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Marke&ng	  to	  Networked	       Customers	           Thomas	  Bergstraesser	     	  
The	  Social	  Web	   From	  clicks	                                                                                      ...
Customer	  Engagement	  on	  	                       the	  Social	  Web	  Marke9ng	  on	  the	  Web	                      ...
The	  Networked	  Consumer	  •  Networked	  consumers	  –	  real-­‐world	  conversa9ons	  between	  friends	  online	     ...
Audience	  Iden9fica9on	  and	  	                                      Engagement	  	                                   Eng...
Virtuous	  Cycle:	  Facebook	                          More	  fans	  &	  subscribers	  FB	  Fan	  Page	                   ...
Audience	  Iden9fica9on	  and	  	                                    Engagement	  Engine	                                  ...
Mining	  Associa9ons	  from	  Social	  Media	                                User	  iden9fy	  themselves	  through	  ac9on...
Audience	  Iden9fica9on	  Approach	       •  Iden9fy	  brand	  actors	  by	  running	  viral	  apps	  that	  engage	  users...
Analy9c	  Flow	  Hadoop	  Map/Reduced	                                                                                    ...
Example	  Campaign:	  Pac6thBW	  Measure/Metric	                    Value	                  Interests:	               Name...
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Marketing to networked customers


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The web is rapidly changing from being just a source of information consumption to a place where people produce, consume, share and interact. The social web is engaging people away from a web of clicks to a web of online activities and real-world interactions performed in a conversational style. On the social web, people engage in more complex activities in real-time in the context of their network of online friends.
The slides describe an innovative approach to efficiently stimulate and monitor brand- or product-related activity on social networks through the use of interactive campaigns. Users that participate in campaigns self-identify their brand or product affinity through structured activities that can be tracked and analyzed. Once brand or product advocates are identified, their social interaction provides a richer audience for targeting.

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Marketing to networked customers

