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Embedding Employability Within The Computing Curriculum


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These slides introduce methods which can be used to consider the ways in which employability can be added to the Computing curriculum for UK universities. Examples are given at the course, module and individual student levels.

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Embedding Employability Within The Computing Curriculum

  1. 1. Embedding Employability Into The Computing Curriculum Thomas Lancaster
  2. 2. Improved Professional Practice• Universities need to be providing methods for students to differentiate themselves from other candidates – Addressing the “So What?” Factor• Employability opportunities can be integrated within the curriculum• Many Higher Education Institutions are already doing this
  3. 3. Course Level• Computing courses can be designed to include the vendors and technologies that are currently needed within industry• Opportunities for professional accreditation and vendor certification can be embedded within the course
  4. 4. Module Level• Individual modules can incorporate real life examples – Case studies – Guest speakers from industry• Assessments can be developed to be suitable for including within a Portfolio
  5. 5. Individual Student Level• Students can take advantage of opportunities outside of their core modules – Extra-curricular activities – Work experience – Development of Professional Online Presences – Entrepreneurial endeavours• Students should be supported to take Sandwich Year Placements
  6. 6. Best Practice• Best practice is documented throughout the Computing Education literature• All good experiences should be shared with the wider Higher Education community