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Unlocking the power of video to illuminate insights


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Tech entrepreneur and Voxpopme CEO Dave Carruthers explores the power of video and how technological developmemts allow us to identify the human stories behind our data.

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Unlocking the power of video to illuminate insights

  1. 1. Unlocking the Power of Video to Illuminate Insights Dave Carruthers, CEO & Founder at Voxpopme Ben Gilgoff, Executive Director, Global Customer & Brand Insights Primary Care “The views expressed in this presentation are the personal views of the author(s) and may not be understood or quoted as being made on behalf of or reflecting the position of Merck & Co., Inc. or any of its subsidiaries worldwide. Views are presented solely to aid discussion and should not be interpreted as company policy or guidance”
  2. 2. Video is now ubiquitous
  3. 3. 83% of all data traversing the internet will be video by 2020. *Statistics sourced: Statista & Brandwatch It touches all aspects of our lives
  4. 4. It touches all aspects of our lives videos watched and shared on Snapchat every, single, day. 10bn *Statistics sourced: Statista & Brandwatch
  5. 5. Technology has changed the game
  6. 6. How do we know? Dave Carruthers CEO Co-Founder of Voxpopme 10+ years experience in developing technology businesses I have a unique understanding of the market from both a technical and commercial perspective. Ben Gilgoff Executive Director, Global Customer & Brand Insights Primary Care at Merck Passionate research professional with a unique perspective on how to optimize various analytical disciplines in effective decision making.
  7. 7. We've done a lot of research, so we know video is… An undeniably powerful storyteller Cumbersome to record, analyze and share But...
  8. 8. So the thought of traditional video research often… leaves us feeling a little like this guy
  9. 9. Capturing video Challenge Solution Benefit Instant, visual consumer connections Geographical and personnel demands Video capture in any survey, from any device
  10. 10. Analyzing video Challenge Solution Benefit Searchable content, auto categorized into key themes Time consuming to find and understand insight Advanced, fast and scalable video analytics
  11. 11. Sharing video Challenge Solution Benefit Engaging stories that drive action Time and video editing skills required Simple, custom showreel generation
  12. 12. Why use video? Purpose & Benefits • Maximize the value of quantitative studies by making the findings believable and sticky to your audience. • Respondents want to tell you their story in their words not yours. • Gain instant credibility by having respondents explain their rational vs. the Researcher trying to explain it. • Save time and energy in explaining controversial or unusual findings • People get tired of looking at graphs and slides
  13. 13. Where to collect video? Ideas: • Awareness Tracking and Usage (ATU) Studies • Forecasting Studies • Messaging Tracking/Testing Studies • Copy Testing
  14. 14. Enriching respondent’s journeys Just incentivizing is no longer enough… Easy and engaging journey Shorter Surveys Use video to engage and discover their stories We must build an environment that makes survey fatigue a thing of the past!
  15. 15. But don’t take our word for it "I like that I can express exactly how I feel, say exactly what I want to say and be able to portray my emotion when I say it.”
  16. 16. Video challenges the status quo Drives action across organizations with unarguable insight and powerful narratives
  17. 17. 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text *Statistic sourced: Forbes Enriching the c-suite’s experience
  18. 18. Helping to visualize research "It's not Hollywood - these are people's raw feelings that you see. This video feedback has been incredibly useful for us in finding out what our customers think and driving change.” Oliver Wilson, Customer Insight Manager, Asda
  19. 19. How it works
  20. 20. Why Voxpopme video
  21. 21. Our Experience 4 Global Offices 40+ Languages Available 100+ Major Brands 1M Videos Collected
  22. 22. For more information Dave Carruthers Founder & CEO Voxpopme E: Video Insight Made Easy