  1. 1. Marke&ng  to  Networked   Customers   Thomas  Bergstraesser  
  2. 2. The  Social  Web   From  clicks   From  ac9vi9es   to  leads   to  leads  •  The  social  web  is  changing  online  commerce  and  marke9ng   – Ubiquitous  access  enables  sharing  of  info,  opinions  and  statuses  in  real-­‐9me   – The  depth  of  interac9on  with  social  media  is  unprecedented   – Marke9ng  at  the  last  click  is  becoming  less  effec9ve  and  highly  compe99ve  •  Businesses  are  forced  to  adapt  and  establish  rela9onships  with  customers   on  online  social  networks   – Online  lead  genera9on  leveraging  customer  referrals  and  brand  advocacy   – Sales  promo9on  through  personalized  offers  and  discounts  that  are  trackable   – Rela9on  management  through  rewards  and  recogni9on  of  online  par9cipa9on  
  3. 3. Customer  Engagement  on     the  Social  Web  Marke9ng  on  the  Web   Search     Publisher   Engine   Sites   Consumer   Content   Search/Browse   Relevance   Content   Adver&ser   What  I  want   Intent   [Last]  Click   Search  Engine   Database   of  Intent   Marke9ng  on  the  Social  Web   Community   (Network)   Affinity   Social  Network  Services   Conversa9on   Ac9vity   (lead)   Engagement   Relevance   Social   Adver&ser  Who  I  am   Encounter   Intent   Encounter   Encounter  Who  I  know   Social    Market-­‐    What  I’m  doing   Place  Engine   Consumer   Database  of   Response  What’s  my  opinion   Social  Intent   (offer)  What’s  happening  Where  I  am  Confiden9al   3  
  4. 4. The  Networked  Consumer  •  Networked  consumers  –  real-­‐world  conversa9ons  between  friends  online   – Similarity  between  people  sparks  connec9ons  resul9ng  in  conversa9ons   – Conversa9ons  between  people  breed  similarity  of  tastes,  opinions  and  behavior   – Shared  social  objects  -­‐  people,  places,  things  -­‐  are  communica9on  channels  for  the   spread  of  awareness  and  adop9on  •  Network-­‐based  (word-­‐of-­‐mouth,  buzz,  influencer,  viral,  referral)  marke9ng   improves  on  tradi9onal  marke9ng  technologies   – Network  Neighbors  of  exis9ng  customers  are  significantly  (3-­‐5  9mes)  more  likely  to   respond  to  a  brand  message  or  product  offer  than  users  randomly  chosen   – Network  Structure  allows  ranking  of  the  network  neighbors  so  as  to  permit  the   iden9fica9on  of  a  small  subset  of  influen9al  individuals   – Network  Effects  can  significantly  (~20-­‐40%)  enhance  predic9ve  customer  models   over  the  ones  based  on  demographic,  geographic,  or  purchase  only  
  5. 5. Audience  Iden9fica9on  and     Engagement     Engagement  apps:  sweepstakes,  contests,   Social  client:  streams,  filters  (keyword,  topic,   coupons,  group  buys,  surveys,  etc.     user),  alerts,  ac9ons,  recommenda9ons,  etc.   Social   Network   Networked     Customer   Social   Social   Campaigns   Conversa9ons     Social  Profiles   Ac9vity   Database  of   Social  Graph   Response   Social  Intent   Social  Ac9vi9es  S9mulate  user   Social  Objects   Target  customers,  ac9vity  that     prospects  and  iden9fies  interest   Social  Ac9vity  Stream   (Processing,  Analy9cs  &  Data)   influencers  with  and  advocacy  for   personalized  brand/product   messages  /  sales   offers   Workbench:  social  rela9onship  management,  customer   intelligence,  audience  segmenta9on  
  6. 6. Virtuous  Cycle:  Facebook   More  fans  &  subscribers  FB  Fan  Page   Social   Presence   Tabs   App   Engagement   Apps   Engaged   More  likes  &  content   Community   Higher  conversion  FB    Profile   News    Page   Feed   Beger   Targeted   Ads   Ads   Social   Ad   Social   Shopping   More  fans  &  subscribers  
  7. 7. Audience  Iden9fica9on  and     Engagement  Engine   Recommenda9ons  Interac9ve  Content   Real-­‐9me  Analy9cs   Engagement   Profile   Dashboard  Wrap  your  content  with  social   •  Repor9ng   •  Conversa9ons   •  Campaigns   Targeted  by   •  Agributes   Understand  the  impact  of  social   •  KPIs   •  Behavior  gestures  that  foster  customer   •  Adjustments   •  Games   •  Interac9ve  Ads   •  Loca9on   media  on  customers,  compe9tors,  engagement  and  word-­‐of-­‐mouth     •  Transac9on   brand  to  op9mize  your  marke9ng    (WOM)  to  boost  sales.     programs.     User  self-­‐ WOM  &  o  Engagement  Apps  –  engage     iden9fied   Referrals   o  Gain  insight  by  tracking  and     himself   your  fans,  followers,   monitoring  your  social   subscribers  in  conversa9ons   campaigns   Mining   Community   Recogni9on   •  Reach,  Content,  Leads   •  Contest,  Event,  Poll,  Vote,   •  Segments   Ac9vity  &   Connec9vity   Engagement  &   •  Reputa9on   Consumer   Influence   •  Rewards   VIP   •  Interests   •  Influence   Network  formed   •  Offers   o  Understand  the  demographics,   through  direct   •  Cashback   •  Behavior  o  Social  Games  –  to  generate   •  Loca9on   interac9on   •  Personaliza9on   geographic  and  online  behavior     qualified  leads  &  permissions     of  your  networked  customers   •  Choose  style,  Scratch  &   Refine   Algorithm   Ac9vity  &   Connec9vity   Social     Type   determines   •  Age,  Gender,  Loca9on,   Win   Ac9vi9es     Engine     recogni9on  o  Social  Shopping  –  drive   o  Iden9fy  affinity  and  influence   User  Model   Analy9cs   Actor   commerce  transac9ons  with   •  Demographics   •  Ac9vity  level   •  Affinity   for  each  of  your  customers   •  Connec9vity   exclusives  &  deals   •  Geographic   •  Contribu9on   •  Advocacy   •  Influencers,  Advocates   •  Network   Changes   Iden9fies   •  Influence   •  Group  deal,  Giiing,   •  Behavior     •  Sen9ments   •  Opinions   individual     •  Value   •  Reciprocity   Exclusive,    
  8. 8. Mining  Associa9ons  from  Social  Media   User  iden9fy  themselves  through  ac9ons   (par9cipa9on  in  campaigns)   Social  Web   Actors  (users)   Ac9on  (verb)   Social  Objects  (people,  places,  things)  9me   Business  classify  ac9ons  and  social   objects  (through  campaigns)  
  9. 9. Audience  Iden9fica9on  Approach   •  Iden9fy  brand  actors  by  running  viral  apps  that  engage  users  in  structured  ac9vi9es  on  social  media.     •  Ac9vi9es  are  designed  in  a  way  that  whoever  engages  in  them  self-­‐iden9fy  himself  as  brand  actor.    Engagement    App   Social  Networked   Actor  /  Social  Object     Iden9fy     Graph   Brand  Actors   Associa9on     Graph   Ac9vity  Stream   Mining   Scored     (centrality)   Graph   Transforma9on   Clustered   (similarity)   Graph   Scoring   Clustering   • Brand  Advocates   Find  network  neighbors  with  similar  brand  affinity   • Influencers   • Customers  
  10. 10. Analy9c  Flow  Hadoop  Map/Reduced   Sequen9al     Sequen9al    App   ProfileUploader   Files   UserExtractor   Files   IndexBuild   Solr/Lucene   SNAServer   Client   Messages   Upload   Profiles   Extract   Users   Build   Serve   Index   Topic  Modeling  Flow   DocSourceWriter   DocIndexWriter   DocVectorWriter   LDAAnalyze   ReadParts       index    generate   vector     lda   Topic     upload   Users   write   doc   users   Users   Index   PageRankMain   User  Ranking  Flow   UploadUserScores   Generate   graph   score   scores   upload   Users   Users   Classifica9on  Flow   Demogra Geograph Users   Users   Users   Users   Users   Language   Users   phics   ics  
  11. 11. Workbench  
  12. 12. Workflow  
  13. 13. Example  Campaign:  Pac6thBW  Measure/Metric   Value   Interests:   Names:   Loca9on:  Dura9on  (weeks)   2  Sponsors   3  Par9cipants   155  Ac9vi9es  (sponsors)   63   Language:   Topics:  Ac9vi9es  (pac6thbw)   429  Visitors  (landing  page)   2,021  L1  Reach  (sponsors)   2,695  L1  Reach  (pac6thbw)   145,350   Declared  Network:   Ac9ve  Network:  Topic:  wine   7785  Topic:  shopping   2065  Loca9on:  seagle   5137  Social  Accelerator  Ac9vi9es  Ra9o   6.8  L1  Reach  Ra9o   54