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Makes You Wonder If Crime Is As Important


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Makes You Wonder If Crime Is As Important

  1. 1. HOME WELCOME WHAT IS EMPOWER NETWORK? VISION LEADERSHIP SYSTEM Subscribe to RSSGET MONEY CONTACT THOMAS AMAL THOMASAMAL.COMMakes You Wonder If Crime Is As Importantby Amal | on May 31, 2012 0 TweetMakes You Wonder If Crime Is As ImportantEven though I haven’t rode a bike in years and have no problem with this dedication, buthonestly I’d prefer that the drug dealing and crime in the neighborhoods receiving the bikeslanes were eliminated beforehand.Chicago among six cities named models fordedicated bike lanes Go Daddy! converted by
  2. 2. BY TINA SFONDELES Transportation Reporter May 31, 2012Chicago DOTCommissioner Gabe Klein (left) and Federal Highw ay Administrator Victor Mendez (right) riding bikes onKinzie Street protected bike lane after Chicago named in new initiative to bring protected bike lanes to sixU.S. cities, Thursday, May 31, 2012. | John H. W hite~Chicago Sun-Times.Chicago is one of six cities chosen as a nationwide model for creating protected bike lanes.It’s called the Green Lane Project, a two-year study that will support and keep tabs on theprogress of Chicago and five other cities — Austin, Memphis, Portland, San Francisco andWashington, D.C. — and their efforts in creating “green lanes,” or protected bike lanes.“This project is going to be more about challenging cities to do more, benchmarking what’sgoing on in each city,” said Gabe Klein, commissioner for the city’s Department of Transportation Postssaid. “It’s sort of a healthy competition but also good for (determining) what’s working andwhat’s not working.” Look Who’s Telling Big Brother Enough Is EnoughDespite a bit of rain, bikers and transportation officials came out to the River Northneighborhood in support of the project Thursday near the Kinzie Street protected bike lanes,which officials say saw a 50 percent spike in bike usage after they were constructed. Is Philanthropy The End Result Of Wealth? Only For The Wealthy..The project’s goal is to make American cities as bike friendly as European cities, and to makebikers feel safer. Ideas Of What Not To Do In Order To HaveChicago was chosen in part because of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s pledge to create 100 miles of A Productive Dayprotected bike lanes within his four-year term.As of last week, six miles of protected bike lanes had been built, while 2.75 miles of buffered bike Online Shopping, Its Advantages And Why It’s Become So Popularlanes — lanes divided by paint — were also added, according to the Active TransportationAlliance, which advocates for the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists. Ways to Obtain Money Fast With The Use OfThe city plans to add 19.4 more miles of bike lanes by the end of summer. The Internet While At HomeThe city hasn’t mapped out all 100 miles of planned bike lanes, city spokesman Pete Scales said.But a planning map for cycling in Chicago that reaches all the way to 2020 is in the works andcould be drawn by next month, he said. Get Started Now! *Email start nowMajor cities consistently have problems with the public school systems, crime, drugs,employment opportunities, budget shortages, etc but pets and bikes seem tohave privileges that are agreed upon without hesitation.Now is the time to display your creativity and writing skills, let us know what youthink pertaining to anything, click here. Can you believe that saving money is thiseasy? See what I did and you should to, here. Is there anyone that doesn’t shop?Does anyone like to make money? How about shopping and meanwhile makemoney? This is unbelievable, check it out here.This entry was posted in Empower NetworkTags: crime, dedicated bike lanes« Previous Post Next Post » converted by
  3. 3. About The Author: Amal A former latchkey kid leading to being INDEPENDENT, self-reliant, DEDICATED follow er in my belief, FATHER of 3 men, HUSBAND, somew hat EDUCATED, filled w ith HOPE, GRATEFUL for life, HUNGRY for SUCCESS, alw ays w illing to give a helping hand, community facilitator, school board member, experienced in various industries, ENTREPRENEUR and a MAN STILL ON THE GRIND.Related PostsFor Those Like Me That Wonder If DST Is NecessaryBig Brother Snooping Again….Not A Statistic To Be Proud Of0 comments Sign in 2 people listening + Follow Post comment as...Newest | Oldest Powered by Livefyre Company: Products: Support:The Vision, The Corporate Team World class training, from people who Got Issues? Contact us. You can Badass Compensation walk their talk, real people getting put in a support ticket here, and we’ll Want to work for us? results in their marketing, now, and answer your questions, live : Get Money Here. you can click here for proof. Simply Call: 1-888-262-1934 converted by
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