBOLTHOLDINGLOWERCONTROLARM TO REARAXIE HOUSING Torquethe bolt. Torque: 1,2OOkg-cm (87 ft-lb, 118
  85. 85. REARAXLE AND SUSPENSION- FourLinkType RearSuspension(4WD) ne-St RearStabilizer Bar (Seepage RA-421 REMOVALOF REARSTABILIZERBAR 1. REMOVESTABILIZERBAR BUSHINGBRACKETS 2. REMOVEREARSTABILIZERBAR FROMBODY 3. DISCONNECTSTABILIZERBAR END FROMLINK INSTALLATIONOF REARSTABILIZERBAR 1. INSTATLSTABILIZERLINK TO BODY Installthe linkonto the bodyas shown. 2. INSTALLSTABILIZERBARTO LINK Connectthe stabilizerbaron both sidesto the linkswith bolts,collars,cushions,nut and new cotter pins. Torque: 310 kg-cm (22 ft-b,30 N'ml 3. INSTALLBRACKETSTO REARAXLE HOUSING Torque: 375 kg-cm 127ft-1b,37 N'm)
  87. 87. BR-2 BRAKESYSTEM - Precautions,Troubleshooting PRECAUTIONS 1. Care must be taken to replaceeach part properly as it could affect the performance of the brake system and result in a driving hazard.Replacethe parts with parts of the same part number or equivalent. 2, ltnis very important to keep parts and the area clean wltsn repairingthe brake system. TROUBLESHOOTING Problem Possiblecause Remedy Page Low or spongy pedal Liningsworn Leakin brakesystem Mastercylinderfaulty Air in brakesystem Wheelcylinderfaulty Pistonsealsworn or damaged Rearbrakeautomaticadiusterfaulty Replacebrakeshoesor pads Repairleak Repairor replacemastercylinder Bleedbrakesystem Repairwheelcylinder Repairbrakecalipers Repairor replaceadjuster BR-16,22 BR-43 BR-9 BR-7 8R.22 BR-16 B,R.22 Brakesdrag Parkingbrakeout of adjustment Parkingbrakewire binding Boosterpushrod out of adjustment Returnspringfaulty Brakeline restricted Liningcrackedor distorted Wheelcylinderor caliperpistonsticking Automatic adjusterbroken Mastercylinderfaulty Adjust parkingbrake Repairas necessary Adjustpushrod Replacespring Repairas necessary Replacebrakeshoe Repairas necessary Replaceadjuster Repairor replacemastercylinder BR.8 BR.15 BR-22 BR-22 BR-18,22 BR-22 BR-9 Brakespull Tires improperlyinflated Oil or greaseon linings Brakeshoesdistorted,liningsworn or glazed Drumor discout of round Returnspringfaulty Wheelcylinderfaulty Pistonfrozenin caliper Disc brakepad sticking Inflatetires to proper pressure Checkfor cause,replacelining Replacebrakeshoes Replacedrum or disc Replacespring Repairwheelcylinder Repaircaliper Replacepads FA-3 BR-16,22 BR-16,22 BR-l8,22 BR-22 BR-18,22 BR.18 BR-16 Hard pedalbut brakesinefficient Oil or grbaseon linings Brakeshoesdistorted,liningsworn or glazed,drumsworn Discbrakepadsworn Pistonfrozenin caliper Brakeboosterfaulty Brakeline restricted Checkfor cause,replacelining Replacebrakeshoes Replacepads Repaircaliper Repairbooster Repairas necessary BR-I6,22 BR-16,22 BR-16 BR-16 BR.14
  88. 88. BRAKESYSTEM - Troubleshooting BR.3 TROUBLESHOOTING(Cont'd) Problem Possiblecause Remedy Page r+i :?* a ?"t Snappingor clicking noisewhen brakes are applied Drumbrakes- brakeshoesbinding at backingplateledges Drumbrakes- backingplateledges worn Drumbrakes- looseor missing hold down spring Drumbrakes- looseset bolt at backingplate Discbrakes- rust on front edgeof inboardshoes Discbrakes- looseor missingpad supportplate Discbrakes- looseinstallation bolt Discbrakes- wearon slidebushing Lubricate Replaceand lubricateledges Replace E , Tisnteffit' Inspect lubricate,replaceif necessary Replace Tighten Replace BR-22 BR-22 BR-22 BR-22 BR.16 BR-16 BR-16 BR-16 Scrapingor grinding noisewhen brakes areapplied Worn brakelinings Caliperto wheel or rotor interference Dust coverto rotor or drum interference other brakesystemcomponents: Warpedor bentbrakebacking plateor splashshield,cracked drumsor rotors Tiresrubbingagainstchassisand body Replace,refinishdrumsor rotors if heavilyscored Replaceas required Corrector replace lnspector service Inspector service BR-16,22 BR.18 BR-l8,22 BR-h1N,22 %
