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Daddy, Why? Just Tell Me Why?


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Published in: Education, Self Improvement
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Daddy, Why? Just Tell Me Why?

  1. 1. HOME WELCOME WHAT IS EMPOWER NETWORK? VISION LEADERSHIP SYSTEM Subscribe to RSSGET MONEY CONTACT THOMAS AMAL THOMASAMAL.COMDaddy, Why? Just Tell Me Why?by Amal | on June 15, 2012 0 Tweet Daddy, Why? Just Tell Me Why? Go Daddy!Before reading any further I ask that you watch the video first. Ok, now that you see why thereis a necessity to discuss the issues that arise when the father is not active in a child’s life let’s get converted by
  2. 2. to the root.Prior to expounding I must state that my comments are made from experience. My fatherpassed away about 20 years ago, numerous health issues derived from a horrific fall which hewas never able to recover. Death at such a young age for anyone is sad, I’m 43 years of age Postsand has already outlived my father.Let the record show, my love for my father was endless, for a period of time in my life I didn’t Look Who’s Telling Big Brother Enough Islive with either of my parents but see them. I’ll never forget the last time I actually saw daddy Enough(before his illness), it was late in the school year of 1982, I was in 8th grade. We had opencampus for lunch, a friend and I was walking down the street heading to a bakery for a brownie Is Philanthropy The End Result Of Wealth?(they were so good, she would put chocolate icing on them, yummy). Then bam, I literally Only For The Wealthy..walked right into my daddy’s chest (actually slightly above his belt, he was about 6ft 4), I said“DADDY?!!?” and he just burst out laughing with his deep voice. Ideas Of What Not To Do In Order To HaveWe sat, ate brownies and laughed for about 25-30 minutes. Being that I had to go back to A Productive Dayschool we needed to conclude this heartfelt session and move on. This is when my sadnessimmediately came back, Daddy said here’s my address, come see some time. At that age I knew Online Shopping, Its Advantages And Whythat didn’t seem right, why are you saying that to me, shouldn’t you be saying I’m going to It’s Become So Popularcome get you this weekend or I’m going to call you tomorrow. But he didn’t and that was mybiggest problem. At a very young age, I felt as though my father didn’t fight hard Ways to Obtain Money Fast With The Use Ofenough for me. Regardless of the situation with him and my mother, he should of The Internet While At Homefought harder, made it known that he was never going to let anything or anyonehinder him from being my father.But the love for daddy never, I mean never diminished, why because I had someone in my lifethat constantly divulged information and informed me that he was in a terrible spot, but did love Get Started Now!me. He was my dad and no one could take that away from me or him. Most children don’t have *Emailthat, they have a parent (usually the mother) struggling and we can imagine the commentsmade. If a child hears and sees that for years, it becomes ingrained within and that fosters painleading to hatred. start now Daddy Issues Is RealEnough about me, lets examine the term “daddy issues”, per wiseGEEK it relates more to thefact that a girl received inadequate or inappropriate attention from the father figure in her life. Anabsent father might trigger a girl’s desire to seek male approval elsewhere (Somewhat similar towhats called Electra Syndrome). Girls, or young women, might express unresolved daddy issuesby seeking relationships of a sexual or romantic nature with older men, or alternately, they mightreplicate their poor relationships with fathers by having abusive partners. Generally,daddy issues implies that a female remains incomplete and seeks some sort of fatherly or familialrelationship with mates, which is not the best foundation upon which to build a relationship.Fathers or strong and consistent male presence in a girl’s life do have a significant effect on self-esteem. Feeling attractive and loved by “daddy” (or other strong male figure) can help a girlhave more confidence and strength.Francis Hosein writes in “Daughter and Father Complex Issues”, parents should recognizethat daughter and father complex issues are real and can devastate the future oftheir daughter. They should work out a plan on raising their daughter properly. A genuinelycaring father who gives time and shows affection to his young daughter can provide an anchorso that her girl will not go astray; and keep on the right path towards success in different frontsof life, especially in marriage. converted by
  3. 3. We can go on forever discussing this undesirable topic, it’s so unfortunate that our beautifulbabies are subjected to such pain. There’s no doubt that our men have become conditioned tojust move on, limit feelings for their seed, envelope no love for self and be outright unconsciousor ambivalent to their behavior. There is a heinous cycle that must be broken. A explanation tothe child is needed, otherwise thousands more children will be asking, “Daddy, why? Just tell mewhy?Congratulations to all men that have taken the task of being a father head on, I salute you fornot saying that you are babysitting when it’s your child or only assuming the role of authoritywhen the child needs another means of assistance. Keep up the good work.Everyone has an opinion or like to speak about a particular topic. Well, why not makemoney while doing just that, click here. Can you believe that saving money is thiseasy? See what I did and you should to, here. Is there anyone that doesn’t shop?Does anyone like to make money? How about shopping and meanwhile makemoney? This is unbelievable, check it out here.This entry was posted in Empower NetworkTags: daddy, daddy issues« Previous Post Next Post » About The Author: Amal A former latchkey kid leading to being INDEPENDENT, self-reliant, DEDICATED follow er in my belief, FATHER of 3 men, HUSBAND, somew hat EDUCATED, filled w ith HOPE, GRATEFUL for life, HUNGRY for SUCCESS, alw ays w illing to give a helping hand, community facilitator, school board member, experienced in various industries, ENTREPRENEUR and a MAN STILL ON THE GRIND.0 comments Sign in 1 person listening converted by
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