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Check out our first Keynote and discover what are our plans for 2017. One video conference tool with 4 functionalities for an unbeatable price!

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  1. 1. Keynote #1 September 2016
  2. 2. WHAT IS VIS.IO?CHAPTER I. #VisioKeynote!WHAT IS VIS.IO?CHAPTER 1. Hello Thomas,!
  3. 3. 3! The SaaS solution for all your remote meetings WHAT IS VIS.IO?CHAPTER I. #VisioKeynote!
  4. 4. WHAT IS VIS.IO?CHAPTER I. Synchronise meeting planning Share real time availability Start calls automatically Manage confidentiality settings The full picture… #VisioKeynote!
  5. 5. 5! WHAT IS VIS.IO?CHAPTER I. Synchronise Share real tim Start calls au Manage con … Secure … No personal data High level encryption Peer-to-peer communication #VisioKeynote!
  6. 6. 6! WHAT IS VIS.IO?CHAPTER I. Planning … Limitless. Emergencies Meetings Conferences #VisioKeynote!
  7. 7. 7! WHAT IS VIS.IO?CHAPTER I. Really limitless. No restrictions No download No subscription Planning Emergencies Meetings Conferences #VisioKeynote!
  8. 8. 8! WHAT IS VIS.IO?CHAPTER I. Why? #VisioKeynote!
  9. 9. 9! WHAT IS VIS.IO?CHAPTER I. If you’ve already used Skype, Webex or Google Hangout for business meetings… You know why. #VisioKeynote!
  10. 10. 10! WHAT IS VIS.IO?CHAPTER I. What makes us stand apart Complete View Secure Exchanges Easy to Integrate #VisioKeynote!
  11. 11. OUR TEAMCHAPTER II. OUR TEAMCHAPTER II. #VisioKeynote! Hello Thomas,!
  12. 12. Thomas Rigaudeau CEO Nicolas Ilhe CTO Gerard Rigaudeau Manager Guillaume Noel Full Stack Julien Soosai SDK - Socket Business Technology Maxence Cornet Full Stack Dev Elena Amir Growth Hacker Marion Besslich Head of Channel Project Manager October 2016 Ludovic Wucher Short Sales Jérôme Gaspard Ass. Lead Dev. Octobre 2016 Short Sales OUR TEAMCHAPTER II. #VisioKeynote!
  13. 13. 13 Growth, Investment International Sales Strategy Perspective Distribution Chris Lamontagne ex. Head of Growth GetTaxi (Now GETT) Andrea Olivari Co Founder Rocket Internet Barry Larson Trusty Ox Founder Rob & Dave Serial EntrepreneursStructure, Business Development Network, Sales, Business Dev. Scientipôle 01 Ventures Accelerators Mentors OUR TEAMCHAPTER II. #VisioKeynote!
  15. 15. July 2013 January 2014 December 2014 July 2015 March 2016 June 2016 September 2016 Tomorrow, human contact will be a thing of the past! Launch of VisioQuote, an earlier product! It’s working!! And if we diversified?! is conceived of, production starts! launches. ! 3 people, 130 users ! 500,000 euros raised, 1000 users! First Keynote, 4000 users, 12 people! OUR JOURNEYCHAPTER III. #VisioKeynote!
  16. 16. OUR JOURNEYCHAPTER III. #VisioKeynote! Recognition
  17. 17. You don't have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream. ! Michael Dell! OUR JOURNEYCHAPTER III. #VisioKeynote!
  18. 18. CHAPTER IV. WHAT’S NEXT?CHAPTER IV. WHAT’S NEXT? #VisioKeynote! Hello Thomas,!
  19. 19. 19! CHAPTER IV. WHAT’S NEXT? Technology #VisioKeynote!
  20. 20. 20! CHAPTER IV. WHAT’S NEXT? Visio Calendar The most intelligent ever created. Available #VisioKeynote!
  21. 21. 21! CHAPTER IV. WHAT’S NEXT? Visio Calendar #VisioKeynote! Synchronises your meetings with your professional calendar, automatically! Automatically gathers your available slots to make it easier for you! Has a unique link for sharing for simple meeting planning!
  22. 22. 22! CHAPTER IV. WHAT’S NEXT? LiveDesk Chat, discuss, share September 2016 #VisioKeynote!
  23. 23. 23! CHAPTER IV. WHAT’S NEXT? LiveDesk Interact live with all of the visitors on your platform! Instantly begin an audio-video call with your visitors! Share your screen for improved sales support! Not available? A later meeting is offered to your prospective customers! #VisioKeynote!
  24. 24. CHAPTER IV. WHAT’S NEXT? LiveDesk #VisioKeynote!
  25. 25. CHAPTER IV. WHAT’S NEXT? LiveDesk #VisioKeynote! Chat! Audio-Video! Screen sharing!
  26. 26. 26! CHAPTER IV. WHAT’S NEXT? Webinar+ The most simple, the most powerful and the most economic October 2016 #VisioKeynote!
  27. 27. 27! CHAPTER IV. WHAT’S NEXT? Webinar+ Share 8 simultaneous feeds to up to 1000 people! The most economic solution there is! Create and invite in just a few clicks! #VisioKeynote!
  28. 28. 28! CHAPTER IV. WHAT’S NEXT? Lite Call The world’s simplest audio-video call November 2016 #VisioKeynote!
  29. 29. 29! CHAPTER IV. WHAT’S NEXT? Lite Call Enter your correspondent's phone number or email address! A link is sent instantly by email or SMS! Direct connection, no subscription, no download! #VisioKeynote!
  30. 30. 30! CHAPTER IV. WHAT’S NEXT? Premium Visio Calendar Lite Call Webinar+ LiveDesk #VisioKeynote!
  31. 31. 31! CHAPTER IV. WHAT’S NEXT? Premium Calendar 
 Synchronisation Lite Call Webinar+ LiveDesk €9 / User / Month #VisioKeynote!
  32. 32. 32! CHAPTER IV. WHAT’S NEXT? Development #VisioKeynote!
  33. 33. 100 000 20 000 5 000 Q2 2016 Growth Q3 2016 Conversion 33! Users Premium / Business 500 1 000 Q1 2016 AEracFon 2017 MulFplicaFon Q4 2016 IteraFon 2018 'ExponenFalisaFon' CHAPTER IV. WHAT’S NEXT? #VisioKeynote!
  34. 34. 34! CHAPTER IV. WHAT’S NEXT? Today #VisioKeynote!
  35. 35. 35! CHAPTER IV. WHAT’S NEXT? Tomorrow #VisioKeynote!
  36. 36. 36! CHAPTER IV. WHAT’S NEXT? Tomorrow Target: 1,500,000 euros! #VisioKeynote!
  37. 37. CHAPTER IV. WHAT’S NEXT? See you next year ;)! #VisioKeynote! T : (+) 33 1 76 41 02 19 M : Thomas Rigaudeau C.E.O