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Brand Strategy Planning: The Ring Effect


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Challenge: Write a compelling service description web page for "Brand Strategy Planning."
Solution: Integrate classic copywriting techniques with content marketing to create an engaging service description. Go to to view more.

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Brand Strategy Planning: The Ring Effect

  1. 1. Home Our Services Brand Strategy PlanningBRAND STRATEGY PLANNINGWouldn’t you like to roll out a brand strategy plan—andremove the competition—without reading a 200-pagedocument?Learn why most brand strategy plans fail—and how to createa plan that frontline employees feel they own and can carryout.Branding confuses many peopleLets be clear:Your brand is not your logo.Its not your tag line.Its not something that lives only in the marketing department.A brand is your companys overarching image. Its what people think,HOME OUR SERVICES OUR APPROACH ABOUT YOU ABOUT USOUR BLOGsearch...Call for a free, no-obligation, 30-minuteconsultationJocelyn Ringp: 843.737.2928e:jocelyn(at)theringeffect(dot)comlets go!Well discoverwhether ourapproachresonates with youand how we can
  2. 2. feel and expect whenever they interact with your company.Its the culture of your company, your message and your operations.SO WHAT IS BRAND STRATEGY PLANNING?This is a process where new brands are developed or existing brandsare rejuvenated and relaunched. It brings together all thecomponents of your brand.HOW DO TYPICAL BRAND STRATEGY PLANNING APPROACHES WORK?Upper-level management determines that it is time to "fix" the brand.Traditional brand strategy approaches begin by examining thecurrent state of the brand, crafting a desired future state andcreating action steps to get there. This can be done in-house or byan outside consultant.After interviewing customers and researching the competitivelandscape, a plan that maps the future brand and how the companyshould get there is presented to management.WHILE THIS APPROACH SOUNDS REASONABLE, IT CAN HAVE PROBLEMS:1. Consultants have their own ideas of what everybody should doand what plan will work.2. Employees executing the brand strategy dont have ownership ofor believe in the new direction.3. The plan has flaws and is poorly executed (or isnt executed atall).So how can these problems be avoided in order to roll out asuccessful brand strategy?Introducing the Ring Effect Brand StrategyPlanning ProcessI come in and explain exactly what branding is. I make clear that weare not just creating a new logo and tagline.Branding is about changing everything from management-leveloperations down to frontline employees. This creates consistencyand ownership.We meet with everyone—from the CEO down to frontline employees.I explain what branding is, what this exercise is well be doingmove forward.I look forward tohearing from you.
  3. 3. together, why its important and how each person will be involved.We talk about the brand and what we would like it to be. Thecompany will have done some research, but I also work with you toconduct more. I talk to your customers and suppliers in order to geta clear picture of what people think about you. I also look at thecompetitive landscape from different angles.Employees—not consultants—create your brand strategy. I dont tella company what to do; we work on this process together.I bring in visual tools to captureeveryones ideas. We brainstorm.Everyone shares what they would likethe company to be. The employees—notI—determine how to position thecompany in the future.Then we work out how to get there. Ihelp put this all together, and if needed,I help communicate and implement thestrategy.WHY IS THIS APPROACH SO EFFECTIVE?I rely on the employees knowledge in order to shape their newstrategic direction. Im not telling them what to do. The employeesown the plan, the action steps and the new direction, so they havean emotional investment in seeing their ideas successfully executed.Key features and benefits
  4. 4. VISUAL FACILITATIONIdeas are easily lost if theyre not captured in an engaging way, so weuse plenty of visuals. We hang large pieces of paper on the wall inorder to gather information, literally drawing the landscape of thecurrent company so everyone sees the problems and challengesthey face. This way were able to create and see new solutions andnew ideas. Visual facilitation increases clarity, engagement of thegroup and ownership of the strategy.VISUAL ONE-PAGE SUMMARYMost brand strategy plans are large Word documents with graphsand charts. We use a visual summary—a one-page document thatcan easily be shared throughout your organization. It also giveseveryone a clear picture of the road map ahead.BRAND ROLLOUT FACILITATIONConsultants often come in and present a PowerPoint with a plansummary. We use big visual charts, simplifying complex words soeverybody understands them and is clear on the brands newdirection.WHAT ELSE WILL YOU DISCOVER?
  5. 5. How visual brand planning uncovers bold new ideas—and whyworking visually helps participants see trends, simplify complexideas and make new connectionsWhy branding is more than just a logo, a tagline and a marketingfunctionWhen its time to spruce up your brand—and how yourcustomers, suppliers and the public will let you know what yourbrand image is and when to change itWhy branding is everyones job—and how employees representand defend the brandWhy being distinct and different is important—and howexamining successful branding case studies teaches you to standout from the competitionHow to eliminate all your competitors by developing a trulydifferentiated brand so you occupy a niche in the marketplaceBUT ISNT OVERHAULING A BRAND EXPENSIVE?Lets look at your brand as an asset: Youre either investing in it andgetting a return or youre not investing in it—and losing value.If youre not constantly monitoring your brand and well positioned inthe market, you risk becoming a commodity in a "sea of sameness."And mistakes with your brand are not easily forgiven. The investmentin creating and protecting your brand is clearly worth the cost.Whats unique about my brand strategyplanningIm there to help your team co-create their brand vision.Typically, a company hires an outside consultant whowalks management through his or her own brandingprocess, drafts a plan, presents it and leaves. Becauseemployee engagement is near zero, this creates a poor(and often failed) strategy.I rely on the knowledge and expertise of the employees inorder to create the future they envision. I help them clarifythat vision and create a plan to get there. Since theemployees own the vision, they have a greater investmentin its success.
  6. 6. IS YOUR ORGANIZATION A GOOD FIT FOR MY APPROACH?Successful brands are all about being bold and different; they cantbe afraid.Small to midsized businesses, entrepreneurs, visionaries—peoplewho are not afraid to take risks—are great candidates for this type ofbrand strategy planning.Call or email me to discover how you can successfully implement abrand strategy created by your whole team, from the CEO tofrontline employees.Well talk about:What you find intriguing about this processWhere your organization is todayWhy you think you need a brand strategy planWell also talk about how the process works, and well see whetherthis resonates with you and your organizations goals.Our Blog Contact UsCopyright © 2012 – 2013 The Ring Effect | site by Sans Sheriff Studio