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Yoga For Flat Stomach - 3 Easy Poses You Can Do


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Yoga For Flat Stomach - 3 Easy Poses You Can Do

  1. 1. Yoga For Flat Stomach - 3 Easy Poses You Can DoYoga for flat stomach has become a very popular physical activity as of late. What some of you maynot know is that yoga is certainly more than just the ability to hold rather difficult positions at a time.Its also a great way to stay in shape, instill discipline, and unwind after a tediously long, busy day.You have to understand that yoga isnt just for high profile celebrities nor is it an exclusive leisurelypursuit of tree-hugging individuals striving to lead very different lives. Anyone at any age or from anykind of background can easily enjoy this worthwhile activity and take advantage of all its benefits -stay-at-home moms, CEOs, retirees, high school kids, blue collar workers, you name it. On top ofyour usual weight training or cardio, doing yoga for flat stomach will only get you faster, leaner, andmore impressive results.Before we go into the nitty-gritty of tummy-targeted poses, you must realize that yoga is far from yourtypical workout routine. Instead of heavy breathing and profuse sweating, your objective is to executeevery pose as perfectly as you can and hold each one for a specific duration. With the poses youllfind below, you can try doing 3 to 5 reps each and gradually increase your reps as you progress.Now, lets get on to the 3 most effective yoga for flat stomach poses and the benefits you can achieveby doing each one:The Reverse Boat Pose or Prishth NaukasanaFor this pose, you need to lay flat on your yoga mat, face down. This is also called the reverse corpseposition or Advasana. From there, simultaneously stretch out your arms and your legs toward thewalls. Hold that position for about a minute or for as long as you can.With the Reverse Boat Pose, you put significant yet tolerable pressure on your abdominals. Asidefrom targeting tummy fat, this also facilitates in the improved function of nearby organs like yourpancreas and liver. This yoga for flat stomach pose ultimately leads to better digestion, blood sugarlevels, and a leaner, stronger abdomen.The Cat Pose or MarjariasanaThis is probably something youre familiar with. To complete the pose, simply position yourself in allfours and take a deep breath in. As you exhale, you need to pull in your butt, tailbone, and abdominalmuscles. To get it perfectly, the trick is to press down on your hands and curve your spine so that thearch of your back is pointing out to the ceiling.Doing this yoga for flat stomach pose regularly will loosen up your muscles, increase your mobility,increase blood circulation, massage internal organs, strengthen affected muscles, and notably tonesyour arms and abdominals.The Lying Abdominal Stretch Pose or Supta UdarakarshanasanaIt sounds more complicated than it actually is. Just lie straight on your back and rest your hands onthe floor, palms down. As you breathe in, bend your left leg and rest the sole of your feet against yourright thigh. As you breathe out, pull your left knee toward the direction of your right hip, use your righthand to hold it down to the floor, and twist your head slightly to the left. Hold it there while breathingnormally then release. Dont forget to do the same yoga for flat stomach pose on the other side.
  2. 2. On top of trimming down fat around your abdomen, hips, and legs, you are also ensuring goodposture, proper bowel movement, and increased metabolism.>> Click Here to see a short but unusual video showing odd foods and tips to GET A FLATSTOMACH