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Electronic Health Records Agenda 2010.


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Electronic Health Records Agenda 2010.

  1. 1. Featuring current case studies and presentations presents a training conference: from VHA, MHS, and HHS Electronic Health Records Summit TM Mapping the Future for our Military and Government May 24 – 26, 2010 Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner Hotel Vienna, VA Gain invaluable information on the + latest in EHR initiatives from these Important issues to be discussed include: + unparalleled speakers: • The current state of the military's electronic Dr. Paul Tibbits, SES, Deputy CIO for the Office health record system including distinct perspectives across the Armed Services of Enterprise Development, VHA • Debates on standards (including updates and RADM Theresa Cullen, MD, MS, U.S. Public clarification on meeting the meaningful use Health Service, CIO, Indian Health Service criteria) CAPT Michael S. Weiner, MC, USN, Deputy • Lessons learned on VA/Kaiser Permanente Program Manager, Acting Chief Medical Officer, data sharing over the NHIN DHIMS • Managing future VA/DOD Interagency IT Dr. Stephen Ondra, Senior Policy Advisor for programs and initiatives including the VLER Health Affairs, The Department of Veteran’s Affairs • Bridging organizational differences in Mr. Vish Sankaran, Program Director, Federal mission, goals, and terminology Health Architecture Register Early Mr. Doug Felton, Acting Manager, IPO Program Operations, DoD/VA Interagency Office and Save! Sponsors: Media Partners: Register Today! Call Thomas at 416-597-4707
  2. 2. Electronic Health Mapping the Future for our Military and Government Records Summit TM May 24 – 26, 2010 Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner Hotel Vienna, VA In October 2009, IDGA convened its first Electronic Health Records Summit in the Washington, DC area. Acting as a neutral forum we brought together key stakeholders, including those within the DoD, VA, and HHS to discuss Who You Will Meet: + and debate a series of topics surrounding EHRs. We looked at broad issues IDGA’s Electronic Health Records Summit will bring together key stakeholders and decision makers involved ranging from the current status of VA/DoD interoperability, open source in the military and government healthcare IT sector. The systems, AHLTA and the NHIN, to the future of a VLER. summit is designed as a forum where decision makers and end users can come together to share their Recognizing the immense challenges facing the healthcare IT community, knowledge, debate the issues at hand, learn from their peers, and forge solutions for their respective IDGA hosts a follow up summit in May, 2010 that will delve into a distinct challenges. (Non military/government stakeholders are set of topics that are of immediate concern and interest to all in the welcome to join in on the discussion.) community. IDGA’s top notch roster of speakers will stress the importance of The audience will be comprised of senior level defining the problems faced by each of the respective offices and professionals from military units/organizations, departments represented, while looking at immediate actionable items government agencies, contractors, technology service providers, and academia. Attendees will include those and focusing on long term objectives. with the following responsibilities: By participating in this summit, you will have the unique opportunity to • Chief Information Officers interact with a multitude of senior level professionals to discuss, brainstorm, • Chief Medical Officers • Healthcare IT Program Directors and network in order to define methodologies and initiatives, while forging potential solutions and future partnerships in a closed, informal forum. • Directors of Healthcare IT Research and Development IDGA’s 2010 Electronic Health Records Summit will allow you to: • Directors of Force Health Protection • Identify security and identity management challenges • Chief of Clinical Informatics • Discover the current status of the military’s EHR implementation • Manager of Health Services • Plot a roadmap ahead for our federal/nationwide initiatives for EHRs on the NHIN • Hear about and discuss current “case studies” including the MAPS Initiative, the North Chicago VA/DoD Integration Site, and NYS’s EHR/ Health IT programs About IDGA The Institute for Defense & + • Understand the future roadmap of the VLER Government Advancement (IDGA) is • Discuss and debate amongst your colleagues the latest issues surrounding a non-partisan information-based standards (including updates and clarification on meeting the meaningful organization dedicated to the promotion of innovative ideas in public service and defense through live conferences and use criteria) events. We bring together speaker panels and events comprised of military and government professionals while Don’t delay! Take the time now to block off May 24 – 26, 2010 in your attracting delegates with decision-making power from calendar, and reserve your place among your peers and key leaders! Register military, government, and defense industries. today by calling Thomas at 416-597-4707 or thomas.robertson@idga.org “Conference exceeded my expectations. As an end user in VA, I wanted to see the big picture for planning the future of EHR as well as technical info. Awesome program!” – National Director within the VA “Excellent speakers. Very informative, very good networking.” – Medical Director within the US Air Force “You had the right folks there!” – BAE Systems 2 Register Today! Call Thomas at 416-597-4707 or e-mail thomas.robertson@idga.org
