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presentation project Vabea EN EMB


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presentation project Vabea EN EMB

  1. 1. Vabea District School Solar electrification ERFI (Energy for remote Fiji Islands) February 2015 Thomas Pfeiffer, Dipl.-Ing. (David Norta; Dipl.-Ing.)
  2. 2. Where: Vabea on Ono / Kadavu Bording School Village
  3. 3. Timeline • Assessment t 2015 201520142013 2016 Launch Assessment, PV Design Assessment Fine Assessment Re-Desing 3 Delivery Purchase PV System Idea • Implementation
  4. 4. The village Narikoso Facts & figures: •27 households •1 preschool •2 churches income: •Kava, Taro, Fishing , Cassava
  5. 5. The village Vabea / Waisomo Vabea 9 houses Generator broke down Waisomo 13 houses Generator delivers 20KVA Can be reached by boat from Kavala
  6. 6. Assessment in Nov `13 Integrated
  7. 7. Flexible approach applying Renewable Energy hydro Photovoltaic Windpower Cost for a)Installation High Low Middle b)Operation Low High Middle
  8. 8. Optimization Before selecting the configuration of the Solar, the various options were calculated and simulated.
  9. 9. Situation Delapidated electroinstallation at onset of project due to corrosion (Ocean Water proximity)
  10. 10. Procurement After tender, procurement of electro Installation material
  11. 11. Shipping After tender, procurment of electro Installation material
  12. 12. Landing Logistics require that you dont forget anything or have a backup plan
  13. 13. Decision making Optimized location and attitude of panels:
  14. 14. Installation When solar power is installed, sweat is one result:
  15. 15. Training on the job School Committee members work on batteries with gloves and protective equipment
  16. 16. Training on the job Special simple watering system ensures safe and easy refilling with distilled water
  17. 17. Electro Installation FNU students connecting cables
  18. 18. Electro Installation FNU student team leader while taking of broken lamp to replace it
  19. 19. Security FNU instructs on the installation of the lighting arrester
  20. 20. Training Training and more training
  21. 21. Effect Vabea District school shining
  22. 22. Effect Vabea District school Kitchen • light in the dorm, the kitchen, the toilets and washing facilities. • evening classes • community meetings • recharge mobile phones • teachers are better able to prepare their classes in the evening under light
  23. 23. Vinaka