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My talk from Parse Developer Day 2013, explaining the constellation of features Parse offers for Push Notifications. A recording of the talk is available at

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All About Push

  1. 1. Developer Day
  2. 2. All About Push Thomas Bouldin Software Engineer, Parse
  3. 3. How BIG is Your App? Think outside the 4” box The cloud has no home button DAU are like butterflies Focus on engaging moments Your App Here
  4. 4. The Power of Parse Push Easy to get started* Parse Powered Cross platform Scale without skipping a beat Keep it simple or turn it up to 11 *We couldn’t Parse-ify 3rd party services, but we have guides for them
  5. 5. Push 101: Hello, World! Cast a wide net for broadly-applicable notifications Simple setup, all code available in quick start guides Create pushes visually
  6. 6. Push 101: Hello, World! Setting up Android Push PushService.subscribe(this, "", MyActivity.class); PushService.setDefaultPushCallback(this, MyActivity.class);
  7. 7. DEMO: iOS “Hello, World!”
  8. 8. Push 201: Advanced Targeting Focused messages for selective audiences Pro features of WYSIWYG push console Target by arbitrary features Scheduled pushes
  9. 9. Push 201: Advanced Targeting Demystifying SubscribeAsync // Actual code from Parse’s .NET implementation of ParsePush public static Task SubscribeAsync(IEnumerable<string> channels, CancellationToken cancellationToken) { var installation = ParseInstallation.CurrentInstallation; installation.AddRangeUniqueToList("channels", channels); return installation.SaveAsync(cancellationToken); }
  10. 10. Push 201: Advanced Targeting The Current Installation Installations are Parse Objects The Current Installation is your app on this phone Save any data you wish Automatic feature tracking Can create queries for them*
  11. 11. DEMO: Advanced Targeting
  12. 12. Push 301: Push from Code Push for life (and code) hackers Automate everything Send more precise info to fewer people Break platform boundaries Push from Cloud Code 0100  0000  0110  0001   0111  0010  0100  0011   0110  0101  0010  0001
  13. 13. Push 301: Push from Code Pushing to Everyone // Send “Hello, World!” to everyone await ParsePush.SendAlertAsync("Hello, World!");
  14. 14. Push 301: Push from Code Using Advanced Targeting // Invite all iOS users who are over 21 to get an Apple-Tini await ParsePush.SendAlertAsync( "Windows fan to Apple fan, let’s grab a drink", from installation in ParseInstallation.Query where installation.DeviceType == "ios" where installation.Get<int>("age") > 21 select installation );
  15. 15. Push 401: Psychic Apps Push as an RPC Cheaper and faster than polling Don’t be a drag to refresh Draw them in or light up
  16. 16. Wrap Up Think big and build an app that never sleeps Use this bigness for good Get started with our Push Quickstart Guide Push to channels for easy but powerful setup Advanced targeting for dynamic flexibility Automate frequent pushes Automatically update when new info is discovered
  17. 17. Developer Day