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Anatomy of Alchemy


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Anatomy of Alchemy

  1. 1. The Anatomy of Alchemy Batson’s Plexus and the NeiJingTu Connections between sexuality & consciousness Thomas McCombs DO He Feng Dao Shi Year of the Wood Horse 4712
  2. 2. References • “Nei Jing Tu- A Daoist Diagram of the Inner Circulation of Man”, David Teh-yu Wang; Journal of the Walter Arts Gallery, Vol 49/50, 1991/1992, pgs 141 – 158 • “The Function of the Vertebral Veins and their Role in the Spread of Metastasis”, Oscar V. Batson, MD; Arch Surg 112:138-149, 1940 • P’u Ming’s “OXHERDING PICTURES & VERSES”, translated by Red Pine, Red Bowl Publications, 1983 & 1987 • “Apprenticeship of the Soul” by Sonjan, Fana Press, 2011
  3. 3. Gratitudes • Share K. Lew; Hua Ching Ni; Mantak Jia; • Ken Cohen, Mark Johnson • Frank Willard, PhD, Stephan Hagopian, DO, Rebecca Guisti, DO, Hirsch Diamant, PhD • Netter, Moore, Pernkopf; Anatomic illustrators
  4. 4. NeiJingTu “Inner Classic Map” • “Canonical diagram of the Inner landscape” • Stele dated 1886 in White Cloud Temple, Beijing; Center of the Complete Reality Sect and the Dragon’s Gate Sect • Lu Dong Pin, Patriarch of Completely Real Daoism and Zhi Dao Guan, composed many terms & poetic references used in NeiJingTu
  5. 5. Not the only Inner Map
  6. 6. Anatomy & Metaphor
  7. 7. Anatomic Correlates • Cranium, mouth & eyes • Throat & heart • Viscera (kidney, spleen, lung, liver & gall bladder) • Pelvic floor & genitals • Spinal channel (shown as a mountain path) collecting from them all, flowing uphill into the cranium
  8. 8. “9 Peaks Mountain” (Home to Shi Wang Mu) • Eyes, mouth & saliva collection • Many intra-cranial fluid channels • Duo Mo & Ren Mo Qi channels/meridians • Curled Tongue “Blue-eyed Foreign Monk supports heaven with his arms” • Pituitary “Old Man’s eyebrow reach down to the ground” (facing anterior) • Pineal “Mud Pill Magic altar” (venting superior)
  9. 9. Heart & Viscera • Ox Boy & Weaving Girl, separate yet adjacent • Heart (accurately) suspended from throat, Ox Boy traces the Northern Dipper stars, touching ZiWei, North Star & patron of astrology • Weaving Girl sits next to the Five Viscera, her ribbon ascends (from breast level) to the spinal channel • other versions show them more explicitly receiving saliva; draining from the mouth (Pool), through the throat (Pagoda), to the heart & viscera
  10. 10. Genitals & Pelvic Floor • “Correct Dan Tian” • Clitoris/Penis depicted as “Iron Bull tills the ground” • Gonads seen as a boy & girl working the “Yin & Yang Mysterious Water Wheel” • “North Sea water flows in reverse” • “Again and again, step by step we turn the great pumps to make the Water rise to the East” • “Even in a lake of ten thousand fathoms, we should penetrate to the bottom, where a sweet spring flows upwards to the top of the South mountains”
  11. 11. Inner Circulation
  12. 12. Micro-cosmic Orbit
  13. 13. Micro-cosmic Orbit • Sexual energy is • Collected in the low pelvis • Lifted up the spinal column • Enters (or washes over top of) cranium • Collects as saliva • Flows down front of torso to the pelvis • Cycles repeatedly
  14. 14. Inner Circulation • Sexual energy (liquid) being collected from the pelvic floor • Pumping action reverses the normal flow of this liquid • Liquid ascends a spinal channel, travelling through several gates • Liquid enters the cranium and bathes/feeds structures within it • Saliva collects and is swallowed • This NeiJingTu has the saliva collection flowing down the throat to the heart & Ox Boy, from there to the viscera & Weaving Girl, from there to the pelvic floor
  15. 15. Northern Dipper Alchemy note the inverted/mirror-image Dipper….Why?
  16. 16. The Ox-Boy sees the Dipper from the Other Side of The Sky: Heaven
  17. 17. Anatomic Correlates & Questions • What physical channels connect the sex organs & brain? • What physical pumps exist to “reverse the flow”? • How does this fluid enter the cranium? • What intra-cranial structures interact with it? • What Nei Dan exercises exist that stoke this flow? • Is there an anatomic/metabolic circuit corresponding to this symbolic spinal/salivary alchemical circuit?
