Voip Phone Hardware - What Hardware Do I Need To Setup My Voip Phone_


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Voip Phone Hardware - What Hardware Do I Need To Setup My Voip Phone_

  1. 1. Voip Phone Hardware - What Hardware Do I Need To Setup MyVoip Phone?Most VoIP companies sell all the hardware needed to set up and begin using a VoIP service from ahome computer. In the event that you are buying separate components for setting up a home VoIPservice there is some installation to be done and a minimum amount of VoIP hardware needed.The BasicsDepending on the service you are using there may be some small differences, but most hardware willbe more similar than different.* Router and/or phone adapter - This component is the essential part of the VoIp hardware, allowinginformation to be exchanged between your high-speed internet connection and your phone. There willbe a minimum of three plug-in slots in the back of the unit, one for the LAN (computer) hook-up, onefor the WAN (DSL or cable modem) hook-up, and at least one slot for the analog phone to plug into.There will also be a power supply cord. Depending on the phone adapter the number of slots on theback of the unit may differ but there will still be one slot for Ethernet cable and one for phone or faxline. Some VoIp routers also work as a network router to enable up to four computers to share thehigh-speed broadband internet connection.* Cables - an Ethernet cable will be need to hook the router or phone adapter to the computer or highspeed internet gateway and a phone line will be needed to connect the phone to the router/phoneadapter.* Plug and play - Most of the new devices require minimal set-up by the home user, rather they areplug and play devices for easy set-up and configuration. The devices will come with a simple, easy tofollow step-by-step installation and configuration guide.* Analog phone - A good quality analog phone is essential for good quality sound. The phone may beeither standard or cordless and simply plugs into the phone jack located on the back of the VoIProuter or phone adapter.* PC Handsets - These devices are similar to telephones but they connect to the computer throughUSB or via sound card. Usually, they work with a softphone. If you are using an IP phone, these canalso be plugged to allow many users to use the same phone.* PC Headsets - This headset is a very commonly used to listen to listen to the audio from your PCwhile allowing you to speak through a microphone.Click Here for Free VOIP Web Conference System