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Technology in music art education


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Technology in music art education

  1. 1. Teaching and Learningwith Technology inMusic & Art InstructionTommy Douglas
  2. 2.  Technology has always played a part in the arts—providing tools, materials, and processes that aided artists’ creative expression
  3. 3. Issues & Problems in MusicInstructionI. Redefining music literacy
  4. 4. Issues & Problems in MusicInstruction ContinuedII. Training teachers to meet musicstandards
  5. 5. Issues & Problems in MusicInstruction ContinuedIII. Downloading of music illegally
  6. 6. Issues & Problems in MusicInstruction ContinuedIV. The intersection of popular music,technology, & music instruction
  7. 7. Issues & Problems in MusicInstruction ContinuedV. The music educator must be a smallbusiness administrator
  8. 8. Issues & Problems in ArtInstructionI. Funding for art instruction
  9. 9. Issues & Problems in ArtInstruction ContinuedII. Ethical issues associated with theuse of images and other materials
  10. 10. Issues & Problems in ArtInstruction ContinuedIII. Accessing images used in artinstruction
  11. 11. Issues & Problems in ArtInstruction ContinuedIV. The challenge of meeting standardsin arts instruction
  12. 12. Effects of Technology Use withinMusic & Art Classes The use of technology within art and music education has the potential to transform students’ learning experiences