ThomasNet reviews stories from plant & facility operators


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ThomasNet reviews stories from plant & facility operators

  1. 1. Stories from Plant & Facility Operators " has helped me find the power plant instruments and controls that I need which has made my job a lot easier." Roberto Usi Plant Technician Leader Guam Power Authority We sourced for: Power Plant Instruments and Controls"ThomasNet has helped me find many suppliers. All you have to do is type in what you are looking forand within seconds you are connected to a wide varity of suppliers. And with such a large base ofsuppliers you are able to find one that is best suited for your needs and who has the best price and ismost reliable. This will save you time, money and a lot of stress."James PhillipsProcess TechnicianInoac Group North AmericaWe sourced for: Tapes and Rubber"Recently I was in need of a float switch for our CNC Machine at the Met-Lab here at SeverstalColumbus. I couldnt find any documentation on the machine so to ThomasNet I went. Was able to locatea local distributor and the actual vendor the machine was purchased from..... I had my part within acouple of days."Paul JonesElectrical Maintenance PlannerSeverstal ColumbusWe sourced for: Anything related to steel industry. "I use ThomasNet a few times a week to help locate high quality, aerospace qualified companies, equipment, and components throughout the world. ThomasNet performs a valuable service to companies large and small alike; and through them we have been able to save a notable amount of time and money." Shannon Cooper QA & Production Support Microsat Systems Canada Inc. We sourced for: Electronic Components, Precision Machining and Milling
  2. 2. "We get a lot of used equipment in our plant so when I need a new part it is fast and easy to use ThomasNet to find a company that makes them or find a different one. I have tried some of the other sites but find myself always back to this one. Thanks." Dan Wade Maintenance Manager Sierra Pacific Ind. We sourced for: Replacement Parts"When I need help with any services, or parts that I have no idea where to go-I just go to the ThomasNetweb site, and punch in what I want. It provides me with companies in my area that I may never haveknown of, and also lets me know when companies that I have already dealt with also provide addedservices that I was not aware of. I get fast results, which is a must when you have to keep machines andproduction lines running. Its also great when it comes to quoting a job. You can immediately identifycompanies with this specific service, and easily get the number of quotes you need for the best pricing ofa task, or part. Its my favorite tool for finding information quickly; so I have answers for questions thatmust be answered as soon as they possibly can. I love It makes my job a lot lessstressful, and me a more efficient Supervisor."La Mar BinderTool Room SupervisorVirginia Crane, Inc."I was looking for a way to ream a .814" hole 36" long in hardened tubing. I found Ingersoll cutting toolsand modified my pull reaming operation to a push reaming operation. I saved 30 minutes per part and gotfinishes of 25Ra to 40Ra plus my holes runout only .001"/foot. Outstanding site!"Thomas BotelhoManufacturing LeadAero Components, Inc.We sourced for: Any and all research needed by any machine shop.