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Don't be a Drag to Refresh

The slide deck from the Parse Developer meetup in NYC Nov '13 and SF Dec '13. The purpose of the talk is to explain that modern app design is about making content forefront. When users have to think about our app, we've detracted from content. This talk suggests building a RESTful app to understand how content should be retrieved and using push notifications (when possible) to understand when content should be retrieved.

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Don't be a Drag to Refresh

  1. 1. DON’T BE A DRAG TO REFRESH Do the right thing without being asked Thomas Bouldin Software Engineer, Parse @inlined
  3. 3. TASK: HIPSTER CHAT • You’ve probably never heard of it • Built on Parse • Too exclusive to need rooms • “Pull to refresh” is too mainstream
  4. 4. APP DESIGN • Standard • Model MVC design is a Parse object REST • Query caching for offline & responsiveness • PFQueryTableViewController an optional Parse controller MVC
  5. 5. NOT ENOUGH REST • RESTful layer is technically correct, but not responsive • Getting the next message is hard: • Manual • Polling • Push • Every refresh for updates updates solution has its own issues
  6. 6. RESPONSIVE APP DESIGN afterSave REST Layer MVC Push Notification
  7. 7. QUESTIONS? Thomas Bouldin Software Engineer, Parse @inlined
  8. 8. ADDITIONAL BENEFITS • Push as an event + a notification • Pushes from Cloud Code mean it’s easy to mock with the data browser • New to iOS7: Push Notification Background Mode • “content-available”: 1 • Get data before displaying the push