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Digipa k

  1. 1.  DIGI-PAK ANALYSIS Aim; To explore digi-pak examples that correlate to the genre chosen. This is the first digi-pak that I am analysing. I find that this is the route that I can see my artist going down. It has a very mystical feel and this is created through the framing and the actual image . In a sense photographing the house and have a slight angled mid-shot woks at creating this pathway to the house, in which the female is walking to. The fact that the house is yellow and the sky is blue is a clear juxtapostion in the framing of the shot and highlights that this image is not a reality. In fact it is a superficial enhanced image. I find that he fact that the album cover focuses on the old times gives an insight into the type of genre of music may appear on the CD. My initial thought would have been that the music that is created by “Kate Nash” is quite niche and in some respects indie with a feel good factor; in which it is. The mystical/fantasy feel is re-created through the typography that has been applied on the album cover, which has curves but, is not necessarily neat. The fact that the font is white the whole way through the digi-pak also helps to keep continuity overall and have links between existing colours on the cover such as the white, being the colour of the daisy’s in the garden. The way that the female is portrayed in both of the album covers that I analysed from Kate Nash was in a quite unconventional sexual way. This is clear in the top cover when the female is wearing a short dress and is wearing the colour red which is closely linked with sexual lust for someone else. As well as the other cover were a female poses seductively to suggest that she is objectified as an item of sex.
  2. 2. Norah Jones;Take me home This is the Norah Jones digi-pak for the album “Take Me Home”. I find that the most successful feature about this album cover is that it has a very organic feel that makes the music seem very natural and organic. The fact that the background colour is duck and has a tinged orange also helps to create this sense, seeing as those exact colours create a warming and inviting tone. The actual digi-pak has a very old feel to the design of the cover, which makes it seem as though Jones is trying to bring back an old time, but still modernise that old time with a twist. Norah Jones is the sole focus of the album cover as her image is on the front cover, which is something that you expect from an artist but, the fact that she has her image on a blurred background only helps to create the message that she is the most important on the cover. The consistent orange and brown colours on the digi-pak holds the cover together as one, creating continuity and a clear design. There is an image on the back cover of the digi-pak and this also aided the homemade feel of the outcome and this was created through the masking tape that got put on the corner of the image. Other things to keep in mind when making my outcome include the conventions of this type of media. The types of conventions that appear on this album cover include: a barcode for purchasing purposes, consistent colour schemes and the record company that signs the artist.
  3. 3. Norah Jones;…Little Hearts Broken “Little Broken Hearts” is the other digi-pak witch I created. The digi-pak, is the exact route that I want to avoid going down. This is because it has a mainstream feel that is created through the bright pinks that appear on the front cover, the typical bold font that is associated with mainstream pop artists and the shoot that is accompanied by it. The shot of Norah Jones is a close up and unlike her other album cover she is portrayed as a sexual object and this is because se has no clothing straps showing and because the audience are positioned so that they can only assume that all she is wearing is red lipstick. Which once again has connotations of lust and desire. I do not want these connotations as they don’t give off the impression that the artists has musical integrity and has came out of music college. Which would mean that this does not fit the brief that I set myself. The main thing that I have learnt from analysing this album cover is convention types that I should try to apply to my album cover such as the main title, the slogan, an image, te title listing etc.
  4. 4. Ella Fitzgerald; Music and Moonlight The style of the covers that Ella Fitzgerald has is what I can see myself trying to re-create and this is because it has a very artistic feel. Every single cover that I looked at incorporated a sense of drawing which gives the covers an unusual feel nowadays. Especially, with convergence in the world of technology which has seen more modern types of mediums used and older techniques such as drawings die out. Unfortunately as these album covers are quite old, finding the whole digi-pak was very difficult. So, I can only judge the cover by the by the front cover. Unlike, the other covers that I saw there is far less elements on the cover of this digi-pak as, it only has minimal details, The one thing that I found fairly interesting is the development of album covers over time and how technology has been such as influence to the covers, over time seeing as the first cover I looked at relied heavily on photo manipulation on Photoshop and the last one, for Ella Fitzgerald only used drawing elements. So, something I need to keep in mind is the style I want to create.