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  1. 1. Rising Scholars<br />USA<br />Sponsored by<br />Hurst Chapel CDC<br />A 501(c)(3) Corporation<br />
  2. 2. PROGRAM GOALS<br />Rising Scholars<br />is an educational initiative designed to give those with high school diplomas or GED certification the opportunity to obtain a college education.<br />
  3. 3. PROGRAM GOALS<br />Level The Playing Field For High School Graduates With Strong GPA’s… and Not-So-Strong GPA’S<br />Provide First-Rate Processing Of Financial Aid and Admissions Documents To All Applicants<br />Provide Students With The Opportunity To Continue Their Athletic and Other Extracurricular Activities While Attending College<br />
  4. 4. TARGET STUDENTS<br />HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES WHO:<br /><ul><li>Have The Desire To Acquire A College Education
  5. 5. Are Academically Capable But Have Underachieved
  6. 6. Have Skills Or Abilities They Can Contribute As College Students
  7. 7. Simply Need A Second Chance</li></li></ul><li>TARGET STUDENTS<br />GED GRADUATES<br />Each year, hundreds of thousands of individuals take and pass the General Educational Development (GED) test. The vast majority of these graduates chose the GED path over the traditional high school path for a variety of reasons, including:<br />
  8. 8. TARGET STUDENTS<br />GED GRADUATES<br /><ul><li>The need or desire to work while acquiring an education
  9. 9. The feeling that traditional educational methods lacked challenge
  10. 10. Distaste for the high school environment
  11. 11. Problems adapting to a rigid environment that did not permit them to express their individual creativity
  12. 12. Other environmental and/or societal impediments</li></li></ul><li>TARGET STUDENTS<br />Well known individuals who have chosen the GED path include, among others:<br />Dr. Bill Cosby – Educator/Actor<br />Jim Florio – Former Governor of New Jersey <br /> (1990-1994)<br />D.L. Hughley – Comedian / Social Activist<br />Fran Lebowitz - Author<br />Judge Greg Mathis – U.S. District Court judge<br />Peter Jennings – Journalist<br />Michael Chang – Professional Tennis Player<br />Mary Lou Retton – Olympic Medalist <br /> (Gymnastics)<br />Wally Amos – Founder of Famous Amos Cookies<br />Dave Thomas – Founder of Wendy’s Restaurant <br /> Chain<br />
  13. 13. THE QUESTION OF SCHOLARSHIPS<br />Rising Scholars usa is not a direct scholarship program. Scholarship opportunities are available for qualified Rising Scholarsstudents at our member institutions. Students who demonstrate talent, skills, and/or accomplishments in any of the following areas will earn the right to be considered for scholarships and/or grants:<br /><ul><li>Academics (Math, Science, Language,… etc.)
  14. 14. Vocal Music (Concert Choir, Gospel Chorus,… etc.)
  15. 15. Instrumental Music (Orchestra, Jazz, Marching Band,… etc.)
  16. 16. Community Service Achievements
  17. 17. Athletics (Football, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Golf, </li></ul> Basketball,… etc.)<br /><ul><li>Debate and other Oratorical skills</li></li></ul><li>TARGET INSTITUTIONS<br />We will limit the number of participating institutions to a maximum of 10-12 four-year, private colleges and universities<br />The 10-12 participants will consist of 6-8 minority schools and 4-6 majority schools<br />All of the colleges and universities in the Program are schools with whom we have worked in the past.<br />
  18. 18. TARGET INSTITUTIONS<br />We will have no more than two (2) participating schools in any one state.<br />We must have at least one (1) all-female school in the Program.<br />ALL participating schools must have residence facilities, on campus, to house our placement candidates. <br />Participating schools MUST demonstrate the ability to work with a non-traditional student population.<br />
  19. 19. STUDENT SUPPORT<br />A support system has been established to assist all<br />Rising Scholars students. <br />Five staff members lead the <br />Student Support Team<br />
  20. 20. OUR WISH LIST<br /> <br />Serve as a conduit for as many students as possible who desire a college education.<br />Work with our Rising Scholar students from Application through Graduation.<br />Be a positive influence in the communities we serve.<br />