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Risk Management Consultant Introduction


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Provides an overview of the benefits of becoming a Risk Management Consultant with the US Wellness Chamber of Commerce.

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Risk Management Consultant Introduction

  1. 1. Reducing Other’s Risk WhileReducing Other’s Risk While Building Your Income The Role Of A Risk Management Consultant
  2. 2. Introduction To The Wellness Chamber Began in 1999 Formed to assist employers in the identification d iti ti f l ’ b h i l dand mitigation of employees’ behavioral and lifestyle risks which drive cost to employer Work with employers (single and multi-location)Work with employers (single and multi location) of all sizes and industries nationally including: School districts Cities/counties Service organizations Manufacturers Distribution and transportation companies Non-profitsp And just about every other type of employer/organization! Our programming has been implemented by 1,000+ employers1,000 employers
  3. 3. A Holistic View On Health & Wellness • Physical Functioning Physical Component Functioning • Bodily Pain • General Health • Bio-Metrics Mental/ Emotional Component • Mental Health • Vitality • Social Functioning Three Components of Wellness Component • Social Functioningof Wellness Preparedness Component • Financial Health • Legal Protection
  4. 4. Role Of The Risk Management Consultant Develop new business by offering Chamber Memberships: EmployersEmployers – Paid 50% commission of Membership Fees – Additionally, huge commissions from voluntary, payroll deducted benefits offered to employees Health & Wellness Professionals – $500 for each Membership sold Individuals & Business Owners – Commissions up to ~$250 per Membership sold All commissions are residual (paid every year when client renews!) Facilitate Wellness Launch for each new employer membership sold Optionally develop a sales teamOptionally, develop a sales team Earn valuable override and residual commissions
  5. 5. Employer-Based Membership Includes Ap y p Complimentary Wellness Program •health fair environment •health screenings Wellness Launch •state of the art, proprietary tool •employee and spouse included Health Risk Assessment •one on one consultation for all HRA participants to discuss next steps Health Risk Review•health screenings conducted on-site Launch •quick—only ten minutes to complete Assessment steps •conducted face to face w/ local Health Coach, if available Review •one on one hi f hi h •consistent promotion of •discounts on wellness products andcoaching for high risk individuals ($) •legal/financial resources ($) Intervention promotion of timely health topics throughout the year •includes on-site education Monthly Presentations, Flyers & Newsletters products and services, i.e., cholesterol and glucose testing ($) Access To Additional Resources $ = optional service, fees not included in complimentary wellness program
  6. 6. Logistics Of Employer Transaction RMC introduces proposition to employer prospect T i ll b ili I E l P P iTypically by emailing Intro Employer PowerPoint RMC typically meets with employer prospect to answer questions and provide proposal andq p p p Membership Agreement Chamber is available to support this process RMC obtains signed Employer MembershipRMC obtains signed Employer Membership Agreement Fax into the US Wellness Chamber RMC facilitates the Wellness Launch 45 minute session to kick-off program, complete HRAs, etc. Includes enrollment of voluntary, payroll deduction options Multiple sessions can be held to accommodate different shifts/locations
  7. 7. How Much Will You Make? In 2008, numerous made in excess of $100,000. Top money earner made over $500,000. However, income is based upon individual performance. More practical to evaluate on an hourly basis:More practical to evaluate on an hourly basis: Employer Membership-Based Income Projection: Assumptions: 100 employee employer, 50% voluntary enrollment, 2 hours to get the sale and 8 hours spent on employers who don’t close, 5 hours on-site for Wellness Launch (15 hours total), 60 day sales cycle Projected Income: $5,000 paid in advance + annual residuals Projected Income Per Hour: $333.00 For same employer, several other income streams availablep y , Small Group Wellness Classes (SGWC) Assumptions: one SGWC per quarter with 10 participants in each Projected income: $1,000 in commissions ($25 per enrollee) Cholesterol & Glucose Screening Optional income stream requires purchase of equipment Assumptions: 80% participation, if employer paid Projected Income: $3,199.20 ($39.99 x 80 participants)j $ , ($ p p ) Total income potential per small employer: $9,199.20
  8. 8. How Much Will You Make? (page 2) In addition to employer-based income streams, other opportunities as well. Health & Wellness Membership Recruitment Description: Recruit health and wellness professionals to be Corporate Health Coaches with the US Wellness Chamber Assumptions: $500 commission, two hours invested to get the sale, two hours spent on prospects who don’t close, 14 day sales cycle Projected Income Per Hour: $125.00 NOTE: Typically, Corporate Health Coaches will provide you employer leads to meet with resulting more commissions from the employer perspective (prior slide) Small Group Wellness Class Educator Recruitment Description: Recruit professionals to teach 12 Week Small Group Wellness Classes Commission: $100 per educator recruited Risk Management Consultant Team Building Description: Build a team doing the same thing Up front commission: $50 per RMC recruited Passive and residual income from team’s production can easily exceedPassive and residual income from team s production can easily exceed your direct income!
  9. 9. Training & Support Outstanding support and coaching from both the US Wellness Chamber and the RMC who sponsors you. Training includes: Initial planning callInitial planning call Weekly training calls (recorded for later viewing if you can’t join the live session) Local training sessions held nationally on a weeklyLocal training sessions held nationally on a weekly basis Two day, in-person “group” training class available once a month in numerous markets nationally Field training
  10. 10. Contact Information For questions about the benefits of becoming a Risk Management Consultant, please contact me: Thomas J. Montgomery, MHA, MBA tmontgomery@uswellnesschamber United States Wellness Chamber of Commerce Toll Free: 800-429-4556