  89. 89. BR-4 BRAKESYSTEM - Troubleshooting TROUBLESHOOTING (Cont'd) Problem Possiblecause Remedy Page Squeaking,squealing groaningor chatter- ing noisewhen brakes areapplied Note: Brakefriction materialsinherently generatenoiseand heat in order to dissipateenergy. As a result occasionalsqueal is normalandis aggravatedby severe environmetalcondi- tionssuch as cold, heat,wetness,snow, salt mud, etc. This occasional squealis not a func- tional problemand does not indicate any loss of brake effectiveness Brakedrumsand liningsrotorsand padsworn or scored Disc brakes- missingor damaged brakepad anti-squealshim Disc brakes- burredor rustedcalipers Dirty, greased,contaminatedor glazedlinings lmproperliningparts Maladjustmentof brakepedalor booster push-rod Drumbrakes- weak damagedor incorrectshoe hold down springs,loose or damagedshoeholddown springpins springsand groovedbackingplate ledges Inspect,serviceor repalce Replace Cleanor deburr Cleanor replace Inspectfor conect usage replace lnspectand adjust Inspect serviceor replace BR-16,22 BR.l6 BR-18 BR-16,22 BR-'t6,22 BR-6,15 8R.22 Squealingand squeakingnoise when brakesare not applied Bentor warpedbackingplatecausing interferencewith drum lmpropermachiningof drum causing interferencewith backingplateor shoe Maladjustmentof brakepedalor booster push-rod Poor returnof brakeboosteror master cylinderor wheelcylinder Disc brakes- rusted,stuck Otherbrakesystem,components: Looseor extra parts in brakes Reardrum adjustmenttoo tight causingliningto glaze Worn, damagedor insufficiently lubricatedwheelbearings Serviceor replace Replacedrum Inspectand adjust Inspect,serviceor replace Inspect lubricateas necessary Inspect,service,replaceas required BR-22 8R.22 BR-6,15 BR-g,15,22 BR.16 BR-16,22
  90. 90. BRAKESYSTEM - Troubleshooting BR-5 TROUBLESHOOTING(Cont'dl Problem Possiblecause Remedy Page Squealingand squeakingnoise when brakesare not applied(cont'd) Drumbrakes- weak,damagedor incorrectshoeholddown springs Drumbrakes- groovedbackingplate ledges lmproperpositioningof pad in caliper Outsidediameterof rotor rubbing caliperhousing Housinginstallationof disc brake pad support plate Inspect,serviceor replace Inspect,serviceor replace Inspectand service Inspect,serviceor replace Correct BR-22 BR-22 BR-l6 BR-l6 BR-16 Groaning,clicking or rattling noise when brakesare not applied Stonesor foreignmaterialtrapped insidewheelcovers Loosewheel hub nuts Discbrakes- failureof shim Discbrakes- wearon slidebushing Discbrakes- looseinstallation bolt Maladjustmentof brakepedalor boosterpush-rod Disc brakes- poor return of piston Drumbrakes- looseor extraparts Worn, damagedor dry wheelbearings Removestones,etc. Tightento correcttorqueand re- placeif stud holesareelongated lnspect,replaceif necessary Inspect,replaceif necessary Inspect,tightenif necessary lnspectandadjust Inspect,serviceor replace Inspect removeor service lnspect lubricateor replace BR-18,22 BR.16 BR.16 BR-16 BR-6,15 BR.18 B,R.22
  91. 91. Stop LightSwitch PedalPushRod PedalFreeplay AsphaltSheet PedatHeight BRAKESYSTEM - Checksand CHECKSAND ADJUSTMENTS CHECKANDADJUSTMENTOFBRAKEPEDAL 1. CHECKTHAT PEDALHEIGHTIS CORRECT'AS SHOWN Pedatheishtfromasphaltslreet: i#;:?ifil., IF NECESSARY.ADJUSTPEDALHEIGHT (a) Sufficientlyloosenthe stop light switch. (b) Adjust the pedal height by turning the pedal push rod. (c) Returnthe stop light switch until it lightly contacts the pedalstopper. (d) After adjustingthe pedalheight,checkandadiustthe pedalfreePlay. CHECKTHAT PEDALFREEPLAYIS CORRECT,AS SHOWN (a) Stop the engineand depressthe brakepedalseveral times until there is no more vacuum left in the booster. (b) Pushin the pedaluntil the beginningof resistanceis felt. Measurethe distance,as shown' Pedaffreepfay: 3 - 6 mm (0.12 - O,24in.l NOTE: The pedalfreeplayis the amountof the stroke untilthe boosterairvalveis movedby the pedalpushrod. IF NECESSARY,ADJUST PEDALFREEPLAY (a) lf incorrect adiustthe pedalfreeplayby turningthe pedalPushrod. (b) Startthe engineandcheckthat pedalfreeplayexists. (c) After adjustingthe pedalfreeplay,check the pedal height. CHECKTHAT PEDALRESERVEDISTANCEIS CORRECT,AS SHOWN (a) Releasethe parkingbrake. (b) With enginerunning,depressthe pedalandmeasure the pedalreservedistance,as shown. Pedafreservedistanceat 50 kg (11O-21b,490 Nl: More than 90 mm (3.54 in.l lf incorrect,troubleshootthe brakesystem.
