A ha-presentation


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A ha-presentation

  1. 1. “Take on me”
  2. 2. OVERALL ESSCENCE  “Take me on”  Take on me is the least conventional type of music video that I have seen and this is because it revolves around animation and. I basically focused on the animation skills that this music video applied. This was because my initial idea is to bring animation to the type of music that I am looking at. I feel that the animation in this video is iconic and although, It may not be the exact same genre of music that I am looking at. It is definitely a music video that I need to look at. And this is because the music video at the time was very revolutionary at creating animation and then complying it to a music video.  The music video is not as organic as the music video for Norah Jone’s single and this is because this music video is more mainstream and mass appealing overall. I really like the music video from a creative perspective and this is because the music video tried to at the time it was released create something that was innovative. The fact that the music video has transitions from digital and animation also shows a level of profession. It has clever tricks that have not been applied to music videos before this was released, including drawing the characters in a stop animation style and having digital overlaid over the drawings.  The style of animation works well with the overall tempo and pace of the video as the video’s music itself, is really fast pasted, so benefitted from the series of quick drawings.
  3. 3. GOODWIN “Take on me” complies with the approach that Goodwin made after investigating music videos. The music video has a wide range of shots but predominantly focuses on the close up shots and this therefore correlates with the approach that Goodwin set. These types of shots also help the video to establish the main artist which in this case were a band with a lead singer. The close ups also help the transition from slide to slide which is essential in the running of an animation music video. In some respect the video also kept with the approach that Goodwin set as, the video had a correlation to what was shown visually on screen and what was sang including the line “take on me”, when the main artist was looking at the female almost in fashion that stated come and get me. Which aided the narrative of the female trying to get the male.