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Haam powerpoint


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Haam powerpoint

  1. 1. Health Alliance For Austin Musicians Providing Affordable Health Insurance for Local Musicians
  2. 2. 1991: AustinProclaims itself Huge number of These musiciansthe “Live Music musicians begin to need financial help Capitol of the migrate to Austin. to create their art. World”A Brief History
  3. 3. “The Mission of the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians is to provide access to affordable healthcare for Austin’s low income, uninsured musicians focusing on prevention and wellness.”- HAAM Mission StatementCoverage includes general preventative health insurance,dental insurance, mental health insurance, and the HEARprogram for auditory health.
  4. 4. Organizations like HAAM are constantly having to justify their own existence.Justifying HAAM
  5. 5. • The average working• Live music has musician in Austin become an essential lives well below the part of the Austin poverty line. identity.Live Music Capital ofthe World
  6. 6. Other benefits forAustin
  7. 7. Basic coverage requirements: Workingmusician, 250% of Federal Poverty Levelor Below, Travis County Residency Getting Covered
  8. 8. Primary Care Dental Care Mental Health Care Auditory CareDifferent Types ofCoverage
  9. 9. Enrolment in HAAMprovides general careat the Seaton Familyof Hospitals, whichcovers basic medicalneeds.Primary Care
  10. 10. Dental coverage isprovided through theCapital Area DentalFoundation, andincludes basic dentalcare and surgeries.Dental Care
  11. 11. Mental healthcoverage is providedby the SIMSFoundation, and itcovers therapy andother mental healthneeds.Mental Health Care
  12. 12. Auditory care isprovided by EstesAudiology, through theHEAR Project.Audiology
  13. 13. Other Volunteering OpportunitiesGood Eggs and HAAMVolunteer Activities
  14. 14. Website Organization
  15. 15. Cost to Participants:Sources of Confusion
  16. 16. Additional Sources ofConfusion
  17. 17. Cover Page for the Annual Report!/myhaam
  18. 18. AdditionalCommunication
  19. 19. Health Alliance for Austin Musicians