  3. 3. Master Class: Health IT Implementation Case Studies and Solutions Master Class: Health IT Implementation Case Studies and Solutions Monday, May 24, 2010 This Master Class is focused on current case studies of recently planned and/or implemented interoperable health IT programs and projects. We will spend the day looking at projects from within the military to the state level. Interactive discussion is encouraged in this classroom style setting. Join us to learn from leaders in the military, government, and civilian sectors. 7:30 am – 8:15 am Registration and Coffee 8:15 am – 9:30 am Joint Venture and Integrated Site Progress Report Opening Keynote + In October 2002, VHA and DoD signed an Executive Council Decision Memo What will be covered: that began the Partnership between North Chicago Veterans Affairs Medical • Updates from the North Chicago VAMC/Naval Health Clinic Great Lakes Center (NCVAMC) and then Naval Hospital Great Lakes. The first phase of • Challenges faced and lessons learned the partnership was accomplished in October 2003 when the Navy shifted • Future benchmarks their inpatient Mental Health to North Chicago VAMC. Phase III, which will be the final phase of the Partnership is scheduled be completed by October How you will benefit: 2010. North Chicago VAMC and Naval Health Clinic Great Lakes will • Learn about the integration process of the health IT infrastructure from the become the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center, after the first VA/ DoD integration site • Become familiar with the integration process of the IT systems and famous Apollo 13 astronaut. It will be the first fully integrated federal health care center between VA and DoD. understand the next steps in the process going forward Session Leader: CAPT Tom McGue, USN, Commanding Officer, Naval Health Clinic Great Lakes 10:00 am – 12:30 pm SOA and the Integration Possibilities of New Architectures in Electronic Health Records Case studies of MHS and civilian EHR projects + This session will focus on web services, NHIN, and layered architectures. • Unleashing the power of data repositories through SOA, web services, and Discussion will revolve around finding the opportunities for leverage and informatics tools our Clinical Data Repository strategy effort reuse among existing technology platforms. The use cases that will be • Developing business processes and use cases to support health care emphasized include image sharing and new technologies for healthcare process reengineering the medical home construct and telemedicine artifacts and image management – integrating this with the EMR. You will have the opportunity discuss several current MHS projects and where the How you will benefit: “challenges faced” and “lessons learned” have come as well. •Discover new web services to enhance EHRs •Become familiar about BHIE projects and the use of the NHIN What will be covered: • The future of information sharing between federal agencies – our BHIE Session Leader: -Mr. Bill Oldham, Chairman and CEO, Evolvent, co- program with the VA & DoD and its relationship to NHIN author of Securing Business Intelligence - Knowledge and Cybersecurity in the Post 9/11 World 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm Lunch will be served 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm New York State Health IT Strategy: Current Status and Future Issues State Health IT Transformation + New York State has established a sophisticated governance structure for its HIT • The use of the Health Information Technology Evaluation Collaborative (HITEC) to efforts, led by the Office of HIT Transformation within the New York State evaluate and develop evaluation instruments for HIT initiatives across the state Department of Health . Since 2006, New York State has awarded $226 million in public funds to develop and implement a comprehensive health information How you will benefit: • Learn about the complexity and challenges for building a successful HIT infrastructure - more than in all other states combined. The state is essentially working to create an HIT "interstate" - a system through which all providers could “interstate” • Understand how success depends on aligning the work of multiple stakeholders connect and interface under common practices and guidelines. Once fully established, the Statewide Health Information Network for New York (SHIN-NY) is through collaboration and consensus-building • Become familiar with the distinct perspective of building a state wide Health IT expected to serve as the backbone for HIT in New York and make electronic health information exchange much easier for providers. system What will be covered: Session Leader: Dr. Patricia Hale, MD, PhD, FACP, Deputy Director, • Current roadmaps for SHIN-NY and The New York eHealth Collaborative New York State Department of Health Office of Health Information Technology Transformation 3:45 pm – 5:30 pm Carolina eHealth Alliance – Facilitating Secure Exchange of Patient Information for Hybrid HIE Focus + Emergency Department Users The Carolina eHealth Alliance exists to provide South Carolina citizens with more • Potential to include local Navy clinic and VA into the “Alliance” effective and efficient delivery of healthcare services through networked systems that share patient-specific information. By testing and studying this data