  92. 92. BRAKESYSTEM - Checksand Adjustments BR-7 @ @ V V 1st 2nd OPERATIONALTESTOF BRAKEBOOSTER NOTE: lf available,use a brakeboostertesterto check the boosteroperatingcondition. 1. OPERATINGCHECK (a) Depress the brake pedal several times with the engineoff, and checkthat thereis no changein the pedalreservedistance. (b) Depressthe brakepedaland start the engine.lf the pedalgoesdown slightly,operationis normal. 2. AIR TIGHTNESS (d Startthe engineandstop it afteroneor two minutes. Thendepressthe brakepedalseveraltimesslowly.lf the pedal goes down fartherestthe first time, and less the second and third time, the boo$teris air tight. (b) Depressthe brakepedalwhilethe engineis running, and stop it with the pedaldepressed.lf there is no changein pedalreservetravelafter holdingthe pedal for thirty seconds,the boosteris air tight. BLEEDINGOFBRAKESYSTEM NOTE: lf anywork isdoneon the brakesystemor if airis suspectedin the brakelines,bleedthe systemof air. CAUTION: Do not let brake fluid remain on a painted surface. Wash it off immediataly. 1. FILL BRAKERESERVOIRSWITH BRAKEFLUID Checkthe reservoirafterbleedingeachwheel.Add fluid,if necessary. 2, CONNECTVINYL TUBETO WHEELCYLINDER BLEEDERPLUG lnsertthe other endof the tube in a half-fullcontainerof brakefluid. 3. BLEEDBRAKELINE (a) Slowly pump the brakepedalseveraltimes. (b) While an assistantdepressesthe pedal,loosenthe bleederplug until fluid starts to runout.Then close the bleederplug. (c) Repeatthis procedureuntilthereareno moreairbub- blesin the fluid. Bleeder plug tightening torque: 85 kg-cm (74 in.-lb,8.3N.m) 4. REPEATPROCEDUREFOREACHWHEEL
  93. 93. BR.8 BRAKESYSTEM - ChecksandAdjustments CHECKANDADJUSTMENTOFPARKING BRAKE 1. CHECKTHAT PARKINGBRAKELEVERTRAVEL IS CORRECT Pullthe parkingbrakeleverall the way up, and count the numberof clicks. Parking brake lever travel at 2O kg (44.1 lb, 196 Nl: Sedan 5-Sclicks Wagon 6-Sclicks 2. IF NECESSARY,ADJUST PARKINGBRAKE NOTE: Before adjustingthe parking brake,make sure that the rearbrakeshoeclearancehas beenadjusted. Forshoeclearanceadjustment,seepagesBR-28,35 and 42. (a) Removetheconsolebox. (d Loosenthelocknutandturnthe adjustingnutuntil thetravelis correct. (d Tightenthelocknutandinstalltheconsolebox. *r .;"
  94. 94. BRAKESYSTEM- MasterCylinder BR-9 MASTERCYLINDER REMOVALOF MASTERCYLINDER Master Cylinder BrakeFluidLevelWarningSwitchConnector t) Gasket II s BrakeTube -cm (ft-lb, O: Non-reusablepart 1 s5 (11 , 1 5 ) Tighteningtorque GAUTION: Do not let brakefluid remainon a painted surface. Wash it off immediatoly. 1. TAKEOUTFLUIDWITH SYRINGE 2. DISCONNECTBRAKETUBES j ,. Usin! SST, disconnectthe braketubesfrom tfie master cylinderand3-wayunion. ssT 09751-36011 3. REMOVEMASTERCYLINDER (d Disconnectthe brakefluid levelwarningswitch con- nector. (b) Removethe two nuts. (c) Removethemastercylinder,3-wayunionandgasket from the brakebooster.
  95. 95. a BR.lO BRAKESYSTEM - MasterCylinder COMPONENTS ReservorSet Screw I F (I r I rzt{rtaz-l %-Reservoir I 9-.o RNry'jbTry^? SnapRing }N ryofltort""* | |- + ) r l l l s c i o t | | *" 1 Piston(withSPring) p - l ^ l N o . 2 p i s t o n R i n s I I uprrng -^ I I rootz,rot Ie r l (ft-rb,N O : Non-reusablepart PistonStopperBolt : Tighteningtorque O Gasket DISASSEMBLYOF MASTERCYLINDER 1. REMOVERESERVOIRFROMCYLINDERHOUSING (a) Removethe cap and strainer. (d Removethe set screw. (c) Pullout the reservoir. 2. MOUNTCYLINDERHOUSINGIN VISE 3. REMOVETWO GROMMETSFROMCYLINDER HOUSING 4. REMOVEPISTONSTOPPERBOLT Usinga screwdriver,push the pistonsin all the way and removethe pistonstopper'bolt.
  96. 96. BRAKESYSTEM- MasterCylinder BR-11 5. REMOVETWO PISTONSAND SPRINGS (d Usinga screwdriverand snapringpliers,removethe snapring. (b) Placea ragon two woodenblocksandlightlytap the cylinderflangebetweenthe blocksuntilthe pistontip protrudes. (c) Removethe pistonby hand,pullingstraightout, not at an angle. NOTE: lf pulledout at an angle,thereis a possibilityof damagingthe cylinderbore. ASSEMBLYOF MASTERCYLINDER (Seepage BR-10) 1. APPLYLITHIUMSOAPBASEGLYCOLGREASE TO RUBBERPARTSINDICATEDBY ARROWS 2. INSTALLTWO SPRINGSAND PISTONS CAUTION: Be careful not to damagethe rubber lips on the pistons. (d lnsertthe springand pistonsstraightin, not at an angle. (b) Pushin the pistonand,usingsnapring pliers,install the snapring. INSTALLPISTONSTOPPERBOLT Usinga screwdriver,pushthe pistonsin all the way and installthe pistonstopperbolt with the gasket.Torquethe bolt. Torque: 100 kg-cm (7 ft-lb, 1ON.m) .g G@D t r .g OnmmU=$ r t 3.
