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A Clean Car Drives Faster


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A Clean Car Drives Faster

  1. 1. HOME WELCOME WHAT IS EMPOWER NETWORK? VISION LEADERSHIP SYSTEM Subscribe to RSSGET MONEY CONTACT THOMAS AMAL THOMASAMAL.COMA Clean Car Drives Fasterby Amal | on May 22, 2012 0 Tweet A Clean Car Drives Faster!Ever since I’ve owned my own vehicle I always had the impression that it actually drove betterand faster when it was clean. There’s no way that I’m the only one that thought like this, butmaybe I am the crazy one. Being a fan of stick shifts I felt like the transfers went smoother whenthe windows were clean, the rims were sparkling and you could see yourself on the hood.Actually today’s blog isn’t about the cleanliness of cars, as a matter of fact I want to address our Go Daddy!communities horrible eating habits. Illness and sickness is directly attributed to what is put in our converted by
  2. 2. mouths. I believe there is a perfect solution to all of the troubles we face pertaining to health andif we abide by the instructions provided there would be changes overnight. Yep, Cleaning Your Car Really Helps Posts Look Who’s Telling Big Brother Enough Is EnoughFrom years of study, research and dialogue with numerous people in the dietary field I came tothe conclusion 22 years ago that The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s books How To Eat To Is Philanthropy The End Result Of Wealth? Only For The Wealthy..Live I and II are the most effective means of resolving the issues prevalent in our households.Most people have a hard time hearing what is said and immediately begin to argue with it or sayit’s incorrect. But remember sickness and illness is a money maker, what if a company came up Ideas Of What Not To Do In Order To Havewith the cure for the common cold, medicine companies would start going out of business in A Productive Daydroves. Ask yourself, “what’s wrong with eating properly, being healthy?” Read the followingexcerpt and we’ll go from there. Online Shopping, Its Advantages And Why It’s Become So Popular Ways to Obtain Money Fast With The Use Of The Internet While At Home Get Started Now! *Email start now converted by
  3. 3. A Fresh And So Clean Car Is A Life SaverJust enduring the few items touched in the previous paragraphs would be an excellent start todiscovering who you actually are. Trust me when I say there will be immediate changes, yourmentality begins to alter, your senses begin to become more active. A total transformationcomes into effect. I personally know more than one person that has lost over one hundredpounds and maintained the weight loss by taking How To Eat To Live as a lifestyle. Eating once aday is imperative to living a long life.Being that I can discuss this subject to no end thanks to The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad,I’ll just make a couple additional comments then hopefully this has intrigued you enough topurchase the books. We’ve been told to eat 3 meals a day, but according to The MostHonorable Elijah Muhammad, eating once a day is best because it takes 24-48 hours for onemeal to digest, so when the extra burden is put on your stomach it’ll lead to sickness.If you keep your car clean, you should work ten times harder to keep your body (temple) asclean as possible. Is it hard? Depends on the person, but do you want to live longer andhealthier? Push away from the table, study what has been given to us and open our minds toreceiving a message for life instead of for death.Save money, be smart, go green, click here. Display your creativity to the world and bring in aresidual income, here. I shop, I pay, I get paid shopping. Want to know how, check thisout here.This entry was posted in Empower NetworkTags: clean car, how to eat to live, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad« Previous Post Next Post » About The Author: Amal A former latchkey kid leading to being INDEPENDENT, self-reliant, DEDICATED follow er in my belief, FATHER of 3 men, HUSBAND, somew hat EDUCATED, filled w ith HOPE, GRATEFUL for life, HUNGRY for SUCCESS, alw ays w illing to give a helping hand, community facilitator, school board member, experienced in various industries, ENTREPRENEUR and a MAN STILL ON THE GRIND.0 comments Sign in 2 people listening + Follow Post comment as...Newest | Oldest Powered by Livefyre converted by
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