How will you benefit: • Learn how a hybrid model HIE solution can provide the benefits in the exchange across all phase 1 emergency department access points, the participating hospitals will continue to evaluate the benefits of expansion in short term via a federated (de-centralized) approach, as well as addressing patient data as well as in health system facilities and geography. Participating long term goals under a non-federated (centralized) • Learn how competing organizations can learn to work together for the care delivery organizations presently include: MUSC’s ED sites at three different hospitals: the main hospital’s ED, the new Ashleigh River Tower ED, and the benefit of the community • When considering participation in an HIE, what are the key functional, Pediatric Hospital’s ED. Additional sites include: two Roper St. Francis Healthcare ED facilities, and the EDs at Summerville Medical Center, Trident Medical Center, organizational, and technological components one must consider East Cooper Medical Center, as well as the New East Cooper Medical Center. Session Leader: Mark Daniels, Chief Technology Officer, Medical What will be Covered: University of South Carolina (MUSC) • Key issues the “Alliance” will attempt to address Register Today! Call Thomas at 416-597-4707
  4. 4. Main Summit Day One Tuesday, May 25, 2010 Main Summit Day Two Wednesday, May 26, 2010 7:15 Registration and Coffee 7:15 Registration and coffee 8:15 Chairperson’s Welcome & Opening Remarks 8:15 Chairperson’s Welcome VA Perspective from the Office of Veteran Affairs Current Initiatives within the VA for Health IT Morning 8:30 8:30 Keynote Update on recent EHR testing of the NHIN Dr. Paul Tibbits, SES, Deputy CIO for the Office of Enterprise Morning Keynote • •Future interoperability efforts Development, VHA Dr. Stephen Ondra, Senior Policy Advisor for Health Affairs, Department of Veteran Affairs 9:10 DoD/VA IPO Oversight and Coordination of DoD and VA Electronic Data Sharing DoD/VA IPO 9:10 VA/DOD Interoperability Ventures •Managing interagency polices and operations • Update on North Chicago program •Identifying individual impediments and challenges • Future interoperability projects Doug Felton, Acting Manager, Program Operations, DoD/VA • Technological challenges faced for end users Interagency Program Office Dr. Douglas E. Rosendale, Veterans Health Administration, Joint Interoperability Ventures 9:50 Networking Break 9:50 Networking Break 10:35 The Way Ahead: The Functional Navy Perspective On The MHS Electronic Health Record and the VLER 10:35 The Military's Electronic Health Record: Where We • Functional Navy requirements for the MHS electronic health are and Where We're Going record • Understand the current state of the military's electronic health • Functional Navy perspective on the future of the MHS EHR and DHIMS Update record (EHR)and the benefits it provides. the VLER • Examine the lessons learned from EHR implementation and • The MHS EHR and the VLER in relation to the patient-centered determine how they can be used in the way ahead medical home CAPT Michael S. Weiner, MC, USN, Deputy Program CAPT Robert C. Marshall, USN, Director, M#/5 CI, Clinical Manager, Acting Chief Medical Officer, Defense Health Informatics, The Bureau of Navy Medicine Information Management System 11:15 Army’s Perspective on DoD’s EHR Journey 11:15 Air Force Perspective on Advancing Health IT • Army’s vision of a knowledge driven organization Capabilities • Current perspective on a VLER and the NHIN • Lessons learned in VA/DoD interoperability • Challenges and roadmap ahead • Current work on Patient Portal LTC Hon S. Pak, USA, MC, AMEDD Chief Medical Information • Future challenges toward EHR implementation Office, OTSG Medical Informatics Consultant Col Jesus Zarate, USAF, CIO, Air Force Medical Service 11:55 Lunch 11:55 Lunch 1:10 Successful Strategies for the Development of EHR Afternoon 1:10 Update from the Indian Health Services Solutions, and Update on the Personal Health Record Keynote RADM Theresa Cullen, MD, MS, U.S. Public Health Service, Pilot Project from Madigan Army Medical Center Chief Information Officer, Indian Health Service • Strategy for development of EHR solutions, information exchange, and interoperability between the DoD and VA and 1:50 Update from MITRE’s Center for Transforming Health purchased care providers • Current projects and initiatives underway in the CTH • Update on the PHR Pilot • Review of collaborative efforts between government and private Rick Barnhill, USA, Chief of Clinical Informatics, Madigan IT sectors Army Medical Center • Challenges faced and lessons learned with EHR implementation from both the patient and provider perspective 1:50 Standards and Meaningful Use Standards Focus Ms. Joy Keeler, Health IT Program Manager, the MITRE • Current debate on meaningful use Corporation • Where the current gaps are • Federal NHIN Connect Overview 2:30 Networking Break Mr. Tim Cromwell, Director of Standards and Operability, Veterans Health Administration 3:10 Federal Health - Transforming the Federal Government to a Citizen-Centric, Information Driven 2:30 Networking Break Enterprise FHA Perspective • Federal agency collaboration to advance health IT 3:00 The Army Medical Command AHLTA Provider Featured Closing Keynote- • Connectivity to the National Health Information Network Satisfaction Initiative • Reducing time and cost to build a gateway solution for The US Army Surgeon General commisioned the MAPS Initiative MAPS Initiative information exchange to address the lower user satisfaction with AHLTA. This featured Vish Sankaran, Program Director, Federal Health keynote will delve into the tools, technology, and training Architecture currently being used in assisting providers to efficiently and effectively document health care 3:50 Solution Providers Panel Discussion Dr. Robert Walker, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer, •Current projects within VA, DoD, and HHS Europe Regional Medical Command •Lessons learned for the immediate future Panel Moderator: Mr. Joe Grace, Jr, CAPT, US Navy Reserve, 4:30 End of Main Conference President, Grace and Associates, LLC 4:30 End of Day One 4 Register Today! Call Thomas at 416-597-4707 or e-mail thomas.robertson@idga.org