  97. 97. BR-l2 BRAKESYSTEM - MasterCylinder INSTALLTv/OGROMMETSTO CYLINDERHOUSING INSTALLCAPAND STRAINERTO RESERVOIR 6. INSTALLRESERVOIRTO CYLINDERHOUSING Pushthe reservoirontothe cylinderandinstallthe screw. Torque: 10 - 25 kg-cm 19- 21 in.-lb,1.0 - 2.4 CAUTION: Becausethe master cylinder and reser- voir tank union is a grommet type, the set screw is designednot to separatefrom the reservoiror cylinder and will not tighten down the reservoir. Therefore, there is a clearanceat point A. Do not insert washers or such when tightening. 4. 5. '*i,.
  98. 98. BRAKESYSTEM - MasterCylinder BR-l3 INSTALLATIONOF MASTERCYLINDER (See page BR-91 1. CLEANOUT GROOVEON LOWERINSTALLATION SURFACEOF MASTERCYLINDER 2. CHECKTHAT ''VP" MARK ON MASTERCYLINDER BOOTIS IN CORRECTPOSITION 3. ADJUST LENGTHOF BRAKEBOOSTERPUSHROD BEFOREINSTALLINGMASTERCYLINDER (Seepage BR-151 4. INSTALLMASTERCYLINDER Installa newgasket,the mastercylinderand3-way union with the two nuts.Torquethe nuts. Torque: 130 kg-cm (9 ft-lb, 13 * 5. CONNECTBRAKETUBES UsingSST,connectthe braketubesto the mastercyliner and 3-way union.Torquethe nuts. ssr 09751-36011 ; Torque: 155 kg-cm(11ft-lb, 15 N'ml 1? 6. FILLBRAKERESERVOIRWITH BRAKEFLUID AND BLEEDBRAKESYSTEM{Seepage BR-71 7. CHECKAND ADJUSTBRAKEPEDAL(SeepageBR-61
  99. 99. 8R.14 BRAKESYSTEM - BrakeBooster REMOVALOF BRAKEBOOSTER levis II dCI 130(9,131 f=s(lr=' I 5llJ 3-WayUnionl (ft-lb,N.m) :Tighteningtorque 0 : Non-reusablepart Brake Fluid Level Warning Switch Connector BrakeBooster BRAKEBOOSTER 1. REMOVEMASTERCYLINDER(SeepageBn-gl 2. DISCONNECTVACUUM HOSEFROM BRAKE BOOSTER 3. REMOVEDISTRIBUTORCAP 4. REPEATPROCEDUREFOREACHWHEEL 5. REMOVEHEATERAIR DUCT 6. DISCONNECTPEDALRETURNSPRINGFROM BRAKEPEDAL 7. DISCONNECT PUSH ROD CLEVIS FROM BRAKE PEDAL Removethe clip and clevispin. 8. REMOVEBRAKEBOOSTER Removethe four nuts,and pullout the brakebooster.
  100. 100. BRAKESYSTEM - BrakeBooster 8R.15 INSTALLATIONOF BRAKEBOOSTER (SeepageBR-l41 1. ADJUSTLENGTHOFBOOSTERPUSHROD (a) SetSSTonthe mastercylinderwiththegasketand lowerthe pinuntilitstip slightlytouchesthe piston. ssr 09737-00010 (d Tum SST upsidedown, and set it on the booster. ssT 09737-OOO10 (c) Checkthat thereis no clearancebetweenthe booster pushrod and pin headof SST. Clearance: O mm (0 in.l (d) Adjustthe boosterpushrod lengthuntilthe pushrod lightlytouchesthe pin head. 2. INSTALL BRAKEBOOSTER Torque: 130 kg-cm (9 ft-lb, 13 N'ml 3. INSTALL MASTERCYLINDER(Seepage BR-131 4. CONNECTVACUUM HOSETO BRAKEBOOSTER 5. CONNECTPUSHRODCLEVISTO BRAKEPEDAL Installthe clevispin andclip. 6. CONNECTPEDALRETURNSPRINGTO PEDAL SPRING INSTALL HEATERAIR DUCT INSTALLLOWERFINISHPANEL INSTALLIIA CAP FILL BRAKERESERVOIRWITH BRAKEFLUID AND BLEEDBRAKESYSTEM (Seepage BR-71 CHECKBRAKEPEDAL(Seepage BR-61 PERFORMOPERATIONALCHECK(Seepage BR-71 7. 8. 9. 10. 1 1 . 12.
