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DTC THOR Associates

  1. 1. 121 West 20th StreetSuite 3DNew York, NY 10011www.thorassociates.com212-645-5737
  2. 2. Direct to Consumer (DTC) marketingKey Benefits: Develop and build direct relationship with consumers•  Consumer Insights: Direct contact with customers regarding products, technology, first/best in market, packaging, pricing, experience etc.•  Survey/Product research: Product development and launch new products •  Cross promote sales of line extension products/brand initiatives •  Branded Response DTC Approach, builds sales overnight and a brand over time •  Metrics optimized by response/sales ROI. Build direct and indirect for retail•  Decreased media costs, amplify message and maximize budgets2 Confidential www.thorassociates.com
  3. 3. Brand Equity 1.  Great consumer value 2.  Unique Selling Position (USP) 3.  Best in MarketProduct 4.  Ability to sell in multiple channelsAttributes Customer Experience Brand DIGITAL TRADITIONAL Equity •  Web Media •  DRTVCustomer •  Social Networks •  HomeAcquisition •  Affiliate Marketing Shopping •  Search/PPC •  Call Center •  Email •  Radio •  Referral Program •  Print •  Retail3
  4. 4. Strategic and Tactical Execution•  THOR will provide DTC multi-channel marketing strategy and execution•  Production development: Strategic guidance on creative messaging to build brand•  Sales/response assumptions: Provide projections and goals based on roadmap and time of key performance indicators•  Tracking/reporting metrics: Executive weekly reporting•  Working with media agencies for results based on product experience, demographics, research, heritage and best in class pricing•  Fulfillment: Delivery to the customer will be executed with best practice insight•  Tele-Services/Customer Service: Training, Scripting and Save methodologies•  Multi-Channel integration for a robust ROI•  Direct response drivers for Retail•  Integration of digital strategy to build a multi channel platform 4 Confidential www.thorassociates.com
  5. 5. Critical Brand Elements Strategy Execution ] Understanding a Brand’s ] DRTV, Radio, Digital, PR, competitive marketplace Home Shopping, Print ] Consumer touch points and ] Calls to action – phone, web, retail messaging/offers/promotion ] Pricing ] Product configuration ] Risk sensitivity ] Remarketing ] Scalability THOR Growing the Brand Operational/Logistical Support ] Analytics ] Call center scripting & ] Consumer Research efficiencies ] Consumer touch points & ] Telemarketing messaging ] Fulfillment ] Marketing Database5 Confidential www.thorassociates.com
  6. 6. DTC Product Selection Elements  Target Market Appeal  Unique/Innovative Technology  Demonstrates clear benefit  Acceptable price point  Proof of Concept  Special Introductory Offer  Multiple UpSells  Guarantee/Warrantee  Continuity Programs: AOV/LTV recurring revenue- profit driver  Product Margins/COGS  Multiple distribution channels available (radio, print, DRTV, web, HSC, retail) 6 Confidential www.thorassociates.com
  7. 7. Building Your DTC Foundation Front End Experience Pathways, Retention & Prospect Engagement Retention/ Creative Media Pathways “Hot” LeadsMessaging TV Primary path Retention-LoyaltyBrand Long form Telemarketing (sales) •  Enhance theOffer: Short form Website/Landing Page process for e-mailHard Offer DM/Inserts (communicationSoft Offer Print Utilization message, timingLengths: 28:30, 5:00, Radio • 800#’s and frequency) :120,:60,:30,:10 • Call routing/Handling •  Utilize additional • Scripting providers, customer • Tracking service/fulfillmentDigital Digital Secondary path “Hot” LeadsBuild media library • Search-SEM & SEO • Customer Service Monetize list of• Display ads • Affiliate (pay for • eCommerce enabled prospects via(animated/static) performance) Web Environments: outbound contact• E-mail ads • Display • High Performing strategy: e-mail and Channel (HPC) teleservices• Contextual ads (copy • Web 2.0-Social • -eCommerce cartheavy) Media, Video • Blog Sharing • Email List Rental7 Confidential www.thorassociates.com
  8. 8. THOR Approach, Strategic Initiatives Objectives Strategy TacticsDetermine viability of DTC as an Develop a DTC “test pilot” program using Build a Test-Learn-Optimize environment:additional distribution channel (besides a “tried & true” multi-channel approach •  Creative, multiple creatives/offers in aRetail and Home Shopping) that that breaks thru the clutter variety of ad formatsgenerates revenue profitably •  Media, multiple channels-diverse media portfolio (DM/Print, Radio, TV, Digital) Pathways, multiple web landing pages andGenerate educated awareness via a Integrate traditional branding elements tele-sales scripts“branded-response” approach to the (tone/color) with “best of” DR. Push Creative is focused on: call outs to the targetcreative as “a proven solution that audience (the technology/real stories/real “free trial” of producttransforms your life” amongst our target people), proof points and