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CV Thomas Nygaard Hamann 2013


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CV Thomas Nygaard Hamann 2013

  1. 1. January 2013Curriculum Vitae Thomas Nygaard Hamann - Senior strategy manager with scientific PhD backgroundPersonal informationName: Thomas Nygaard Hamann Address: Poppel Allé 25 HareskovbyDate of Birth: April 25 , 1976 th DK-3500 Værløse, DenmarkNationality: Danish Phone: +45 30 75 08 58Marital status: Married, 1 child Email: thmn@novonordisk.comLinkedIn: Senior Strategy Manager at DRU Strategy and Sourcing, Novo Nordisk A/S working with the global research strategy within the diabetes area (current position) Associate at McKinsey & Company, Copenhagen, working mainly on corporate strategy processes, with primary focus on outsourcing strategy, cost reduction, competitor analysis and resource efficiency in medium and large pharmacos PhD degree in life science biochemistry and biotechnology (University of Copenhagen, LIFE), MSc in biology/biotechnology (University of Copenhagen, LIFE) Commercial research experience from Ampliqon ApS and Novozymes A/S, R&D, Fungal Screening Entrepreneurial and project management experience from two company start-ups Structured, ambitious and empathetic team player with strong analytical and project management skills Energetic and outgoing with positive humorous attitudeProfessional background2011 (Feb) - …Novo Nordisk A/S – Senior Strategy Manager – Diabetes Research UnitA healthcare company and a world leader in diabetes care. >33.000 employees worldwide.Role Working with global diabetes research strategy as project manager for strategic projects of varying type, e.g. PM of Novo Nordisk corporate strategy update (DRU part), concept development of new strategic initiatives in close collaboration with top-management, development of business planes for new initiatives, and various process optimization tasks.Key results and developed competencies Successful driver of numerous strategic projects Outstanding rating First-hand knowledge concerning decision making processes in top-management Clear and relevant communication with top-management 1
  2. 2. January 20132010 (Feb)- 2011 (Jan)McKinsey & Company – Associate (experienced hire) – Copenhagen OfficeInternational management consulting company. Approx. 90 consultants in Copenhagen.Role Working mainly on corporate strategy processes, with primary focus on outsourcing strategies, cost reduction, competitor analyses and resource efficiency within medium and large pharmacos and biotech companiesKey results and developed competencies McKinsey ‘toolbox’ (clear communication, stakeholder/client management, problem solving, process and project management, analytical tools) McKinsey mini-MBA course completed Good internal McKinsey ratings2009-10 (Jan)Ampliqon ApS (Bioreagents and Molecular Diagnostics) – research scientistSmall-scale PCR enzyme and bioreagent manufacturer with 10-15 employees.Role Development of a novel DNA amplification technology for research and diagnosticsKey results and developed competencies De facto team manager for minor production department Optimization of production processes, leading to higher throughput of production enzymes Sparring with CSO about future company strategy2004-05Novozymes – research scientistDepartment of Fungal Screening, Research and Development at Novozymes, dealing primarily with thescreening and initial testing of potential enzymes for various purposes.Roles Development of systematic approach to annotation of novel genes discovered through transposon assisted signal trapping (TAST) of numerous organisms Evaluation of commercial potential of the genes discoveredKey results and developed competencies 1 patent obtained (see publication list, page 4) Successful optimisation of TAST annotation process Obtained understanding of working commercially with biotechnology and the importance of creating professional networksReference: Professor Lene Lange (former Science Director), +45 2443 2040, 2
  3. 3. January 2013Educational background2005-09PhD, Natural Products Biochemistry and BiotechnologyFaculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen, DenmarkTitle: “Functionally Active Water-Soluble Membrane Proteins Obtained Using Nanodisc Technology”.Short description of project: see page 4.Main areas of research Nanodisc technology Integral membrane protein purification and solubilsation Gene cloning and gene modification Heterologous protein expression and expression optimisation Protein interactions and protein modellingKey results and developed competencies 5 research publications in peer-reviewed journals, 3 posters (see publication list, page 4) Nanodisc technology established, optimised, and utilised for protein analyses Detailed homology modelling of the interaction between CYPs and their electron donor Collaboration and stay in foreign laboratories (US) and conference participation Ability to implement and evaluate new research ideas and to troubleshoot on experimental setups Teaching and planning of the BSc course Experimental Molecular Biology, BSc project supervisor, and assistant teacher in Plant Molecular Biology for visiting high school classesReference: Professor Birger Lindberg Møller, +45 3533 3352, blm@life.ku.dk1997-04MSc, Biology/Biotechnology (average grade 10.4 (former Danish 13-grade scale))Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen, DenmarkMaster Thesis at Novozymes: “Heterologous Expression of Plant Genes in Filamentous fungi”. 1 research publication in peer-reviewed journal (see publication list, page 4)Reference: Professor Lene Lange, +45 2443 2040, lla@adm.aau.dkEntrepreneurial experienceI have strong entrepreneurial skills, which so far have led me to start up two companies and various projectsbased on visionary and creative ideas. I thrive being part of innovative environments where creative ideas areturned into reality. My strengths are in leading people towards a common goal as well as in the developmentand implementation phases, where my sense for detail and functionality as well as proactive and energeticapproach is of great value.2008 - … - company start upThis company is based on a novel idea for a work hour registration system on mobile phones focussing onfunctionality and simplicity. The initial group behind consists of 4 people. 3