  101. 101. BR-l6 BRAKESYSTEM - Front Brake FRONTBRAKE COMPONENTS I I REPLACEMENTOFBRAKEPADS . lf a squeakingnoise occurs while braking,inspect the . brake pads. Brakesqueakwill occur when the gap be- tweenthe padwearindicatorplateandrotordisc reaches about2.5 mm (0.098in.). 1. REMOVEFRONTWHEET Rqmovethe wheel and temporarilyfasten the rotdfudisc with the wheelnuts. ;:E"' 2. INSPECTPAD LININGTHICKNESS Checkthe pad thicknessthrough the cylinderinspection ' holeand replacepadsif not within specification. Standard Minimum 1O.0mm (0.394-in.l 1.0 mm (0.039 in.) _ [-5s ntzst IFlexibleHose-- > . ; l c o Ja-- |I 'r fa-l 235 117,231 900 165,88) j Torque Plate Leh AH) RotorDisc Anti-squealshim t__Anti-squeal I Spring -cm (ft-lb,N.m) 8ao?36
  102. 102. l'- BRAKESYSTEM - FrontBrake ,ritl t'i'. ihffi:ir ' ' $ , 8R.17 3. REMOVECYLINDERFROMTOROUEPLATE (a) Removethe two installationbolts from the torque plate. (b) Removethe brake cylinderand suspendit so the hoseis not stretched. NOTE: Do not disconnectthe brakehose. ' t ' l '| I , t'r REMOVEFOLLOWINGPARTS: (a) Two anti-squealsprings (b) Two brakepads (d ."Twoanti-squealshims (d) 'Two pad wear indicatorplates (e) .'FoUrsupportplates CHECKROTORDISCTHICKNESS (See*step2 on page BR-l91 CHECKROTORDISCRUNOUT (Seestep 3 on page BR-2OI INSTALL NEW PAD SUPPORTPLATES 4. 5. 6. 7. $ INSTALL NEW PADS (a) Installnew pad wear indicatorplatesto eachpad. NOTE: Besurethe arrowon the padwe*fiQicator plate is pointingin the rotatingdirectionof thd diiHt_ (b) Installnew anti-squealshimsto eachpad. iffi 8. @ n @ r ilPnn- )tPllli{1qr4J w # BRo281 l ' l
  103. 103. BR-l8 BRAKESYSTEM - FrontBrake ' - t . t d[ (c! Installthe padsonto eachsupportplate' 9. INSTALLNEW ANTI-SOUEALSPRINGS 10. INSTALLCYLINDER (d Draw out a small amount of brake fluid from the reservoir. (b) Pressin pistonwith a hammerhandleor such. NOTE: Alwayschangethe padon onewheelat a timeas there is possibilityof the oppositepistonflying out (c) Insertthe brakecylindercarefullyso the dust boot is not wedged. t1., (d) lrfiiprrandtorquethetwo instatlationbolts. Torque: 255 kg-cm(18ft-lb, 25 N'ml tt. tNsrArLFRoNrItr# *12. CHECKTHATFLUIDTEVELISAT "MAX" LINE I ,iw,i REMOVALOFCYUTNDER ' (Seepage BR-l61 1. REMOVECYLINDER (a) UsingSST,disconnectthe brakeline. Usea containerto catch the brakefluid. ssT 09751-36011 (b) Rembvethe two installationbolts and cylinder. 2. REMOVEPADS(Seestep 4 on.pageBR-l71 DISASSEMBLYOFCYLINDER (Seepage BR-l61 1. REMOVEFOLLOWINGPARTS: (a) Two slidebushings (b) Fourdust boots (d Two collars I'id r SST "'L i-
  104. 104. BRAKESVSTEM - FrontBrake 8R.19 2. REMOVECYLINDERBOOTSETRINGANDCYLINDER BOOT Usinga screwdriver,removethesetringandboot. 3. REMOVEPISTONFROMCYLINDER (a) Put a pieceof cloth or such betweenthe pistonand cylinder. (d Use compressedair to removethe piston from the cylinder. WARNING: Do not place your fingers in front of the piston when using compressedair. - REMOVEPISTONSEAL FROMBRAKECYLINDER Usinga screwdriver,removethe pistonseal. INSPECTIONAND REPAIROF FRONTBRAKE COMPONENTS 1. TNSPECTPAD LININGTHICKNESS Standardthickness: 10.Omm (0.394 in.) Minimum thickness: 1.0 mm (0.039 in.l Replacethe pad if the thicknessis lessthanminimum(the 1.0 mm slit is no longervisible)or if it shows signsof unevenwear. INSPECTROTORDISCTHICKNESS Standardthickness: 11.0 mm (0.433 in.l Minimum thickness: 10.0 mm {0r39ain.} lf the disc is scoredor worn, or if thicknessis lessthan minimum,repairor replacethe disc. 4. :t-$ixt :r- , .-rr, *i,
  105. 105. BR-2O BRAKESYSTEM - FrontBrake 3. INSPECTROTORDISCRUNOUT Measuretherotordiscrunoutat 1Omm (0.39in.)from the outer edgeof the rotor disc. Maximum disc runout: 0.15 mm (0.0059in.l lf the runoutis greaterthan maximum,replacethe disc. NorE: Beforemeasuringthe runout checkthat the front bearingplay is within specification. 4. IF NECESSARY,REPLACEROTORDISC (d Removethe torqueplatefrom the knuckle. (b) Removethe wheel nuts of the temporarilyinstalled disc and pull off the rotor disc from the axlehub. (c) Temporarilyinstalla new rotor disc with the wheel nuts. (d) Installthe torqueplateonto the knuckle. Torque: 900 kg-cm (65 ft-lb, 88 N'm) ASSEMBLYOF CYLINDER (SeepageBR-161 1. APPLYLITHUMSOAPBASEGLYCOLGREASE TO PARTSINDICATEDBY ARROWS 2. INSTALLPISTONSEALAND PISTONIN CYLINDER INSTALLCYLINDERBOOTAND SETRINGIN CYLINDER ti 3. Q++, i,
