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2013 iEARN Youth Summit - Thomas Liu

An iEARNer that learned iEARN for less than one year - Thomas Liu Doha, Qatar 7/4/2013

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2013 iEARN Youth Summit - Thomas Liu

  1. 1. An i EARNer that learned i EARN for less than one year. By: Huan-Cheng Liu (Thomas Liu, 劉奐呈 ) 高雄市立陽明國民中學 Kaohsiung Municipal Yangming Junior High SchoolKaohsiung Municipal Yangming Junior High School 中華民國中華民國 Republic of ChinaRepublic of China
  2. 2. Outline
  3. 3. Self-introduction  My name is Thomas Liu.  Born in 2000, Millennium or Year of Dragon.  13 years old.  From Kaohsiung, Republic of China.  7th grade student at Kaohsiung Municipal Yangming Junior High School.
  4. 4. Self-introduction  Joined i EARN last year, in 2012.  Participated in two i EARN projects:  “Holiday Card Exchange”  “Youth CaN.”  Got the first place in i EARN PBL contest in this April.
  5. 5. My School  Kaohsiung Municipal Yangming Junior High School located in Kaohsiung, Republic of China.  Around 4000 students and 250 teachers in this school.  School Motto is “HUMANISM, MORALITY, HARMONY, VITALITY.” Our lovely school campus.
  6. 6. Holiday Card Exchange  My English teacher, Mrs. Chen participated in the 2011 i EARN conference.  She shared i EARN with our class in 2012.  Afterward, I knew how great i EARN is.  Mrs. Chen helped us enroll groups on internet.  We found the information of other countries.  We made posters, and shared them with our classmates. 分 組 名 單 班級 Class 組別 Group 團名 Group name: ______________ Name 組長 (領導能力、英語能力) 美工長(美工能力) 繪畫長(繪畫能力) 資訊長(資訊能力) 創意長(創意能力) 機動長(機動功能)
  7. 7. Holiday Card Exchange  Then we made cards for our friends.  We waited for their cards to arrive to Kaohsiung.  Two schools in Kaohsiung didn’t send their cards, so we didn’t get them.  We opened the cards and learned more of the differences in different schools.
  8. 8. Holiday Card Exchange  Some problems we encountered:  The age of our partners  The time limit for us doing this project  The expensive postal fee  The content of the cards we got  Some of my classmates were a little disappointed, because we put a lot of effort into this project, but the cards that we got weren’t what we expected. John McCrae P.S. (Canada) Age of students involved: 8-9 Lisova kazka (Ukraine) Age of students involved: 6-10 OŠ Domžale (Slovenia) Age of students involved: 9-10
  9. 9. Youth CaN  My club teacher told me about Youth CaN, so I signed up for it.  i EARN Taiwan holds a 3-day winter camp for Youth CaN in February.  On the first day we did a “Flag for the Future” project.  Every group chose a topic to change our environment.  Our group wanted to “Prevent UNDERAGE Smoking.”
  10. 10. Youth CaN  We started our second day talking with i EARN’s founder Mr. Peter Copen.  All groups started to work on their projects.  We listed our ideas on our posters to let other groups know what we were doing.  Each group exchanged their ideas.
  11. 11. Youth CaN  On the third day, six teachers came to talk with us and tell us what to improve.  We made a poster and learned to just leave our important ideas on the poster.  We combined our “ Prevent UNDERAGE Smoking” poster with a PowerPoint.  Finally, our teachers told us about the Qatar youth summit.
  12. 12.  Taiwan iEARN PBL Contest was held on April 27, 2013.  Our teachers notified me about this contest because I’m going to the youth summit in Qatar. PBL Contest
  13. 13. PBL Contest  Our topic is about “Holiday Card Exchange”.  Teacher Vivian and Eppie chose Willy, Yokky, Eric and me to represent YMJH in the Contest.
  14. 14. PBL Contest  We prepared and practiced for the PBL Contest during our nap time every day for two months.
  15. 15. PBL Contest  We started with nothing.  Willy made the PowerPoint, and I wrote our lines.  After two months of training, we got the First Place in this PBL Contest.  All four of us learned the importance of teamwork for problem solving.
  16. 16. Youth Summit at Qatar  i EARN holds an international Youth Summit every year,  I decided to attend the 2013 Youth Summit at Doha, Qatar.  My English teacher attended the 2011 Conference, so I asked her what I need to do at the conference.  I registered my account, and submitted my proposal.  I also applied for the scholarship for the 2013 i EARN 20th International Conference & 17th Youth Summit.  Luckily I got the scholarship.
  17. 17. Youth Summit at Qatar  got my scholarship  prepared my project.  chose my topic  An i EARNer that learned i EARN for less than one year.  submitted my project again,  it was considered to be a Poster rather than a Presentation.  they thought my work wasn’t complete.  Explained I uploaded an outline, not the final version.  i EARN Qatar accepted my explanation  changed it to a 15-minute Presentation.
  18. 18. Youth Summit at Qatar  Everyone needs to practice a dance to dance for the culture night.  My dancing skills aren’t good, so I took a lot of time to practice.  We also used Facebook to talk about our ideas and about our projects.  All of the members also needed to go to the meetings about this Qatar trip.
  19. 19. The Value for Youth Summit at i EARN  What did I learn from i EARN?  Global citizenshipGlobal citizenship  TeamworkTeamwork  Communication with other countriesCommunication with other countries  Sharing my experiencesSharing my experiences  Learning other culturesLearning other cultures