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The Mr Sub Technology


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World Best Technology Showcase 2009

Published in: Business, Technology
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The Mr Sub Technology

  1. 1. Thomas Martinuzzo Project Leader, Sciences and Engineering MrSUB: The “Fantastic Voyage” Image: A revolutionary tool for fighting cancer Presented by Sylvain Martel, Eng., Ph.D.
  2. 2. The real fact… • We can send a robot precisely to a targeted location far away on the surface of planet Mars… But we cannot send therapeutic agents directly to a tumor located just a fingertip distance deep in the human body… • This is why today’s solutions often rely on chemotherapy where large doses of toxic drugs are injected in patients, leading to secondary toxicity that could be avoided by navigating smaller doses of therapeutics using the most direct and effective routes using MR-SUB
  3. 3. The MR-SUB proposition • Bringing the evolution of tools for cancer therapy one step forward by integrating engineering and computer technology with nanomedicine by upgrading clinical Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems as powerful drug delivery platforms.
  4. 4. What MR-SUB brings A technology that 1 can deliver therapeutics directly A library of micro- carriers to bring 2 therapeutics through the vascular network 3 Worldwide recognized expertise and proof-of- concepts 4 HOPE…
  5. 5. Synopsys and market opportunity • The treatment of cancer is one of the most challenging tasks of modern medicine as toxicity remains a critical issue. • The U.S. market for cancer therapy products and services is forecasted to reach $27 billion by 2009. • The platform MR-SUB also addresses the interventional radiology industry (1.5 billion dollars market - expected to grow at a CAGR of 6% from 2006 to 2013 to reach $2.5 billion in 2013) • Typical end-users include hospitals (about 170 000 worldwide in 2012), outpatient surgery centers, private clinics and university based research centers.
  6. 6. Overview • The technology: – Proof-of-concept done in large animal models proving that the MR-SUB technology enables untethered entities to reach targets inaccessible to modern interventional tools such as the catheter – Years and several million $ in R&D funded from a number of research grants • Intellectual property: – US (11/145,007) and CA Patent Applications - “Method and system for propelling and controlling displacement of a microrobot in a blood vessel” - US patent application (11/993,320) – “Mr-Tracking based on magnetic signature selective excitation”- New applications (non-provisional US) in progress
  7. 7. Our goal with the MR- SUB technology • Some 40 years after the movie “Fantastic Voyage”, we have shown that science-fiction can now become a reality with MR- SUB • To make this technology accessible, Univalor is presently seeking management and funding to propel the MR-SUB platform to product launch
  8. 8. MrSUB: The “Fantastic Voyage” • Contacts: – Thomas Martinuzzo – Sylvain Martel – Inventor – Booth # 402 100,000 km of blood vessels – 100,000 km of MR-SUB opportunities in each patient