  106. 106. BRAKESYSTEM - FrontBrake BR-2;1,,,":l- 4. INSTALLCOLLAR,DUSTBOOTAND CYLINDER SLIDEBUSHING (a) Installthecollaranddustboot intothe brake"VlinOer.'"'f,. (b) Checkthat the boot is securedfirmly to the brlkp cylindergroove. ';1"t, (c) Installthe bushinginto the boot. (d) Checkthat the boot is securedfirmly to the bushing groove. t:' t; INSTALLATIONOFCYLINDER JS.t (SeepageBR-l61 1. INSTALLPADS ,,,$, (Seesteps 7 to 9 on pag6sBR-17and 18)-i 2. INSTALLCYLINDER (Seestep 11 on page BR-271 3. INSTALLFLEXIBLEHOSETO BRAKECYLINDER Torque: 235 kg-cm (17 ft-lb, 23 N.m) 4. CONNECTFLEXIBLEHOSETO BRAKETUBE UsingSST,connectthe flexiblehose. ssT 09751-36011 Torque: 155 kg-cm (11 ft-lb, 15 5. FILLBRAKERESERVOIRWITH BRAKEFLUID AND BLEEDBRAKESYSTEM (Seepage BR-71 SST
  107. 107. BR-22 BRAKESYSTEM - RearBrake(Sedan) REARBRAKE Sedan COMPONENTS BackingPlate Shoe AdjustingShim O C-Washer AdjustingLever Spring ReturnSpring o b @ lGc.l?t-lb' Nrdl : Tishtenins O: Non-reusablepart REMOVALOFREARBRAKE 1. INSPECTSHOELININGTHICKNESS Removethe inspectionholeplug,and checkthe shoelin- ing thicknessthroughthe hole. lf lessthan minimum,replacethe shoes. Standardthickness: 4.0 mm (0.157 in.l Minimum thickness: 1.0 mm (O.039in.l 2. REMOVEREARWHEEL 3. REMOVEBRAKEDRUM (Seestep 2 on page RA-51 lf the brakedrumcannotbeeasilyremoved,do the follow- ing procedure: (d Inserta screwdriverthrough the holein the backing plate, and hold the automaticadjustingleveraway from the adjustingbolt (b) Using another screwdriver, reduce the brake shoe adjustmentby turningthe adiustingbolt.
  108. 108. BRAKESYSTEM - RearBrake(Sedan) BR-23 REMOVESHOERETURNSPRING Usinga screwdriver,removethe returnspring. REMOVESHOERETURNSPRINGCLAMP Usinga screwdriver,removethe clamp. REMOVEFRONTSHOE (a) Removethe hold-downspring,retainersand pin. (b) Disconnectthe anchor spring from the front shoe and removeit. REMOVEANCHORSPRING 8. REMOVEREARSHOE (d Removethe hold-downspring,retainersand pin. (b) Usingpliers,disconnectthe parkingbrakecablefrom the leverandremovethe rearshoetogetherwith the strut. 9. REMOVESTRUTFROMREARSHOE (a) Removethe adjustingleverspring. (b) Removethe strut. 10. REMOVEPARKINGBRAKELEVERAND AUTOMATIC ADJUSTINGLEVERFROMREARSHOE Usinga screwdriver,pryout the C-washerandremovethe shim and levers. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  109. 109. .,ea-24 BRAKESYSTEM - RearBrake(Sedan) 11. DISCONNECTBRAKETUBEFROMWHEELCYLINDER UsingSST,disconnectthe line.Use a containerto catch the brakefluid. ssr 09751-36011 12. REMOVEWHEETCYLINDER Removethe two bolts and wheel cylinder. REMOVEFOLLOWING CYLINDER: (d Two boots (b) Two pistons (c) Two pistoncups (d Spring PARTSFROMWHEEL INSPECTIONOF REARBRAKECOMPONENTS 1. INSPECTBRAKEDRUMINSIDEDIAMETER Standardinsidediameter: 180.0 mm (7.087 in.) Maximuminsidediameter: 181.0mm (7.126in.) lf the drum is scored or worn, the brake drum may be lathedto the maximuminsidediameter. NOTE: Perform operations with the following parts removed: (d Oil seal (b) lnnerandouterbearing 2. INSPECTBRAKESHOELININGTHICKNESS Standardthickness: 4.0 mm (0.157 in.l Minimum thickness: 1.0 mm (0.039 in.) lf the shoeliningis lessthanminimumor showssignsof unevenwear,replacethe brakeshoes. NOTE: lf the thicknessof any brakeshoeis not within specification,replaceall of the brakeshoes. . r S Ao@( fl@oTu"/ I v / l l | | Piston I sorins
