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Locating The Highest Paying Travel Nurse Jobs


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Locating The Highest Paying Travel Nurse Jobs

  1. 1. Locating The Highest Paying Travel Nurse JobsUnfortunately, most beginning travelers and a huge number of seasoned travelers simply dontunderstand that they can NEGOTIATE for what they want in their travel contracts. They simply takethe "deal" that is offered, no questions asked! I know I did when I first began to travel. Looking backits painful to know I left a lot of money on the table that could have gone straight into my wallet.Ouch!In fact, even after years in the business I continue to meet medical travelers all over the country thatremain unaware of the power they have to increase their travel nurse opportunities in a myriad ofways. They just keep accepting the initial deal offered. That doesnt happen to me any more! I nownegotiate every contract I am offered and as a result, I have increased my bank account and travelsatisfaction to the max.My point is this; whatever you receive in salary and benefits is often just what you are willing to settlefor. The deal you are initially offered is not written in concrete! Negotiating for more consideration in avariety of areas within your contract will more often than not increase your hourly wage and everyother benefit within your contract; things like upscale housing accommodations, a nicer car to drive,more extensive insurance coverage, reimbursement for uniforms and other job related necessities,and excellent per diem pay for things like groceries and personal needs just to name a few.In the words of a refrain from an old song, "It pays to shop around!" However, my rendition of that oldrefrain is, "It pays to negotiate!"best travel deals 2012