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Burma and Cambodia 2006


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Burma is the most wonderful and mystical country. Follow along a on peaceful cruise on the "Road to Mandalay"

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Burma and Cambodia 2006

  1. 1. Governor’s Residence Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) This was formerly the home of the Governor during British Colonial times.
  2. 2. Reclining Buddha Yangon, Burma
  3. 3. One of 22,000+ Pagoda’s In Burma
  4. 4. Lacquer Factory Burma
  5. 5. 22 Year Old Star In Burma
  6. 6. Sunset View of Hundred’s of Pagoda’s in Burma
  7. 7. Our Guide “Sun” takes us through the Vegetable Market in Burma
  8. 8. All vegetables are purchased at the local markets
  9. 9. The ship’s Master Chef gave us a tour of the galley.
  10. 10. We witnessed a procession of “Novice” Monks heading to an initiation ceremony.
  11. 11. Very young “Novice” Monks being initiated so their grandparents would see them as Monks before they pass away.
  12. 12. Our ship prepares food for local Monks twice per week.
  13. 13. Up to seven inches thick gold leaf has been applied to this Buddha. Each square foot has 25,200,000 gold leaf squares applied one at a time by followers.
  14. 14. Our tour guide “Sun” demonstrates how gold leaf is processed.
  15. 15. Thousands of gold leaf layers being pounded into .0004 thick sections.
  16. 16. Siem Reap Cambodia
  17. 17. All Musicians are victims of land mines in Cambodia
  18. 18. Sally and I wish each of you the Happiest New Year