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Child Helplines and Google


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Child Helplines and Google

  1. 1. Understanding Google Some facts & product demos
  2. 2. 60 Offices in over 30 countries
  3. 3. Google employed 31000 employees In 2011 our employee base has already increased by 7000 people
  4. 4. 2M applications per year We’re hiring across the board with a focus in sales and engineering 2011 will be our biggest hiring year in company history
  5. 5. Health and Wellness
  6. 6. 20% ProjectOver the years, the 20% time program hasgenerated several Google products, includingGoogle News, GMail, Google Talk
  7. 7. Google’s MissionOrganize the worlds information and makeit universally accessible and useful
  8. 8. Evolution of internetDo you remember 2005?You probably used one of these toconnect to the Internet from home…
  9. 9. Evolution of internet There were no smartphones…Source:
  10. 10. Evolution of internetNo Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook…
  11. 11. Evolution of internet eBay looked like this…Source:
  12. 12. Today: Four Evolutionary Trends Mobile Social Personal Local
  13. 13. The Web is mobile
  14. 14. What do people do on mobile phones? Search and shop... 30X Growth in Mobile “Shopping” QueriesSource: Google Internal Data, based on a basket of 20,000 keywords within the shopping category
  15. 15. The Web is social << I’ve already added this photo to my Picasa album #another close talker strikes again… Ive already tweeted about how weird this guy is >>
  16. 16. The Web is personal
  17. 17. The Web is personal Parisian Love The Startup
  18. 18. The Web is personal
  19. 19. The Web is local
  20. 20. Product: Google +
  21. 21. Product: Google +circles hangouts mobileshare what say hello, share what’s around when you’re on thematters face-to- gowith the people face-who to-facematter most
  22. 22. google+ pagesyour google+ page is the centerpiece of your presence on google+22 Google confidential
  23. 23. a single home for your +1’s +1 count/button: this includes +1’s directly on your page, as well as any +1’s on buttons that point to your website’s url* *verification code installation required23 Google confidential
  24. 24. reach the right audience at the right time circles: people can subscribe to your updates. you can also use circles to send targeted messages to smaller groups. 24 Google confidential
  25. 25. meet face to face and join the conversation start a hangout: live, multi-user video chat. you can choose to start a hangout publicly, or with any of your circles. notifications: see whenever someone’s +1’d your page or post, shared or commented on a post, added you to a circle, or mentioned you in a post. 25 Google confidential
  26. 26. getting started step 1: start posting step 2: connect to your website step 3: spread the word step 4: build your circles
  27. 27. Ripples: watch how posts get shared27 Google confidential
  28. 28. Connect your page with Google Analytics (coming soon) Google Analytics: to track your page activity, simply connect to Google Analytics 28 Google confidential
  29. 29. Promote your website29 Google confidential
  30. 30. Google Grants30 Google confidential
  31. 31. Search Onebox31 Google confidential
  32. 32. Google Insights for Search 32 Google confidential
  33. 33. Google Apps33 Google confidential
  34. 34. Understanding Google Some facts & product demos