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Broadband in kilmacanogue

  1. 1.  I am a Sole Trader in the Arts Management sector and am running a business from my home or locality of Kilmacanogue, a small village in Co. Wicklow I am looking for broadband that is suitable and appropriate to running my business to its full potential
  2. 2. Broadband Broadband is a type of telecommunication from which a very wide band of frequencies can transmit information. Because this wide band is available, information can be multiplied and sent on many different frequencies at once, allowing more information to be sent at once. It does not take up your phone line in the way that dial-up does, which means the phone line is still available, which could be essential to a SME. Kilmacanogue is a small village in north Co. Wicklow with less than 1000 people and has a much smaller choice of internet options. Because of this I have chosen to look for business broadband services and home packages where they are not available.
  3. 3. Other Terms ISP – Internet Service Provider. This is the term used for the company which provides the broadband service. Download Capacity – Some of the packages provided have capped download limits. This means that you may only download and upload a certain amount of gigabytes a month. Most ISP’s provide packages that are not capped. Download Speed – This is the term for how fast a file can be downloaded. Files are downloaded piece by piece. It is measured by how much of the file is downloaded in a certain space of time. It will not be a fixed time due to external forces slowing it down. Upload Speed – This is the opposite to download speed. This refers to how fast a file can be uploaded from your computer to the internet or network.
  4. 4. Other Terms Contention Ratio – This is the ratio of the number of people that are sharing the internet connection e.g 25:1 means that one person shares the connection with a maximum of 24 others. Usually, the smaller the contention ratio, the better the connection. MB – Megabyte. This is a unit used to measure the amount of information downloaded e.g 30mb = 30 megabytes Mbps – megabytes per second e.g 30 Mpbs = 30 megabytes per second GB – Gigabyte. This is a unit, 1000 times bigger than a megabyte, used to measure the amount of information downloaded e.g 2gb = 2 gigabyte Kbps – Kilobytes per second e.g 30 Kpbs = 30 kilobytes per second
  5. 5. ISP’s that service my area
  6. 6. What thesecompanies offer Eircom: Broadband, Mobile Broadband Digiweb: Web hosting, Website Building, Home Phone, Wireless Broadband Provider Smart Telecom: Broadband Vodafone: Mobile Broadband DSL Provider 02: Mobile Broadband, DSL Provider Regional Broadband: Satellite Broadband Provider Q Sat: Satellite Broadband Provider
  7. 7. Medium Used Eircom uses DSL and mobile technology Digiweb uses DSL and wireless technology Smart Telecom uses DSL technology Vodafone uses DSL and mobile technology 02 uses mobile technology Regional Broadband and Q Sat uses Satellite technology
  8. 8. DSL – DigitalSubscriber Line ADSL is a technology that provides high- speed internet service like cabled internet. It uses phone lines without requiring you to sacrifice your phone.
  9. 9. DSL packagesEircom Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 (Line rental included)Download speed Up to 3mb Up to 12mb Up to 8mbDownload Allowance 30GB Unlimited 10GBCostUpload speed Up to 384 kps Up to 1.1mb 512kpsCost €52.99 €40 €20.65
  10. 10. Digiweb DSL Personal DSL Home DSL Home ProMonthly Price €29.95 p/m €27.96 p/m * €44.95 p/mDownload 3Mb 7Mb 24MbSpeedUpload Speed 384kb 384kb 768kbTraffic Included 60GB 100GB 150GBActivation Fee FREE FREE FREE
  11. 11. Smart Telecom Business Home Value Home Value 24mb per 10mb per 24mb per month month month (line rentals) (line rentals) Download 24mb 10mb 24mb Speed Upload 1 640kb 1mb Speed Traffic 170GB 170GB 170GB Included Cost €24.00 €39.95 €59.95
  12. 12. Vodafone Vodafone Essential Essential Advanced Advanced Premium Office Vodafone Plus Vodafone Plus Vodafone Control Office Vodafone Office Vodafone Office Office OfficeDownload Up to 8Mb Up to 8Mb Up to 8Mb Up to Up to Up toSpeed 12Mb 12Mb 24MbUsage Unlimited 40GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited UnlimitedAllowanceCost €59.99 €49.99 €55.99 €79.99 €89.99 €89.99
  13. 13. Wireless Wireless broadband is a type of connection that allows you to have access to the internet without the need for the computer or laptop to be connected directly to the internet with cables. The connection is usually provided through a router
  14. 14. Wireless packagesDigiweb - Metro Metro Value Metro Home Metro XtraDownload 5Mb 8Mb 12MbSpeed*Upload Speed 512kb 1Mb 1MbTraffic Included 50GB 60GB 70GBFreeInstallation €99 FREE €99CostsPrice €34.95 p/m €39.95 p/m €59.95 p/m
  15. 15. Mobile Mobile broadband is a technology that allows access to the internet using a small modem or more commonly known as a dongle. This is an extremely portable method of accessing broadband, but is typically slower than other technologies.
  16. 16. Mobile PackageseMobilePrepay eMobile broadband pricing Data Usage CostPay by day 500MB €2.9930 days access 7.5GB €19.99Bill pay eMobile broadband pricing Data Usage CostMonthly 10GB per €19.99 month
  17. 17. O2 Prepay Cost per month €19.99 Cost per day €3.99 Monthly 5GB Allowance Bill Pay Cost per month €19.99 Monthly 15GB Allowance Contract 6, 12 or 18 months
  18. 18. Satellite Satellite broadband is a service that provides access to the internet using a dish network. These can provide similar speeds to other kinds of broadband but is typically more expensive and is aimed at niche markets which are unavailable to access the other mediums
  19. 19. Satellite PackagesDigiweb – ToowayToowaySatellite Value6 Plus8 Extra10 Pro10+ServiceMonthly €32.95 €49.55 €65.95 €107.55PriceDownload 6Mbps 8Mbps 10Mbps 10MbpsSpeedUpload 1Mbps 2Mbps 2Mbps 4MbpsSpeedAvailable 4GB 8GB 13GB 25GBTrafficEquipment& Once off charge of €219.95 for equipment & installInstallationCost
  20. 20. Regional Broadband Package One Package Two Package Three Per Month Per Month Per MonthCost €27.99 €37.99 €49.99Download Speed Up to 2mb Up to 4mb Up to 6mbUpload Speed Up to 512k Up to 1mb Up to 2mbDownload Limit Unlimited Unlimited UnlimitedInstallation Fee €99 €99 €99
  21. 21. Q Sat BANDWIDTH PRICE PERPACKAGE SPEED ALLOWANCE MONTH PER MONTH up to 1MbLite down/512 kbs €24.95 up to 1GB up up to 2MbBasic down/512 kbs €29.95 up to 2GB up up to 4MbBronze €39.95 up to 3GB down/1Mb up up to 6MbSilver €49.95 up to 4GB down/1Mb up up to 8MbGold €59.95 up to 5GB down/2Mb up
  22. 22. What option I wouldchoose and why I would choose the mid-priced Eircom package. This package includes 12mb download speed, 1.1mb upload, unlimited usage allowance and costs €40 I would choose this because it provides a medium level download and upload speed and the unlimited usage allowance may be quite important in an SME
  23. 23. References