  110. 110. BRAKESYSTEM - RearBrake(Sedan) 8R.25 Apply Grease 3. INSPECTBRAKE LINING AND DRUM FOR PROPER CONTACT Replacethe brakeshoeor lathethe brakedrumasnecess- 4ry. 4. INSPECTWHEEL CYLINDERFOR CORROSIONOR DAMAGE 5. INSPECTBACKINGPLATEFORWEAR OR DAMAGE INSTALLATIONOF REARBRAKE (See page BR-221 1. APPLYLITHIUMSOAPBASEGILYCOLGREASE TO FOTLOWINGPARTS: (d Two pistoncups (b) Two pistons ,, , . . ' t 2. ASSEMBLEWHEELCYLINDER (a) Installtwo new pistoncupsto the pistons. (b) Installthe two pistonsand spring into the wheet cylinder.Checkthat the flangeof the pistonsare pointedinward. (c) Installtwo new boots. 3. INSTALLWHEELCYLINDER Installthewheelcylinderon the backingplatewith thetwo bolts. Torque: lOO kg-cm (7 ft-lb, 4. CONNECTBRAKETUBETO WHEELCYLINDER UsingSST, connectthe braketube. ssT 09751-36011 Torque: 155 kg-cm(11ft-lb, 15 Ao@O o@rT*1,,i""l l c u pt t I Spring Boot
  111. 111. a BR-26 BRAKESYSTEM - RearBrake{Sedan) 5. APPLY HIGHTEMPERATUREGREASETO FOLLOWINGPARTS: (a) Backingplateand brakeshoecontactpoints (b) Anchor plateand brakeshoecontactpoints (c) Strut and adjustingbolt contact points (d) Strut and brakeshoecontact points 6. INSTALL PARKINGBRAKELEVERAND AUTOMATIC ADJUSTINGLEVERTO REARSHOE (d Temporarilyinstallthe leverswith the shim and a new C-washer. (d Usinga feelergauge,measurethe clearancebetween the shoeand lever. Standardclearance: O - 0.35 mm (O- 0.0138 in.l lf not within specification,adjustwith a shim. Shimthicknesses mm (in.) 0.2 (0.008) | 0.5 (0.020) 0.3 (0.012) | 0.6(0.024) 0.4(0.016) | 0.s(0.035) (cl Usingpliers,stakethe C-washer. INSTALLSTRUTONTO REARSHOE Set the strut in placeand intallthe adjustingleverspring. 7. wl
  112. 112. BRAKESYSTEM - RearBrake(Sedan) B,R.27 Left-handThreads oa)" o V o Right-handThreads Right Wheel Front + Front r+ Left Wheel 8. INSTALLREARSHOE CAUTION: Do not allow greaseto get on the rubbing face (a) Usingpliers,connectthe parkingbrakecableto the lever. (b) Set the rearshoe in placewith the end of the shoe insertedinthewheelcylinderandthe otherendinthe anchorplate. (c) Installthe pin andthe shoe hold-downspring. 9. INSTALLFRONTSHOE GAUTION: Do not allow greaseto get on the rubbing face (a) Installthe anchorspringbetweenthe front and rear shoes. (b) Set the front shoein placewith the end of the shoe insertedin the wheelcylinderandthe strut in place. (c) Installthe shoehold-downspring,retainersand pin. INSTALLSHOERETURNSPRINGCLAMP INSTALLSHOERETURNSPRING Usinga screwdriver,installthe returnspring. 10. 1 1 .
  113. 113. 8R.28 BRAKESYSTEM - RearBrake(Sedan) 12. CHECK OPERATIONOF AUTOMATIC ADJUSTER MECHANISM (a) Move the parkingbrakeleverof the rearshoe back and forth, as shown.Check that the adjustingbolt turns. lf the bolt doesnot turn,checkfor incorrectinstallationof the rear brakes. (b) Adjust the strut length to the shortest possible amount. (d lnstallthe drum. (d) Pullthe parkingbrakeleverall the way up. 13. CHECKCLEARANCEBETWEENBRAKESHOESAND DRUM h) Removethe drum. (b) Measure the brake drum inside diameter and diameter of the brake shoes. Check that the differencebetweenthe diametersis the correctshoe clearance. Shoe clearance: 0.6 mm (0.O24in.l lf incorrect checkthe parkingbrakesystem. 14. INSTALLBRAKEDRUM AND ADJUST PRELOAD (Seepage RA-61 15. INSTALLREARWHEEL 16. FILLBRAKERESERVOIRWITH BRAKEFLUID AND BLEEDBRAKESYSTEM(Seepage BR-71 17. CHECKFORFLUIDLEAKAGE ffi6VFsz'
  114. 114. WagonFWD COMPONENTS /a 7-AutomaticAdjusti uu A Lever gqJ#*i' J( N b .-fl 4il)Parkirfse,"x"/ ///cc- Lever 4//ReturnSpring WheelCylinder RearShoe -*__-a tr&9)Anchorsprins I LZ/ J.^h' I - @ @ FrontShoe AdjustingLeverSpring -.-Retainer - @ ^ ShoeHold-DownSpring @ kg-cm (ft-lb,N'm) :Tighteningtorque | : Non-reusablepart Drum 100(7,r0l BackingPlate REMOVALOF REARBRAKE 1. INSPECTSHOELININGTHICKNESS Removethe inspectionholeplug,andcheckthe shoelin- ing thicknessthroughthe hole. lf lessthan minimum,replacethe shoes. Standardthickness: 4.0 mm (0.157 in.l Minimum thickness: 1.0 mm (0.039 in.l 2. REMOVEREARWHEEL 3. REMOVEBRAKEDRUM lf the brakedrumcannotbeeasilyremoved,do thefollow- ing procedure: (d Inserta screwdriverthroughthe hole in the backing plate, and hold the automaticadiustingleveraway from the adjustingbolt. (b) Using anotherscrewdriver,reduce the brake shoe adjustmentby turningthe adjustingbolt.