  18. 18. Blood Vessels of the body • Arteries (RED) carry blood away from the heart • Veins (BLUE) return blood to the heart
  19. 19. Schematic of Circulation • Venous BLUE blood enters the right heart • Blood is sent to the lungs, where is is oxygenated (Turns from BLUE to RED) • RED blood is pumped from the heart to the body • BLUE blood is collected and returned to the heart by the veins
  20. 20. Vein have Valves • Valves permit only one-way blood flow • Valves permit blood to return to the heart in increments • Blood is squeezed towards the heart by muscle contraction • Blood is kept from back-flowing (away from the heart) by the valves
  21. 21. Veins in the foot & foreleg • Some veins are just under the skin • Some veins are in deep muscle • All these peripheral veins have valves (white dots)
  22. 22. What veins are missing? • Pulmonary veins drain the lungs (to heart) • Portal vein drains the GI tract (to liver) • Venous Sinuses drain the brain (to jugulars) • Batson’s Plexus drains the pelvis, breasts and spine (to jugulars)
  23. 23. Batson’s Plexus • Veins draining the vertebrae • Veins surrounding the spinal cord • Veins connecting into the braincase • Veins accepting blood from the genitals & breasts • Veins sharing drainage of pelvic & thoracic organs with the central venous (vena cava) system • Blood in pelvic & thoracic organs can drain into both systems
  24. 24. Para-vertebral veins of Batson’s Plexus
  25. 25. Batson’s Plexus • Many inputs from genital organs • Some input from shoulders & pelvis • Not shown: breasts draining (along ribs) into Batson’s Plexus • Batson was looking for how cancers spread from breast, lung and prostate into the spine
  26. 26. Genital blood can drain into either central venous system, or Batson’s plexus • prostatic venous plexus collects blood from prostrate gland, seminal vesicles & bladder • Blood can drain into the central venous system (Internal iliac Vein to Vena Cava), or into the spinal veins
  27. 27. Blood in the lower GI has options: • Drain into the portal system, going on to the liver • Drain into the central system from Iliac vein to vena cava • Drain into Batson’s Plexus
  28. 28. Batson’s Plexus • These veins are valve-less, unlike extremities • Open to flow in all directions • Draining venous blood from breasts & genitalia, not gonads (testes & ovaries have separate blood supply) • Flowing superiorly into the cranium • Mixing with blood draining from brain, pituitary & pineal • Draining into the jugular vein, out to the right heart
  29. 29. Pelvic Floor LOCATE: Uterus, Fallopian tubes & ovaries, sacral and sympathetic nerves. Ovarian blood is supplied from the aorta, draining into the vena cava. Uterus, clitoris & Fallopian tubes also drain blood into Batson’s Venous Plexus.
  30. 30. The Veins that drain The Brain
  31. 31. Batson’s vertebral veins mixing with cranial veins. Batson’s Plexus rises into the skull, running along the floor of the cranium as the Basilar Plexus Basilar plexus drains the brainstem with its cranial nerve nuclei (including salivary nuclei which tell saliva glands to secrete)
  32. 32. View of the under-brain, looking up • Batson’s Plexus entering the skull • Ascending the anterior brainstem, where cranial nerve nuclei abound • Communicating with Cavernous Sinus draining the Pituitary gland • Note the posterior portion of the plexus, heading deeper in to drain the Pineal gland
  33. 33. Brainstem & Cranial Nerves • Note the same view: under- brain, looking up • Cranial nerves operate the eyes, nose, taste, hearing, and more • Cranial Nerves VII, VIII, & IX salivate
  34. 34. Spinal veins flow into the skull only when upright! • One would think that blood in Batson’s Plexus would mix most easily with cranial blood when recumbent • Batson’s Plexus opens when upright, only allowing mixing of spinal and brain blood when vertical • Adepts must be upright (seated/standing) to do Internal Alchemy with Batson’s Plexus
  35. 35. Left: Jugular vein draining brain solo when lying on side Right: Jugular & spinal blood mixing when standing
  36. 36. McCombs Posits: • NeJingTu is describing the mixing of genital venous blood with cranial venous drainage • Genital venous blood carries secretions with potent chemicals • Mixing genital blood with blood draining the Pineal & Pituitary would expose these glands to these secretions • NeiDan techniques deliberately enhance genital venous drainage into Batson’s Plexus, from there upwards into the cranium, from there back into the abdomen as saliva
  37. 37. Spermine & Spermidine • Polyamines first found in sperm, sputum and neural tissue • Promote DNA synthesis, gene expression, cell migration, proliferation & differentiation • Promote longevity across species • Promote female fertility, hair growth, pancreas health, tissue regeneration • Anti-oxidant & free-radical scavenger in cell nucleus • Higher blood levels in centenarians • Ultimately derived from amino acids: L-Arginine and Methionine • Supplement with L-Arginine & SAM-e
  38. 38. Micro-cosmic Orbit FLUIDS: • Genital Venous blood • Directed into Batson’s Plexus • Washes & mixes with venous blood up the spinal column • Enters the cranium through Foramen Magnum • Interacts with cranial contents • Promoting glandular (Pituitary, Pineal, Salivary) activity • Saliva is collected & swallowed • Saliva is mixed with pelvic jing to enter the channels again • One Molecule of Spermidine could cycle around this circuit, over & over & over again…. • “active glands”
  39. 39. Pelvic floor “North Sea Water Flow in Reverse” “Yin & Yang Mysterious Water Wheel” “Again & Again, step by step, we continuously turn the great pumps to make the Water rise to The East”. • What muscles would work to “reverse” the venous drainage of the pelvic floor? • How could NeiDan push venous blood into spinal drainage channels? • “make the Water Rise to The East?”
