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ThomasNet reviews - Stories from Engineers & Designers read more here

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ThomasNet reviews - Stories from Engineers & Designers

  1. 1. Stories from Engineers & Designers"As a Production Engineer I must research many products and must find suppliers for my clients.ThomasNet has always made it easy to find what I need by providing great search methods andcategories to search. Thank you all for a great job."Jose RoblesChief EngineerDRS OutsourcingWe sourced for: From Raw Materials, Electronic Chips to Pre Assemblies"There is no other way to search for manufacturing processes or look for things that are as specific asthey are in manufacturing. lists the companies and materials that we need. The differentsearch capabilities on ThomasNet are a terrific help, for instance: by state(s) or within the number of milesof a zip code."Ray ClementMetro FabricatingWe sourced for: Manufacturing Processes and Materials"My company has numerous old machines -- a few are as old as 60 years or more. Some manufacturersof these machines either went out of business, changed their name or were bought out. Numerous timesIve had to go to ThomasNet to find these machine parts or a supplier that carries them. ThomasNet hashelped me find company names, contacts, phone numbers and product information that has ultimately ledto finding and purchasing the part I need. It would be almost impossible to do our business inmaintenance without ThomasNet."Jim SwallowMaintenance EngineerJohn Deere Power SystemsWe sourced for: Machine Tool Repair Parts "At I often see new product announcements long before other notices that come to me." David Shaffer Project Engineer MUC We sourced for: HVAC"Frequently we need local manufacturers for mechanical power related equipment. We go, which is our favorite web site rather than Googles general web site."Chandrasen Chhatpar
  2. 2. Supervising Discipline EngineerURS Corp.We sourced for: Centrifugal Pumps, Tanks, Piping and Steam Traps"As a Mechanical Engineer I used to collect numerous vendor catalogs from fasteners to connectors.Although you can find everything online directly from the manufacturers; my concern was not being ableto remember the names of the suppliers to look up online. With I can specify a productand get a list of (literally hundreds) companies where I can get more detailed data from. I no longer storecatalogs within my cubicle. No more clutter. My workspace is more efficient and looks nice too."Van ElmayanMechanical EngineerThe Boeing CompanyWe sourced for: Fasteners, Connectors and Gaskets "There are a multitude of examples I could give you. In my 28 years of engineering I have found no other site that has the range of searching that ThomasNet has. I used to work for a process tank manufacturer. We needed a drawing of a domed head for a tank we were designing. I thought why not try ThomasNet to see if we could get one. This was back when ThomasNet first started offering CAD drawings. I did a search for domed heads and there they were. I downloaded the drawing and was able to finish the design. Today the array of CAD drawings offered is amazing. Anytime I need to search the internet for job related items the first place I search is ThomasNet." Don Bartz Designer Kusel Equipment We sourced for: Motors and Gearmotors "I work as an engineer in the service trade organization selling laboratory equipment. Our client has a need for a device to determine the heat conductivity of refractories. Specific equipment and manufacturers selection is very small. We had information about the German manufacturer Netsch; but with the help of we found a U.S. manufacturer Anter; whose quality-price ratio was the best. Thank you very much for your information." Anatoliy Krasutzkiy Service Engineer Salex
  3. 3. We sourced for: Labware"I work for a Utility company that has several Nuclear power plants in the Southeast.One of my jobs is to evaluate replacement components needed at the power plants.Some times equipment vendors reply that a requested component is obsolete withno identified replacement. ThomasNet is one of my favorite tools to find alternatesources for a needed product. The function to search for vendors by product line is agreat tool that provides me that needed door in what appears to be a dead end.Vendors who are listed with ThomasNet have this vast network of potentialcustomers with critical contact information at their finger tips."Michael PetersonSenior Procurement EngineerSouthern NuclearWe sourced for: Contact information on vendors andmanufacturers of industrial equipment" has helped provide me with information on several productdesigns. The search engine provided manufacturing and distributors on fastenersand electronic datasystems along with 2D and 3D cad drawings. The drawings andcatalog information I retrieved was used to implement current designs that weprovided to our customer. It solved an issue of form, fit and function. All containedwithin ThomasNet. Otherwise I would have used Google. ThomasNet even providesa game to relax the brain while you try to beat the times of other users."Karen ThackerDesignerIntergraph Corp.We sourced for: Hardware