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T. Taylor Final

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T. Taylor Final

  1. 1. Educational SupportFinal Evaluation 1 Mohawk College Educational Support FINAL Evaluation Evaluation mustbe authorized by a Teacher(s)/Principal/SERT/LRT/ or Department Head. Due on or by the 20th day of placement Student Name: ThomasTaylor Placement School: Tecumsh PS Placement Type Is this first, second or third placement? Is this a General or Specialized setting? Grade(s) of learners supporting? Evaluator (s)* Name and Title Nancy Goodbrand Sandra Ramoutaur Primary Evaluator Email or Phone: Placement Days Confirmation Today’s Date: June 27, 2016 Total number of placement days completed to date: If not 20, indicate why and when the student will reach 20 days: Signatures/Verification Evaluator Signature/Verification: Emailingthis evaluation fromthe school supervisor’sboard email addressauthenticates this evaluation;no signatureis required. Student Signature: Includingthe student’s email address in a CC when this evaluated is emailed back to FPS will suffice.No signatureis required. Instructions: 1. You will receive this evaluation electronically via email from 2. Indicatethe best ratingfor each evaluation criteria as a reflection of the student’s performance. Please use ‘x’ to indicate your ratings. 3. Complete the Placement Day TrackingForm at the end of the evaluation.You will submitanother one with the Final Evaluation. 4. Email completed evaluation back to the FPS at from evaluator’s board email and CC the student at their “” email account. This will replace the need of signatures. In doing this you are confirmingthe number of placement days completed to date and that you approveof the rati ngs included in this evaluation. 5. The student will then submitthe returned evaluation for gradingvia their eLearn Practicumdropbox. Please note: EAs who directly observe the student are welcome to contribute feedback; the placement supervisor -SERT/LRT, Teacher, or Administrator- mustverify the ratings on this evaluation.Pleaseprovidethe student with only 1 evaluation. The ratings determine if placement requirements have been met. The evaluator will indicatethe best ratingthe student has earned based on the student’s performance and contributions atthe placement site. Directand encouragingfeedback supports the maintenance of appropriatestandards and roleexpectations.This is an importantdocument which identifies progression and achievement of the required vocational and employment outcomes for the EA candidate. Requirements Met: An evaluation with a minimum scoreof 50% (Mohawk Instructor to calculate) Skill and Qualitative Strengths Further Recommendations Connects well with hard to reach students Receives feedback and direction very well Flexible Always positive and greets staff and students to assist with relationship building Uses his strengths in sports to lay a foundation with student connections Continue to expandhisexperienceswithrange of ages
  2. 2. Educational SupportFinal Evaluation 2 Level 4: Exceeds standard. Indicates an area of exemplary performance Level 3: Good performance. Some improvements have been suggested. Level 2: Satisfactory performance. Overall improvements needed Level 1, 0: Below Satisfactory or unacceptable performance. Improvement is mandatory Instructions: Use ‘X’ to indicate the rating for each outcome. Category Outcomes Ratings Professional Demeanor/ Attitude 4 3 2 1 0 1. Uses professional languageand tone of voice x 2. Models positive,patient attitude x 3. Uses humor, enthusiasm,invitinglanguage x 4. Dresses appropriately for the role and environment x Attendance/ Time Management 5. Attended all required placement days/missed days only dueto illness/serious circumstance.Reported absences appropriately and established makeup days x 6. Participates in beforeand after school duties x 7. Punctual and present throughout the placement x Initiative/ Self-Confident 8. Identifies tasks to be done and does them x 9. Assists or provides attention to all learnerswhen appropriate x 10. Implements or builds on strategies to address learner needs x 11. Shares observations and asks questions in order to enhance knowledge x Reflective- Practice/ Feedback 12. Identifies own strengths accurately x 13. Reflects on how performance can be improved x 14. Recognizes areas for improvement, shares relevantgoals and evaluates progress x 15. Seeks feedback, open to constructivefeedback, implements feedback x Communication 16. Consistently follows instructionsaccurately.Asks for clarification if needed x 17. Asks insightful questions,shares insightful observations x 18. Makes connections between instruction and desired outcomes x 19. Error free written communication Integration with learners and staff/Social Facilitation/ Collaboration 20. Initiates conversationswith staff and learners;strives to build rapport x 21. Interacts with all learners,promotes social relationship between peers x 22. Understandingand respect for Teacher/EA relationship x 23. Participates in extracurricular activities or facilitatinggames or activities during recess or lunch duty when appropriate x Behaviour Management 24. Implements a variety of effective strategies with various learners x 25. Regulates individual and group behaviour effectively x 26. Appropriately motivates learners to stay on task x 27. Builds on existingstrategies implemented by others x 28. Evaluates and adjusts strategies or methods when needed x Academic tasks 29. Able to supportlearners in literacy,numeracy and other academic tasks x 30. Prepares and utilizes resources to supportthe learner x 31. Directs learners to appropriate resources x 32. Reinforces for the learner requirements of assigned tasks accurately x 33. Prepares for potential challenges to better support learners x
  3. 3. Educational SupportFinal Evaluation 3 34. Recognizes when to includethe classroomteacher for assistance x 35. Promotes development of independence in learners x Personal care tasks 36. Observes or participates in learner personal careroutines,when appropriate x 37. Asks questions to enhance knowledge about personal caretasks x 38. Fosters independence and upholds the dignity and respect of the learner when participatingin personal caretasks x Technology/ Devices 39. Utilizes relevantAdaptive or Assistivesoftwareor technology effectively x 40. Utilizes communication software,devices, boards, or visual schedules effectively