  5. 5. 3 Ways to Register! Venue & Lodging + Phone: 416-597-4707 This event will be held in Washington, DC Metro Area at: Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner, Vienna VA E-Mail: thomas.robertson@idga.org Fax: 416-598-7934, 24 hours a day Sponsorship and Exhibition + Pricing Industry Military, Government & Academia* Opportunities Still Available! Register & Register & Standard Pay by Pay by Pricing For more information on sponsoring or exhibiting please contact March 19 April 23 Angela DiNatale at 212-885-2761 or sponsorship@idga.org. Main Summit $999 $799 $899 $999 Workshop Day $500 $500 $500 $500 Save the date for these other upcoming *This category does NOT include government contractors; contractors are considered civilian/industry for the purpose of determining registration fees. IDGA events! Team Discounts* Number of Attendees Savings of: 3 to 4 10% September 2010 December 2010 5 or more 15% March 2010 * Discounts apply to registrations submitted together, at the same time. Cannot be combined with any other discount. About the Venue Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner Hotel 8661 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA 22182 • (703) 448-1234 www.starwoodhotels.com/sheraton MILITARY MEDICAL Just 20 minutes from Washington, D.C. and minutes from many corporate March 2010 offices, Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner is a great choice for business or pleasure. We’re conveniently close to fabulous shopping at Tysons Corner Mall, Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts, and all of the monuments and TM cultural events that Washington, D.C. has to offer. TECHNOLOGY SUMMIT Group Rate - $226 + 9% Please identify you are part of the IDGA-Electronic Health Records to ensure the special rate. Note that you are eligible for this rate three day prior and three days post the event based on availability. Reservations Telephone - (800) 572-7666 November 2010 Please make your reservation before May 10, 2010 in order to ensure you are eligible for the group rate. Dress Code: Military personnel are kindly requested to be in uniform. Appropriate attire for Industry is business casual. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE IN U.S. DOLLARS TO: IDGA A $99 processing charge will be assessed to all registrations not accompanied by credit card payment at the time of registration. Cloud Computing February 2011 * CT residents or people employed in the state of CT must add 6% sales tax. Details for making payment via EFT or wire transfer: for JPMorgan Chase DoD & Government TM Penton Learning Systems LLC dba IQPC: 957-097239 ABA/Routing #: 021000021 Reference: Please include the name of the attendee(s) and the event number: 18164.001 Payment Policy: Payment is due in full at the time of registration and includes lunches, refreshments, and detailed conference materials. Your registration will not be confirmed until payment is received and may be subject to cancellation. Media Partners: Please call Thomas at 416-597-4707 for cancellation, postponement and substitution policy Special Dietary Needs: If you have a dietary restriction, please contact Thomas at 416-597-4707 to discuss any specific needs ©2010 IDGA. All Rights Reserved. The format, design, content and arrangement of this brochure constitute a trademark of IDGA. Unauthorized reproduction will be actionable under the Lanham Act and common 5 Register Now! Call Thomas at 416-597-4707 law principles.
  6. 6. Electronic Health IDGA 535 5th Avenue, 8th Floor New York, NY 10017 Records Summit TM Mapping the Future for our Military and Government May 24 – 26, 2010 Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner Hotel Vienna, VA Your customer registration code is: TLS / TR When registering, please provide the code above. Important issues to be discussed include: + • The current state of the military's electronic health record system including distinct perspectives across the Armed Services • Debates on standards (including updates and clarification on meeting the meaningful use criteria) 3 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER: • Lessons learned on VA/Kaiser Permanente data sharing 1 Phone: 416-597-4707 over the NHIN 2 E-Mail: thomas.robertson@idga.org • Managing future VA/DOD Interagency IT programs and 3 Fax: 416-598-7934, 24 hours a day initiatives including the VLER • Bridging organizational differences in mission, goals, and terminology 18164.001/D/AK Featuring current case presents a training conference: studies and presentations from VHA, MHS, Electronic Health and HHS Records Summit TM Mapping the Future for our Military and Government May 24 – 26, 2010 Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner Hotel Vienna, VA Register Today! Call Thomas at 416-597-4707