Welcome slides Awarness and Reflection Workshop


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Awareness and Reflection Workshop in Technology-enhanced Learning at ECTEL 2012 conference. See for more info: http://teleurope.eu/artel12

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Welcome slides Awarness and Reflection Workshop

  1. 1. 2nd Workshop on #artel12Awareness and Reflection in Technology-Enhanced Learning
  2. 2. Organizers• Adam Moore, Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)• Viktoria Pammer, Know Center (Austria)• Lucia Pannese, imaginary (Italy)• Michael Prilla, University of Bochum (Germany)• Kamakshi Rajagopal, Open Universiteit (Netherlands)• Wolfgang Reinhardt, University of Paderborn (Germany)• Thomas Ullmann, The Open University (UK)• Christian Voigt, Centre for Social Innovation (Germany)18/09/2012 http://www.teleurope.eu/artel12
  3. 3. Programme Committee• Eileen ODonnell, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.• Martin Wolpers, Fit Fraunhofer Society, Germany.• Daniel Wessel, Knowledge Media Research Center, Germany.• Angela Fessl, Know-Center, Austria.• Carsten Ullrich, Jiao Tong University, China.• Victoria Macarthur, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.• Peter Sloep, Open University, Netherlands.• Rebecca Ferguson, The Open University, United Kingdom.• Kristin Knipfer, Technische Universität München, Germany.• Milos Kravcik, RWTH Aachen, Germany.• Elizabeth FitzGerald, The Open University, United Kingdom.• Fridolin Wild, The Open University, United Kingdom.• Rory Sie, Celstec, Netherlands.18/09/2012 http://www.teleurope.eu/artel12
  4. 4. 18/09/2012 http://www.teleurope.eu/artel12
  5. 5. Program Start• Introduction 09:00• Session on Awareness• Session on Reflection• Interactive Part 1• Interactive Part 2• Open space session 18:30 End18/09/2012 http://www.teleurope.eu/artel12
  6. 6. Awareness session• 9:15 – Reinhardt et al.: Understanding the meaning of awareness in Research Networks• 9:30 – Reinhardt et al.: Supporting Scholarly Awareness and Researchers Social Interactions using PUSHPIN• 09:45 – Kurapati et al.: A Theoretical Framework for Shared Situational Awareness in Sociotechnical Systems• 09:55 – Hernández-Leo et al.: Exploiting awareness to facilitate the orchestration of collaborative activities in physical spaces18/09/2012 http://www.teleurope.eu/artel12
  7. 7. Reflection session• 10:30 – Krogstie and Prilla: Tool support for reflection in the workplace in the context of reflective learning cycles• 10:45 – Santos et al.: Empowering students to reflect on their activity with StepUp!: Two case studies with engineering students• 11:00 – Tabuenca et al.: Fostering reflective practice with mobile technologies• 11:15 – Ullmann et al.: Comparing Automatically Detected Reflective Texts with Human Judgements18/09/2012 http://www.teleurope.eu/artel12
  8. 8. Reflection session (cont.)• 11:30 – Pammer et al.: The Functions of Sharing Experiences, Observations and Insights for Reflective Learning at Work• 11:40 – Nussbaumer et al.: Detecting and Reflecting Learning Activities in Personal Learning Environments• 11:50 – Degeling and Prilla: Improving Social Practice: Enhancing Learning Experiences with Support for Collaborative Reflection18/09/2012 http://www.teleurope.eu/artel12
  9. 9. Interactive part• 13:30 – Brainstorming exercise (awareness/reflection• 14:30 – Playing games and simulations• 16:00 – Discussion in groups (awareness/reflection)• 17:00 – Discussion in Plenary (awareness + reflection)18/09/2012 http://www.teleurope.eu/artel12
  10. 10. Presentation rules• Long papers: 10 minutes presentation• Short papers and demos: 5 minutes presentation• 5 minutes discussion – use the openness of a workshop setting – own questions, – feedback by the reviewers – points you‘re not sure about – future research ideas18/09/2012 http://www.teleurope.eu/artel12
  11. 11. Proceedings • will be published in CEUR-ws.org soon after the workshop18/09/2012 http://www.teleurope.eu/artel12
  12. 12. Networking Join the group at the social networking platform for Technology- Enhanced Learning: http://teleurope.eu/art el18/09/2012 http://www.teleurope.eu/artel12