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Filterless Corlor Imaging Sensor


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World Best Technology Showcase 2009

Published in: Technology, Business
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Filterless Corlor Imaging Sensor

  1. 1. Filterless Color Imaging Sensor Presented by Thomas Martinuzzo Project Leader, Sciences and Engineering
  2. 2. Overview An New Imaging Sensor f M M k A li i AN I iS for Mass Market Applications  Seeking Partnerships in Development and Market Deployment in Development and Market Market : $6b by 2014 Inventor: Pr. Yves Audet, École Polytechnique de Montreal Intellectual Property: PCT (entered in US, JP, UK)+ 2 new USPR  underway on improvements on improvements
  3. 3. ”Image Sensor 101” ”I S 101” An Image Sensor converts a visual i AI S i l image into an electric signal i l ii l + Very Good Quality + Very Good Quality Image + Cheap + Cheap Image Sensors ‐ Very expensive + Small ‐ Energy + Energy ‐ Resolution ‐ Sensitiviy CCD Image Sensors CMOS Image Sensors Digital  Mobile  Vision  Medical Camcorders Automatives Robotics Cameras Phones PDA Machine Imaging gg
  4. 4. The Art of Color The Art of Color Detection Filters are deposited on top of the sensor array according to the Bayer pattern. pixels with filter sensor array G: Green color detecting pixels for luminance (brightness) signal  R, B: Red and Blue color R B: Red and Blue color detecting pixels for chrominance (color) signal 
  5. 5. What about a sensor that about a sensor that… is as sensitive as CCD CCD, is as compact, low power consuming and low cost compact as CMOS, does not require filters to detect color images.
  6. 6. Our Technology The filterless color i Th fil l l image sensor relies on the well‐known li h ll k principle of wavelength penetration into solids (silicon).  light ray silicon surface ili f λ(red) = 650 nm λ(green) = 530 nm λ(blue) = 470 nm
  7. 7. The Art of Color The Art of Color Detection red + green + blue z red + blue rouge y light ray x P+ electrodes P+ electrodes N well N‐well E B electron‐hole pairs electron‐hole pairs P‐ substrat
  8. 8. Value Proposition Value Proposition An Imaging Sensor C bi i Ad AI iS Combining Advantages of CMOS and CCD  f CMOS d CCD Sensors • Small Small  • Low Cost • High resolution High resolution • High Sensitivity • Low Power Consumption p 4 Mpixels sensor for the size of a current  2Mpixels sensor found in your cellular phone
  9. 9. Summary Simple Idea Si l Id Developed Within Academic Institution Researchers With Industry Experience Through Boostrapping Financing Core IP Various Market Segments Looking For Partnerships in Development and Market Deployment
  10. 10. Filterless Color Imaging Sensor Imaging Sensor Thomas Martinuzzo Booth # 402
  11. 11. Intellectual Property • PCT/CA2007/000997 « Color Image Sensor »  / / l claiming priority on US60/811,435 07.06.2006 – Positive ISR – Positive Written Opinion p • Entered into US Japan and England (Canada is US, Japan and England (Canada is possible up to Dec. 09) • 2 US provisional underway on improvments
  12. 12. The Art of Color Detection Actual color image detection  ll d Our innovation: One pixel, three  lh concept: The Bayer pattern colors and no filtering  Optical filter transmission could be as low as 30% in the case of  O i l fil ii ld b l 30% i h f the blue color