  4. 4. January 2013Roles Developing a business plan with focus on customer value creation, business model development, marketing/sales analysis and strategies, and potential exit strategies Designing and programming web and mobile interfaces using PHP, Javascript, MySQL, HTML, and FlashKey results and developed competencies Ability to idea generate and collaborate with people from various different professional backgrounds Acquired the necessary skills to code in various programming languages A beta version of a web and mobile interface is in place and the first pilot project is being tested2007Knowledge based entrepreneurship (PhD course)At this DTU PhD course I have developed the academic competencies to develop a business plan and handleknowledge based ideas with business potential.2000-07Hamann Light Production - company start-upThis personal company was started after many years of involvement in Danish music and theatre business.Key projects Saybia European concert tours (2000-02) – chief lighting designer and lighting logistics Kolding Design School fashion shows (2004-07) – Production manager and lighting designer Chief lighting designer at numerous large concerts, shows, and theatre plays (2000-07)Key results and developed competencies Developed strong project management skills dealing with customers, logistics, and budgets Developed strong leadership skills through organising and motivating volunteer helpers and staffMiscellaneous IT skills: Expert user in amongst other things MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project, Visio), ability to build and program complex Excel models, Vector NTI bioinformatics software package, DNAStar, SYBYL 8.0 protein modeller software Language skills: Danish (native), English (fluent in writing and speaking), German (conversation level) Leisure time: Running, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, and hiking. Furthermore, I enjoy playing music, travelling and socializing with friends and family.Visions for future professional development Building on my vast experiences working with business development and strategy in DRU to explore new working areas in Novo Nordisk while at the same time developing management competencies Leading a team of competent and motivated colleagues Working in an innovative environment with exciting and challenging carrier opportunities 4
  5. 5. January 2013Short description of PhD projectEnzymes are thought to co-localize in supra-molecular multi-enzyme complexes termed metabolons. Themolecular mechanisms governing such metabolon formation remain elusive, and obtaining of direct evidencewas attempted through establishment and optimisation of nanodisc technology and through homologymodelling. The nanodisc technique exploits self-assembling discoidal phospholipid bilayers encircled by astabilizing amphipatic helical membrane scaffold protein (MSP) to reconstitute membranes with integralproteins. Necessary membrane-anchored and cytosolic enzymes from an entire pathway with strong evidencefor substrate channelling were reconstituted in the nanodiscs. Preliminary results suggest successfulreconstitution of the membrane-anchored parts of an entire pathway. Binding studies with interacting solublepartners are being performed.Publications and patentsResearch publications in peer-reviewed journals:  Hamann, T., Laursen, T., Møller, B.L. 2009. Functional expression of N-terminally tagged membrane bound cytochrome P450. Protein expression and purification (doi:10.1016/j.pep.2009.06.005)  Hamann, T., Borch, B. 2009. The Nanodiscs: A novel tool for membrane protein studies. Invited review. Biological chemistry (doi:10.1515/BC.2009.091) Hamann, T., Osmani, S., Møller, B.L. 2009. Predicting protein-protein interactions in the Sorghum bicolor Dhurrin metabolon through homology modelling. In preparation. Hamann, T., Møller, B.L. 2007. Improved cloning and expression of cytochrome P450s and cytochrome P450 reductase in yeast. Protein expression and purification, 56 (1): 121-127 (doi:10.1016/j.pep.2007.06.007). Bak S., Paquette S.M., Morant M., Morant A.V., Saito S., Bjarnholt N., Zagrobelny M., Jørgensen K., Osmani S., Hamann, T., Simonsen H.T., Sanchez R., van Heeswijck T.B., Jørgensen B., and Møller B.L. 2006. Cyanogenic glycosides: a case study for evolution and application of cytochromes P450. Phytochemistry Reviews, 5 (2-3): 309-329 (doi:10.1007/s11101-007-9063-3). Hamann, T., Lange, L. 2006. Discovery, cloning and heterologous expression of secreted potato proteins reveal erroneous pre-mRNA splicing in Aspergillus oryzae. Journal of Biotechnology, 126 (3): 265-276, nov 10 (doi:10.1016/j.jbiotec.2006.04.026).Issued patent: Patent: Lange, L., Sørensen, H.R., Hamann, T. 2006. New Penicillium arabinofuranosidase, used in dough and useful in an ethanol process, mashing process, and for producing a feed composition. Novozymes A/S. Patent number: WO2006/125438-A1.Posters:  Hamann, T., Osmani, S., Grimme, S., Bak, S., Sligar, S.G., Møller, B.L. 2008. Metabolon formation in natural product synthesis studied by Nanodisc anchoring and 3D modelling. 9th International Symposium on Cytochrome P450 biodiversity and biotechnology. Nice. France.  Hamann, T., Grimme, S., Duan, H., Sligar, S.G., Møller, B.L. 2007. Metabolon formation in natural product synthesis studied by Nanodisc anchoring. Gordon Conference on plant metabolic engineering. Tilton. US.  Grimme, S., Hamann, T., Duan, H., Duval, F., Schuler, M., Werck-Reichhart, D., Møller, B.L., and Sligar, S.G. 2006. Soluble nanoscale lipid bilayer particles for reconstitution of plant metabolons. HFSP conference, Paris. 5