Zappos lessons: Building a Customer-Focused Culture

Feb. 6, 2008

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Zappos lessons: Building a Customer-Focused Culture

  1. Building a Customer-Focused Culture Tony Hsieh CEO
  2. Power of Repeat Customers & Word of Mouth
  3. What is customer service?
  4. 10 TIPS for building a service-focused culture
  5. TIP #1 Commit to customer service. Make it part of your mission. It’s not just a department… Be true to your mission when making hard (or easy) decisions.
  6. TIP #2 Come up with committable core values. Do some soul searching. Don’t come up with core values just because they sound good.
  7. TIP #3 Actively manage your culture based on your core values … … for every single department.
  8. TIP #4 Make “WOW” part of your company’s everyday vocabulary.
  9. TIP #5 Remember that customer service is an investment … … not an expense. Don’t hide your 1-800 number. Don’t measure call times.
  10. TIP #6 Trust and empower your customer service team. Find people that are passionate about customer service.
  11. TIP #7 Create a culture book.
  12. TIP #8 Give great service to everyone: Customers Employees Vendors Investors
  13. TIP #9 Make culture part of everyone’s performance review.
  14. TIP #10 Have the entire company celebrate great service. Tell stories.