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  1. 1. Talent Fusion by Monster
  2. 2. 2 The Paradox of Choice PRESSURE COMPLEXITY YOUR REALITY: Forced to spend more time navigating the process Less time spent finding better talent THE WORLD OF HR & HIRING MANAGERS To do more with less resources More choices than ever before
  3. 3. 3 Talent Fusion by Monster TALENT FUSION IS DESIGNED TO HELP YOU FIND BETTER™ To hurdle these barriers you don’t need more ways to find talent, you need a more complete and simpler way to FIND BETTER
  4. 4. 4 The Barriers to Finding Better Talent STRATEGY TECHNOLOGY TIME TALENT Do you have the right plan to meet your business needs? Battling outdated HR infrastructure or struggling to integrate the latest tools? Wishing there were more hours in the day? Trying to do more with fewer people? Whether you are hiring for a single role, or driving a 3,000-person ramp-up, Talent Fusion by Monster will help you overcome critical recruiting issues. Key staffing challenges are addressed across four distinct barriers, including:
  5. 5. As an extension of your team, Talent Fusion by Monster is designed to deliver pre-qualified and interested candidates 5MONTH 2014
  6. 6. 6 Service Offerings Sourcing Solutions – Talent Fusion Model • Requisition Based • Candidate Sourcing and Development On Demand Recruitment Solutions • Dedicated Talent Fusion Recruiter • Sourcing through Hire • Project based or Ongoing Enterprise Solutions • Large Scale Recruitment or Sourcing Solutions • Across Enterprise or at Division Level • Talent Acquisition Consulting
  7. 7. 7 Talent Fusion by Monster Branding Reporting Total Sourcing Strategy Reach Product Technologies and Tools Talent Concierge Candidate Experience Saving Time Increased Recruiter Productivity Shorter Time To Hire Reduced Cost Per Hire PLAN • Scope Project • Design Program • Recruitment Strategy REACH & ATTRACT • Find candidates • Pinpoint top prospects CONTACT & QUALIFY • Pre-screen • Shortlist DELIVER • Qualified, interested candidates (hire now or later) • Custom reporting Stronger Value & ROI from Start to Finish
  8. 8. 8 Qualified and Interested Candidates JOB POSTINGS MEDIA NAME GENERATION MARKETING CAMPAIGNS RESUME MINING NETWORKING • • Diversity Network • Veteran • Industry Verticals • SEO • Career Ad Network • Banners & Landing Pages • Mobile • Audience Sponsorship • Yahoo! Network • Web Crawling • Social & Search • Associations/ User Grps • Interest Capture • Text • Email • Phone • Newsletter • Virtual Career Fairs • Monster Database • Diversity & Veterans • Client Databases • Social Media • Phone based Networking • Social Networking • Direct Sourcing WORLD CLASS TALENT SUPPLY AND DEMAND INTELLIGENCE BEST PRACTICES IN JOB BRANDING AND CANDIDATE ATTRACTION DEVELOP TOTAL SOURCING STRATEGY (ACTIVE, PASSIVE AND TARGETED CANDIDATES) TEXT CAMPAIGNS EMAIL CAMPAIGNS PHONE CAMPAIGNS CANDIDATE PRESCREEN • Qualify • Position • Communicate • Expectations CANDIDATE DELIVERY • Fill strategy, time, technology and talent gaps • Transparent, detailed reporting AWARD-WINNING PLATFORMS: • Power Resume Search • Cloud Solutions • 6Sense PLAN REACH & ATTRACT CONTACT & QUALIFY DELIVER
  9. 9. The Talent Fusion team consists of functional, industry experts dedicated to help your company find better talent. Providing you personal service with strict attention to detail along every step of the process. 9 Let Us Help You Find the Right Talent Tailor-Made Engagements Dedicated Talent Fusion Contact Sliding-Scale Pricing Model Custom Services
  10. 10. 10 The Benefit of Detailed Reporting PLAN REACH & ATTRACT CONTACT & QUALIFY DELIVER COMMENTS SUCCESSES/PROGRESS: Since the start of the engagement, Monster Talent Fusion has delivered 21 qualified and interested candidates. We have been able to source and prescreen a diversified candidate pool of 355 candidates. CHALLENGES: Based on the salary budgeted for this position, we are finding that many candidates with these specific qualifications are requesting higher compensation. This in turn, is limiting the prospective candidate pool. PROCESS IMPROVEMENT: Based on the feedback from the hiring manager, we have recalibrated the search to focus specifically on candidates with call center experience. FUTURE FOCUS: This week, it is our intention to expand the search geographically, therefore driving higher candidate volume. WEEK 1 12/30/13 WEEK 2 1/6/14 WEEK 3 1/13/14 WEEK 4 1/20/14 WEEK 5 1/27/14 WEEK 6 2/3/14 WEEK 7 2/10/14 WEEK 8 2/17/14
  11. 11. 11 The Benefit of Detailed Reporting POSITION: Insurance Agents (Cleveland, OH) OBJECTIVE: Increase qualified candidate flow for Insurance Sales Professionals for commission-only positions. DURATION: Two-month engagement DELIVERABLE: Provide qualified candidate pool of sales/entrepreneurial- minded candidates. GOAL: Client acceptance rate of 80% Deliverables Internal Goals Program Actual Average Submittal Per Week 4 6.25 Acceptance Rate 80% 96% PROJECT SUCCESS • 2 Hires • Saved internal recruiting staff 20 minutes per phone screen conducted. Total screening time saved: 100 hours • 300% increase in efficiency: Before the start of engagement, client was interviewing 1-2 candidates weekly. • Since start of engagement, the client interviewed 5-7 candidates weekly. • Successful completion of project has led to a second engagement for multiple locations. SOURCED 53 5,269 unique candidates CONTACTED 53 5,269 unique candidates SCREENED 302 candidates DELIVERED 53 qualified / interested candidates
  12. 12. 12 Alternative Result Operational Cost Time Investment Total Cost Talent Fusion Excellent Relatively low Relatively low Moderate Recruitment Agency Guaranteed Relatively low Uncontrollable High Online Recruitment Products Very good Medium Relatively low Low Newspaper ads Poor Relatively High Uncontrollable High Job Fair Poor Relatively High Uncontrollable Relatively High We strive to provide one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective sourcing solutions available. Our aim is to offer our customers significant long-term cost and time savings. Talent Fusion by Monster Comparing Recruiting Alternatives
  13. 13. 13