offers.demo Stack the deck by heavily weighting theMedia should drive performance and cost media buys using only historically proven Test media suppliers that generate bothefficiencies while negotiating flexible performing media channels in our efficiency and scale within these channelsoptimization/cancellation terms targeted genre/demographic profile •  Target DRTV long form, short form, DM/ Print, Radio and DigitalGather learnings for sustained and Deliver statistical significance in each testreliable deployment (post test pilot) Maintain proper media mix throughout test so cell prior to optimization (creative/offer/ all data is useful for rollout planning media/path) •  Deploy Tracking/measurement tools •  Track/Measure all key actions from •  Read results daily/weekly impression to conversion (sale) Confidential www.thorassociates.com 8
  9. 9. Insight and Analytics for ROI Management & Analytics Creative Management Business Planning Response Creative Market & Competitive Planning Consultation Research Database Strategic & Media Recommendations Planning Segmentation Creative Testing Media Strategy Define Metrics Call-to-Action Offer Configuration Performance Customer Experience Analysis Tracking & Reporting9 Confidential www.thorassociates.com
  10. 10. Teamwork Is Mission CriticalTHOR works together with your senior management to build a successfulbrand using Direct Response marketing.THOR delivers Direct Response expertise, which translates to a tangiblecompetitive advantage for our clients.THOR Associate’s Performance is built on a foundation of marketplace insight.THOR delivers:•  Managed hundreds of campaigns, in every Lifestyle category•  Assembled the most experienced and talented DR staff•  Established expertise of integration of traditional and digital for ROIWe create trust, success and ROI.10 Confidential www.thorassociates.com
  11. 11. THOR Associates •  Created $200 million dollar revenue campaigns in the Health/ Wellness arena, Lifestyle, Fitness and Housewares. •  Experienced team of professionals with strong industry relationships that ensure: •  Seamless integration of traditional/digital Direct Response initiatives •  Results based on marketing testing with predictive analysis modeling •  Experienced DR veteran agency with network of relationships •  Our experience has created DRTV legends. From inception to fruition, we leave no piece of the marketing pie untouched. •  25 years of DR Marketing •  DRMA Advisory Board •  Past ERA Executive Board •  Direct to Consumer Specialists11 Confidential www.thorassociates.com
  12. 12. Executive TeamFern Lee – CEOFern is an experienced, award-winning marketing professional with a proven track record of increasing awareness, revenues,consumer usage and asset values for multiple globally recognized media, entertainment and lifestyle/fitness/beauty brands.Fern is successful applying direct response to the traditional and digital marketplace. Fern’s strengths have allowed her toidentify profitable customer segments, cultivate ways to favorably position client’s products and services, and ultimatelycreate break-through marketing campaigns that deliver superior results. Fern currently is a Board Advisory Member ofResponse DRMA and sat on the Executive Board of The Electronic Retailing Association (ERA). During Fern’s career, she hasmanaged annual budgets in excess of $200 million, hired and mentored staffs of 30 employees, and been responsible foralmost every marketing discipline. Fern is an expert at consumer and trade advertising, promotions, media, radio, homeshopping, international, production of long and short form DRTV, retail, Telco/customer service and digital marketing.Fern is versed in providing:Growth Strategies ✦ Startups ✦ Brand Portfolio Management ✦ Operational Consulting ✦ Telemarketing ✦ Modeling ✦Integrated Marketing ✦ Offline Integration to Digital MarketingEmail Fern at: fernleedrtv@yahoo.comLori Zeller – Managing PartnerLori’s strengths are as a Chief Innovation Officer and Strategist. As the managing partner of THOR, she offers managementredesign initiatives for increased revenue. She is a senior executive with a passion for project management and productdevelopment. Lori formulates strategic plans, shapes business development, aligns the financial and technical aspects of bestpractices and supports multi-channel marketing. Lori has contributed to a Medical Home pilot program creating innovationand the integration of technology as well as design quality initiatives with care management. Lori’s proven experience withthe implementation of Traditional/Digital collaboration for various verticals provides THOR’s clients with well roundedrecommendations for creative growth.Lori is versed in providing:Operational Management ✦ Strategic Planning ✦ Product Development ✦ Project Management ✦ Third Party VendorRelationships ✦ Creative Direction ✦ Business Development ✦ Funding ResourceEmail Lori at: lori@thorassociates.com12 Confidential www.thorassociates.com