  115. 115. 4. REMOVEFRONTSHOE (d UsingSST,disconnectthe returnspring. ssr 09703-30010 (d Removethe hold-downspring,retainersand pin. (c) Disconnectthe anchor spring from the front shoe and removeit REMOVEANCHORSPRING 6. REMOVEREARSHOE (a) Removethe hold-downspring,retainersand pin. b) Using a screwdriver,disconnect the parking brake cablefrom the anchorPlate. (d Usingpliers,disconnectthe parkingbrakecablefrom the leverandremovethe rearshoetogetherwith the strut. 7. REMOVESTRUTFROMREARSHOE (a) Removetheadiustingleverspring. (d Removethestruttogetherwith thereturnspring. 8. REMOVEPARKINGBRAKELEVERAND AUTOMATICADJUSTINGLEVERFROMREARSHOE Usingascrewdriver,pryouttheC-washerandremovethe shimandlevers. 5. BRO337 BR0286
  116. 116. BRAKESYSTEM - RearBrake(WagonFWD) 8R.31 9. DISCONNECTBRAKETUBEFROMWHEEL CYLINDER UsingSST,disconnectthe line.Usea containerto catch the brakefluid. 10. REMOVEWHEELCYLINDER Removethe two bolts andwheelcylinder. 11. REMOVEFOLLOWINGPARTSFROMWHEEL CYLINDER: (a) Two boots (b) Two pistons (c) Two pistoncups (d) Spring INSPECTIONOF REARBRAKECOMPONENTS 1. INSPECTBRAKEDRUMINSIDEDIAMETER Standardinsidediameter: 200.0 mm (7.874in.l Maximuminsidediameter: 201.0 mm (7.913in.) lf the drum is scoredor worn, the brake drum may be lathedto the maximuminsidediameter. 2. INSPECTBRAKESHOELININGTHICKNESS Standardthickness: 4.0 mm (0.157 in.) Minimum thickness: 1.Omm {0.039 in.l lf the shoeliningis lessthanminimumor showssignsof unevenwear,replacethe brakeshoes. NOTE: lf the thicknessof any brakeshoeis not within specification,replacethe allof the brakeshoes. 6)o9o IPiston Boot o O "
  117. 117. o / ' ;zo / INSPECTBRAKELININGAND DRUM FORPROPER CONTACT Replacethe brakeshoeor lathethe brakedrumasnecess- 4ry. INSPECTWHEETCYLINDERFORCORROSIONOR DAMAGE INSPECTBACKINGPLATEFORWEAR OR DAMAGE INSTALLATIONOF REARBRAKE (Seepage BR-291 1. APPLYLITHIUMSOAPBASEGLYCOLGREASE TO FOLLOWINGPABTS: (d Two pistoncups (b) Two pistons 2. ASSEMBLEWHEELCYLINDER (a) lnstall two new piston cups to each piston, check that the flangesof the cups arepointedinward. (b) Install the two pistons and spring into the wheel cylinder. (c) Installtwo new boots. 3. INSTALLWHEELCYLINDER Installthewheelcylinderonthe backingplatewiththetwo bolts. Torque: 1OOkg-cm (7 ft-lb, 4. CONNECTBRAKETUBETO WHEELCYLINDER UsingSST,connectthe braketube ssT 09751-36011 Torque: 155 kg-cm (11 ft-lb, 15 4. 5. Pistoncu' ^cloqO fl@6alA" Y r lI I Piston I SPring Boot
  118. 118. BRAKESYSTEM - RearBrake{WagonFWD) 8R.33 5. APPLY HIGH-TEMPERATUREGREASETO FOLLOWINGPARTS: H Backingplateand brakeshoecontactpoints (b) Anchor plateand brakeshoecontactpoints (c) Strut and adjustingbolt contact points (d) Strut and brakeshoecontactpoints 6. INSTALL PARKINGBRAKELEVERAND AUTOMATIC ADJUSTINGTEVERTO REARSHOE (a) Temporarilyinstallthe leversandshimwith a newC- washer. (d Usinga feelergauge,measuretheclearancebetween the shoeand lever. Standardclearance: O - 0.35 mm (0 - 0.0138 in.l lf not within specification,adjustwith a shim. Shim thicknesses mm (in.) o.2 (0.008) | 0.5 (0.020) 0.3 (0.012) | 0.6 (0.024) o.4 (0.016) | o.g (0.035) (c) Usingpliers,stakethe C-washer. 7. INSTALLSTRUTONTO REARSHOE Set the strut and return spring in place adjustingleverspring. Shim and install the