  40. 40. NeiDan to augment NeiJingTu • Contract the Pelvic Floor Kegel/Hai Gung/Anal Lift • Curl the Tongue on the Sweet Spot • “Pinch/Swallow” • “Arms Cross” • “Daoist prayer” • “North Sea Water Flows in Reverse” • “The Blue-eyed foreign monk holds the heavens” • “To irrigate my own field, I depend on the Fountain of the Upper Valley” • ”To cultivate it, I depend on the Earth of the Middle Palace” • “The Great Pumps make Water Rise to the East”
  41. 41. North Sea Water Flows in Reverse “HaiGong”, or “Kegel”: Pelvic floor muscular contraction • Locate: coccyx, pubes, ischial tuberosities (sit-bones), urethra, anus, gluteus • When the pelvic floor contracts, the anus lifts and the lumbars flatten • NOT the butt-cheeks (gluteus), but deep in-between them • HaiGong will pull the coccyx anterior, lengthening & flexing the lower spine • HaiGong elongates Batson’s Plexus as all pelvic organs lift, draining their blood into venous channels
  42. 42. “The Blue-eyed foreign monk holds up the sky” • Curl/retroflex the tongue • Reach the under-tip to the top/center of the palate • A sweet taste will activate as you hit the spot • Collect the sweet saliva
  43. 43. “The Great Pumps make the Water Rise to the East”: “Daoist Prayer” Sitting with legs straight & together, thumb & index touch pads while resting on the knees. Start with breath empty. Poodle optional.
  44. 44. Begin with the breath empty, palms pressing together at the Lower Dan Tian
  45. 45. Inhale continues as the hands scoop down the legs, and circle back to LDT
  46. 46. Breath is held at full inhale, the eyes looking down the middle fingers
  47. 47. Exhale out the open mouth as the palms float to rest on the knees
  48. 48. Of all mysterious structures within the skull…
  49. 49. The pineal “Third eye” represents evolution’s earlier (First eye!) approach to photoreception • Still a third-eye in ancient vertebrates • Well vascularized & innervated • Not within the “blood- brain barrier” • Collects “brain-sand” throughout life • The size of grain of rice • Secretes melatonin when the lights fall • Abundant secretion of melatonin in children • Secretes less melatonin to permit puberty • Postulated to secrete hallucinogen DMT • “The principal seat of the soul” R. Descartes
  50. 50. Brain Sand in the Pineal • Collects throughout life • More in dementia • CaPO4, CaCO3 Mg PO3, NH3PO4 • Fluoride harmful to pineal • Fluoride damage reduced by fish-liver oils and Vitamin K
  51. 51. Stargate by Sonjan (Chris McCombs) • What if I told you there is a stargate hidden in the crown of your head? A portal between worlds, the gateway to “The Kingdom”, closer than your own nose? Would you be interested in such a journey? • The corridor lies between the pineal gland and the crown of your head. • It is so unknown in the west, there isn’t even a name for it in English.
  52. 52. Stargate, continued • But it is there, waiting for you to become interested in the adventure. The Ancients called it the Brahmarandra Nadi: The Stairway to Heaven. • It moves between your individuality and your non-local self. Open it and you are flooded with light. It is your birthright to travel this road any time you want. • The only cost: “Check your ego at the door”.
  53. 53. Sonjan “I consider this to be the most advanced approach to the deeper levels of God Realization on the planet today”
  54. 54. Lu DongPin “The Iron Ox plows the field where coins of gold are sown The Boy engraves the stone, stringing up coins A grain of rice contains the world Cook the Mountains & Rivers in a two-sheng (small) cauldron The White-headed Old Man’s eyebrows hang to the Earth The Blue-eyed foreign monk supports the heavens with his arms Understand this Mystery; outside this mystery, there is no other mystery”
  55. 55. “In one grain of rice, the World is contained” Lu Dong Pin