Getting The Proper Car Insurance


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Getting The Proper Car Insurance

  1. 1. Practical Advice OnHow To Get A Good Car Insurance Policy
  2. 2. Getting the proper car insurance can be done a lot easier if you work withan insurance broker. It is very important to choose a reliable broker who isable to give you expert advice that is going to really help you in the processof selecting the type of car insurance.A good car insurance broker can be chosen based on personalrecommendations from business colleagues, close friends or even familymembers. Once you are given a contact, ask your potential future carinsurance broker about his experience and his license. Ask him to give youthe contacts of former clients he has worked with. Talking to some of themwill help you see if you are about to make a good decision or not.Usually, brokers are individuals who have been seriously trained and canshow you all the diplomas they have gathered through the years. Theystruggle to be always well informed and this is why their opinions and pointof view are so valuable to a person with few or no connection to this domainof activity.Once the car insurance broker is chosen, make sure you provide him withall the information he might need. For example, the broker will ask youabout the type of car that needs insurance, the mileage you usually driveevery year, the type of liability coverage you will need.Besides these questions, you might be required to give him detailsregarding the number of people driving that car, their age, your addressand details about your driving record.During the first meeting with the insurance broker, he will will collect moredetailed information from you: the vehicle identification number, the safetysystems installed, anti-lock brakes, anti-theft devices. Remember to tell the
  3. 3. broker if you already pay any other form of insurance to the same insurer.If this is your case, the insurance company may give you a discount.Another way of getting a discount is to prove that you have attended safe-driving courses.When the broker has gathered all these details, he will be able start lookingfor the car insurance policy that is best for you and all your needs. Theadvantage of working with a broker is that he will be able to remainobjective, telling you the strong and weak points of any of the policies.The broker is not hired by any of the insurance companies and this makeshim objective. Once you are given few options and all the details you need,you can make your choice and decide what insurance policy to sign.The broker will be able to advice you regarding the amount of liabilitycoverage. Legally you are required to get the minimum amount possible.But it is very possible that you might need more than that as accidents costmore than this minimum amount. Besides the liability coverage, you mightwant to get collision and comprehensive coverage.It is important to think about these things now; don’t postpone suchdecisions, hoping that car accidents will never happen. Some car driverswait until after they have their first car accident and contact the car insurerin order to file a claim, hoping to get the money to repair the damages.Whenever you file a claim, you will also need to talk to a claim adjuster whowill see the loss and estimate the cost of repairing the car. You can also get
  4. 4. an estimate from your mechanic. Remember you do not have to agree withthe estimate given by the insurer.The insurance company may ask you to repair the car at specific repairingshops that have signed a contract with. Somehow, it is very normal that theinsurer does not want to be asked to pay more money than necessary forrepairing your car. You have the right to refuse the insurer’s repairing offerif you consider the car will not be repaired well.Some car insurance companies will increase the premium by a specificpercentage for every chargeable claim that has been made against yourpolicy above a certain sum of money. When the insurer considers theaccident was your fault, the claim is called a chargeable claim. Thepercentage is different from one car insurance company to another.As I have stated before, your driving record is of great importance. If it isclean and you thus prove to be a reliable and correct driver, the insurer mayeven offer you a discount. But if you happen to have several car accidents,the insurer may decide to refuse to renew your insurance policy consideringyou are no longer a safe driver.Severe car accidents, drunk driving will certainly determine the carinsurance company to refuse renewal. Some drivers get involved inaccidents and choose not to alert the insurer. If the other driver sues youand the company finds out, you will be penalized and it is very possible thecompany will refuse to give you the money.When the moment comes and you need to renew the car insurance policy, itis again wise to work with a car insurance broker. The offers on the carinsurance market are diverse and because of the numerous companies the
  5. 5. prices vary a lot. It is very possible to talk to your broker and ask foradditional information that will help you realize you can change someaspects in the policy you have been paying until now and decrease its priceconsiderably.So, the idea is to make your own research, shop around and re-evaluate thepackages given by different companies. If you are a Romanian citizen, youcan learn more about this and compare the prices of the main insurancecompanies on the Casco Ieftin website page, which is owned by MilleniumInsurance Group. If you find a better offer, print it and take it with you tothe current insurer. Showing it might bring you a discount as car insurancecompanies need clients and struggle to keep them all happy and satisfied.