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Task 3

  1. 1. Task 3Top 10 Favourite 2D Game Characters1. MarioMario is my favourite 2D character even though he has been made 3D inhis time. The reason I think Mario is the best 2D character is because hewas the first character that I ever played as on a game. He is an Italianplumber who is obsessed with Princess Peach and in most of his gamesended up with him saving the princess from Bowser but he has other spinoff because of his popularity.One of Mario’s powers is that he can shootfire balls out of thin air.2. ZeldaZelda is my second favourite 2D character. The reason why I likehim as a character is because of the game super smash bros. Zeldais an adventurer who goes around and solve puzzles and fightsbad guys. There have been multiple Zelda games based aroundhim being an adventurer for example The Legend of Zelda. Zeldamainly uses a sword and shield and is gifted in the art of fighting.3. BowserEven though Bowser is a bad guy he is a cool looking characterwith his shell on his back and his horns. The fact that Bowseralways kidnaps Princess Peach and was always trying to get rid ofMario does not alter that without him Mario would be prettypointless because there wouldn’t be a bad guy to fight. Afterappearing with Mario he has been in DR. Eggman’s game.Although he is a very good character he has never been the star ofhis own game. The best feature about Bowser is that he canbreathe fire.
  2. 2. 4. KnucklesKnuckles may not be the main character in most of the games hehas appeared in but I think that he is much superior compared toSonic. Knuckles is a red character with white fists with spikes onhis knuckles which leads to his name as well as him being verystrong and good with his hands. His main power is how good he isusing is hands and his amazing strength. He is friends with Sonicand helps defeat the bad guys that might be too much for Sonic todo alone. Also they have a friend who also helps who is called Tailswho also helps when he can.5. Donkey KongDonkey Kong is a big ape who has been the host of many ofhis own games. He is a good character because one of thefirst games that Mario appeared in which was called“Donkey Kong”. In this game Donkey Kong was the bad guyand Mario had to save the princess like Mario has done a lotin his games. Donkey Kong has always been a goodcharacter yet he has played a lot of different roles, he hasplayed the good and bad role in his games but he hasalways been a comic character because he has always jokedwith the things that he does. He is funny because he alwayswears a tie and his main way of attacking is throwing barrels.6. KirbyKirby is what looks like a pink ball with arms and legs buteven though its appearance isn’t the most threateningKirby has still been the main character of some gameslike; Kirby’s Adventure, Kirby’s Dreamland, Kirby’sDreamland 2 and Kirby’s Dreamland 3. Kirby hasappeared in more games than that but they are justsome examples. I picked Kirby for this list because Ialways found his power of being able to suck people upthe best power on super smash bros because it was justthe funniest move to do and would always win me fightsthat I was losing.
  3. 3. 7. SonicSonic the Hedgehog has appeared in a multiple of his and otherpeoples game titles like Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mario and Sonic atthe Olympic Games. Out of the 2 of them games I think that Ienjoyed the game on Wii when Sonic was with other people. He is 7thon my list below Knuckles because when Sonic and Knuckles are in agame together I think that Knuckles is the better of the 2 charactersbut that is just my personal opinion. Sonic is a character that isdesign to go fast and defeat bad guys especially Doctor Eggman whois one of Sonic’s main rivals. Despite me thinking that Sonic is not assuperior to Knuckles I think that Sonic is a successful character thathas added a lot to the gaming industry.8. ShadowI have choose to put this character for the 8thplace on my list becausehe is a really cool looking character but the reason he is under Sonic isbecause he has been evil in a game where he was against Sonic. I thinkthat you cannot put an evil character over the main good character ingames. Shadow is a shadow version of Sonic who is a black instead ofblue but is similar in a lot of other ways because they are bothincredibly fast. Shadow has been in his own games for example one ofthe games is called Shadow the Hedgehog. He has also featured in alot of games with Sonic.9. YoshiI have put Yoshi at 9thbecause I found him one of the funniestcharacters when I was younger but I didn’t really play any of hisgames but when he appeared in other characters games I enjoyedplaying as him the way he grabbed people in with his tongue thenthey came out in an egg which damaged them, also Yoshi could spiteggs out of his mouth which also could encase enemies. Yoshi hasappeared in many games but one example of a game that Yoshi hasbeen in is Yoshi’s Safari but is more popular for being in games withMario. Yoshi is a lovable green dinosaur who’s games have keepthe a lot of the public entertained for hours on end.
  4. 4. 10. Samus AranAt first I thought that Samus was just a robot but then Ifound out that it was somebody in a suit. When somebodyis in one of the suits they are a Metroid and he women whois in the suit is called Samus Aran I realized this as soon as Iplayed the game Metroid which Samus is the maincharacter in. I didn’t notice before because I had onlyplayed as her character on Super Smash Bros were itdoesn’t tell you anything about the story of the characteror I missed it but Samus is on the list because I alwaysthought that she was a cool character to be as well as apowerful character to be and most battle as the Metroidyou would win because of the pure power of the charactereven if you didn’t know what you were doing in the game.