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Fmp production log_310314


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Fmp production log_310314

  1. 1. Salford City College Eccles Sixth Form Centre BTec Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production Games Design FMP - Production Log Name Thomas Giblin Date: 03.02.14 Week 1- The first thing that I did for my FMP is think of an idea and create a scenario based around the idea that I thought to do. I choose to make a armour set for multiple characters from World of Warcraft. I decided to do this because I am a big fan of the game and know what kind of thing to do for a design, this gave me a small stepping stone to create my designs but I also did research on different armours from World of Warcraft and other games that are similar as well as doing research on different armour over history and from films and television programmes. Whilst I gathered the research I made sure that I was collecting the correct research that would help me with the rest of my FMP. I also put up a questionnaire so that people could give me feedback on what they would like to see in the armour sets. As well as doing the previous things I also started my production log and my schedule for the project. This helped me to manage my project and see what need to be done and when also it helped me to keep track of what I would have done in weeks prior to the one that I would currently be on. I decided that it would be best to update my production log and my schedule weekly so that I could keep track and on top of everything that I had to do. Date: 10.02.14 Week 2- This week I set myself the task of creating some ideas for my final major project. I did this my making a mind map with the four classes that I was creating armour on in each corner on the mind map. Then (thanks to the research that I compiled) I was able to look into each class and list the main features for each class and (judged from popular feedback) was able to list some of the features that the community would enjoy to see implemented into the designs. After brainstorming ideas onto my mind map I started to plan how I was going to design my project and the best ways to go about doing so. Date: 17.02.14 Week 3- Even though I was away on holiday this week late night on the Sunday that I returned I continued planning my project and analysing what had to be done. Also I refined my research so that it was more condensed and more tuned to what I need from the feedback that I had received on how people wanted the classes to be designed.
  2. 2. Date: 24.02.14 Week 4- On my first week back from holiday I choose to finish what was left to do of my planning so that I knew everything that I was meant to do for the remainder of the project. Alongside doing this I pitched my idea. For this I showed the research that I had done along with everything else that I had done up to this point in the project. I showed my scenario and plans on how to do this in my pitch as well. After I had finished my planning and my pitch I decided to start production of my project. The first thing that I did was make a basic outline from the current World of Warcraft model. I did this so that the armour that I design for the characters would fit right on the characters, this also would help me get a feel for what the character would look like wearing it in game. I design the basic outline using the pen tool in Illustrator. Date: 03.03.14 Week 5- After I had design the basic outlines for my four characters using the pen tool in Illustrator to do so I choose to start designing what the armour would look like and how I wanted the armour to look like. To do this I hand drew some of the main features that each character would be known for/ their signature armour. After I had drew all four I scanned them in and imported them into Illustrator so that I would have basic lines to base my core armour from. Date: 10.03.14 Week 6- I tried to fit as much of my hand drawn work into the digital drawing as I could but some things didn't fit right and how I wanted it to look so I didn't use all of my hand drawn resources. I continued to work on my first character throughout the week and managed to finish the first character without colour by the end of the week. Date: 17.03.14 Week 7- At the beginning of the week I managed to finish my first character of with colour and got started on my second character straight away using the same techniques that I used on my first character design and by the end of the week I managed to finish the second character of with colour and get a start on my third character. Date: 24.03.14 Week 8- I continued to create my characters but I faced some problems because my Illustrator file had been corrupted for my third character so it took me the entire week to fix the problem and complete my character with colour and using the same techniques that I used on the other characters. Date: 31.03.14 Week 9- Deadline Week-- In this week I finished my fourth character with colour using the pen tool on Illustrator. The other things that I used was the bucket tool and the selector tool. These were my essential tools that I used on Illustrator. No problems occurred with my fourth character like they did with my third
  3. 3. character because I saved and backed up my work more frequently than I did previously. Also in this week I presented my work and got some feedback on how to improve it and any small errors that I had done. It took a few days for the feedback to arrive back to me so I didn't manage to correct the mistakes that I had made or make any further improvements on my work. Date: 07.04.14 Date: 28.04.14