ThomasNet reviews stories from real users


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ThomasNet reviews stories from real users

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ThomasNet reviews stories from real users

  1. 1. Stories from Others "Aside from the comprehensive site content we appreciate the ease of submitting company news and press releases. We know that ThomasNet will provide great visibility for our company." Lou Lambruschi Product Manager Parker Hannifin We sourced for: Electronic Components "I work for a Midwest distributor and get frequent requests to purchase from manufacturers I am not familiar with. I have ThomasNet on my favorites which has saved me immeasurable time. ThomasNet gives me the ability to do a search by a manufacturers name and by a product. But directing me to the companys website is the best!" Rebecca Soike Customer Service Van Meter Industrial We sourced for: Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics"I work for the Art Department at West Virginia University. We have a metal shop and a woodshop.......ThomasNet has been a great help, and time saver, in finding materials, parts, and services,needed to keep our shops up and running. I use it a lot to find what I need right here in Morgantown or inthe surrounding area. One student wanted to have parts, for his art works, chrome plated. I had no idea,close by, where this service could be found. I did a ThomasNet search and found a guy just an hour upthe highway. The guy was glad to help a student and really cut him a break on the price. This madeeveryone happy! Thanks ThomasNet!!!"Dana HumbersonAcademic Lab ManagerWVU - College of Creative ArtsWe sourced for: Sharpening Services, Plastics and Metals "We have been involved for months on a project to perfect and begin manufacturing a patent applied for new generation wind turbine alternator. We were having difficulty finding the right equipment to do a full bench test. We were told that we needed a Variable Frequency Drive. I went to ThomasNet, found what I was looking for at a very good price and we have now been able to complete the tests."
  2. 2. Barton Buhtz Patent Holder Director of Research & Development Engineered Concepts We sourced for: Adhesives, Aluminum, Mild Steel and Ceramic Magnets "ThomasNet is a highly convenient compilation of businesses serving specific product families. I had to find suppliers of specialty ceramics for scientific instrumentation that we needed quickly to perform measurements needed for a report to our customers. Using ThomasNet, I had about ten leads on my fingertips within a few seconds. I ordered my specialty parts with one of them, and got the job done on time. ThomasNet is great resource that helps me an my colleagues frequently." Volker Heydemann Research Associate Penn State University We sourced for: Specialty materials and devices for scientific R&D"I opened an account for a local hotel chain and the lead coordinator jokingly asked if we could getmattresses. Through ThomasNet I found a vendor who would accept a Lowes PO that would provide themattresses to me at an amazing price. I was therefore able to offer the customer a great price and nowhave a huge mattress order pending."Jennifer GreshamCommercial Sales SpecialistsLowesWe sourced for: Mattresses and Building Materials"About three years ago we needed to source local sheet metal manufacturers for a new product we weredeveloping for the solar PV market. (With ThomasNet) I was successful in identifying a number of NJbased companies and we are now utilizing 4 of them to manufacture 1 to 2 million dollars worth of thatproduct. In addition, on public projects, we get "credit" for NJ manufactured products."Gerry LaxProject ManagerAdvanced Solar ProductsWe sourced for: Solar prv products